Gobi Desert, Shambhala, and World War III


Around 10,000 BC an ice age spread a “glacial flood” around the North Pole. Destroyed thereby was an ancient civilization around the Gobi Sea (now the Gobi Desert). [1]

This once vast inland sea, the Gobi, had an island in its midst which still exists as an oasis in the Gobi Desert. This oasis lies concealed now by the dreadful wilderness of the Gobi. [1]


Shambhala is identified with the lost civilization of the Gobi. There, the Lemurian elect had taken refuge prior to the disappearance of their continent, Lemuria. [1] Books by Colonel James Churchward (1851 – 1936) prove the existence of this former continent in the Pacific Ocean, however the Psychotic College has today largely ruined the minds of many and they are incapable of perceiving simple truth. [2] The strange statues on Easter Island are from a surviving remnant of the lost Lemuria.


Nicholas Roerich, painter of strange landscapes, traveled to Mongolia and the borders of Tibet in 1925-1928. One of his subsequent books is titled, Shambhala. Shambhala, said Roerich, is associated with the subterranean city of Agharti. The underground caverns of Central Asia even today are still inhabited by the people called Agharti or the Chud. [1]

Agharti is not limited to Central Asia. It extends throughout all the subterranean passages of the whole world. “I heard a learned Lama of China relating to Bogdo Khan that all the subterranean caves of America are inhabited by the ancient people who have disappeared underground,” said Prince Chultun Beyli to Ferdinand Ossendowski. “Traces of them are still found on the surface of the land. These subterranean peoples and spaces are governed by rulers owing allegiance to the King of the World.” [3]

There exist two Shambhalas, said Roerich, an earthly one and an invisible one. This double-Shambhala links the earthly plane with the spiritual plane. [1]

In 1890, the Living Buddha, a custodian of a specific lineage of teachings in Tibetan Buddhism, had foretold that around the year 2011, “The ‘Crescent’ [Islam] will grow dim and its followers will descend into beggary and ceaseless war.” And thus it happened: In 2011 began the “Arab Spring” and increasing degeneration of the true teachings. The Koran does not forbid depictions of the Prophet Mohammed. It forbids depictions of Allah, also called God. Mohammed, great as he was, was still just a man. It is not forbidden to depict him, yet the degeneration of the true teachings has, as foretold, caused the Crescent to grow dim and decreased spiritual understanding of subtle concepts. [4]

Also predicted in 1890 by the Living Buddha was, beginning in 2011, “eighteen years of war and destruction. Then the peoples of Agharti will come up from their subterranean caverns to the surface of the earth.” This, if the prediction runs true to course, will happen in 2029. [4] But between 2011 and 2029 we will see war and destruction. Part of this is the anti-Russian propaganda now prevalent in the West. When Russia refused to become a doormat for the Anglo-American “New World Order” plot to conquer the world, “How dare they!” screamed the products of the Psychotic College. Russia’s resistance began with its support of Syria’s Bashar Assad, and continues now with its defense of Russian-speaking citizens in eastern Ukraine. In the middle of this is Europe, desperate to avoid a bloodbath in their homeland. But the propagandists of the West keep on with a constant drip-drip-drip of new lies. Too honorable to sink to the level of lies, Russia will only keep countering the barrage of false accusations with truth. But can Russia succeed, unless it sinks also to the level of lying accusations? The propagandists of the West know that if you throw enough mud at the wall, some of it will stick. Against this, up until now, Russia has only responded by patiently explaining the inaccuracy of the latest accusations. But by the time Russia does this, the West has already moved on to new sensational accusations! Russia is truly the more honorable party in these propaganda wars, but can honor win against lies? A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on.

——- Sources ——-
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