Sheepskin Psychosis Bubble


Back in 1966 somebody named John Keats (not the poet) wrote a book called The Sheepskin Psychosis. Keats argued there was much waste and misdirection “in the American custom of unthinkingly sending youngsters to college in the belief that this is the only portal to success.” [1]

But The Sheepskin Psychosis may have premiered not in 1966 but in 1963. That is what a different source implies when its writer begins, “In 1963, I bought a book not because of its titillating cover but because of its provocative title. When I finished reading The Sheepskin Psychosis by John Keats (Delta Book, 1963), I began to question conventional wisdom about a bachelor’s degree.” [2]

The little college grad went to market (so the story goes). But the market place abounded in sheepskin. There was a surplus of similar little college grads, all looking for jobs. Nonetheless, even though the investment does not seem to pay, mothers still fight to get their kids into the “right” nursery school, so they will be accepted by the “right” elementary school, so the “right” high school will say yes, so that a stairway-to-the-buck Ivy League College might approve. [3] How to explain this? It is The Sheepskin Psychosis, theorized John Keats.

There is an amazing woman named Gayane Chichakyan. She is a thorn in the side of Jen Psaki, a U.S. State Department spokesperson. The two lovely ladies emit positive electricity, as all women do. This is in contrast with the males, who emit negative electricity. The electricity plays a role in male/female relations. “The sexes are oppositely electrified – hence their mutual attraction for each other,” wrote Union Army General A.J. Pleasonton. But “give them the same electricities, and mutual repulsion immediately results.” So Chichakyan and Psaki are both there in the State Department briefing room emitting positive electricities at each other and there is a subliminal catfight going on. Under different circumstances the two women could have been friends, but they are also each cast in a role: Chichakyan the Russia Today reporter; Psaki the U.S. State Department spokesperson. “Life’s a stage and we are all actors (and actresses),” as the supposed William Shakespeare (really Francis Bacon) put it. (Background: Catfight Between Psaki, Chichakyan, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, December 19, 2014.)

The Skyrocketing Price of U.S. Education

The above has been by way of a slight introduction to Gayane Chichakyan, who may not be known to you. She is a roving reporter based in Washington, DC. Besides troubling the sleep of Jen Psaki, Chichakyan explores a wide range of news topics. And it was one such of her broadcasts which brought about an “Aha! moment” in the mind of yours truly. (Hopefully the video of Chichakyan’s “Skyrocketing Price of US Education” is embedded above.) President Barack Obama has proposed free community college for all Americans. Chichakyan estimates the current yearly cost for community college students at about $3000. This is not all that expensive, compared with the inflation bubble of tuition at universities. Chichakyan created an epiphany in the brain synapses of Ersjdamoo when she ended the broadcast with this statement: “It might give them an excuse to further raise their prices.” What she was saying was, if the community college yearly cost becomes a freebie, then the universities might smell more money thereby available to themselves and raise tuition even more.

The conspiracy theory in all this is that Obama seeks to prop up the economic bubble of the sheepskin psychosis. What if higher education is about to be the next bubble to pop, after the tech bubble pop of 2000 and the housing bubble pop of 2008? In theory, the government steps in by robbing Peter to pay Paul. Community college becomes a freebie, $3000 is freed up, and that $3000 keeps the sheepskin psychosis bubble afloat for the time being.

——- Sources ——-
[1] Book Reviews: The Sheepskin Psychosis.
[2] “Rethinking the Value of a College Degree”, by Walt Gardner. Walt Gardner’s Reality Check, June 18, 2010.
[3] The Sheepskin Psychosis: Kirkus Review.


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