Obama Plays the Pullman Card

Red Chicago-The Pullman Strike

Trouble is brewing in Illinois. On February 18, 2015, with a new moon in Aquarius, Governor Bruce Rauner threw down the gauntlet. In a budget address to the Illinois State legislature, Rauner ruled out tax hikes (disguised as “new revenue”) unless reform in Illinois first happens. Why should taxpayers throw more money into the sewer of Illinois politics? was the rhetorical question. Aye, matey, and there shall be cuts in spending and new “right-to-work” zones.

The next day, President Barack Obama flew to Chicago. Part of the mission was to designate the city’s Pullman area a national monument. New York Times obscures things by saying the real mission was to endorse Rahm Emanuel, the Sagittarian mayor of Chicago, for re-election. New York Times sidesteps however the symbolism of Pullman. [1]

The Pullman Strike was a nationwide railroad strike in the United States in the summer of 1894. Thirty people were killed in response to riots and sabotage that caused $80 million in damages. President Grover Cleveland ordered in the Army to stop the strikers from obstructing the trains. Violence broke out in many cities, and the strike collapsed. [2]

So on February 18th, Governor Bruce Rauner says, “Right to work” (codeword for anti-union), and on February 19th, the U.S. President flies to Chicago and says, “Pullman strike.”

“Illinois is a war zone!” That was the cry here in 1994 during the Caterpillar Strike. Over ten thousand United Auto Workers members struck in 1994–1995 for 17 months, a record at that time. [3] Now another seeming unions vs. management battle is shaping up in Illinois. But it is not this time exactly “unions vs. management”, it is “unions vs. taxpayers.” The taxpayers of Illinois are the management and they are tired of throwing their money down the rathole of collusion between politicians and public sector unions.

The public sector unions include, in other words, those Illinois bureaucrats you’ve had to deal with over the years. You know, those people you stand in line for until they deign to notice you. They are scarcely oppressed, as were the Pullman strikers. For instance, 11,000 state government retirees receive tax-free, six-figure pensions worth as much as, in one case, $450,000 per year. [4] Compare that with the Pullman employees of 1894 receiving starvation wages and working 16-hour days [5] and you can dry your tears about the sufferings of public sector union employees.

State funds for court reporters run out around March 31st and a suburban chief judge says “havoc” looms if this happens. [6] Without the court reporters there are no trials. With no trials, a backlog of cases builds up until the justice system breaks down. Once the justice system breaks down, the police don’t bother chasing criminals. You can see from this how the public sector employees have got us by the pubic hairs. “Pay up – or else!”

Prognosis: The lies are about to fly and the flies are about to lie, here in Illinois. On February 18th, Governor Bruce Rauner fired a shot across the bow. On February 19th, President Barack Obama, a carpetbagger from Hawaii who once sojourned in Illinois, returned fire with Pullman symbolism. For now it is Cold Weather in Illinois, so the situation has not gone Ferguson yet. As the weather warms though, the situation will heat up.

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