Ferguson: Shots Came from "Grassy Knoll"

Anatomy of Ferguson police shooting

Pistol shots from Tiffin Avenue traveled 125 yards and struck two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri on March 12, 2015. Fortunately the two injured officers seem to be making a complete recovery. “Demonstrators and media personnel said that the shots came from outside the crowd, likely from a nearby hill.” [1] The shots came from the “grassy knoll.”

Were they “miracle shots”? Pistol shots from 125 yards out traveled through the crowd of protesters and struck the two police officers. Stated St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar: “I wouldn’t characterize it as a miracle shot.” [2]

Three miracle shots were allegedly fired by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963. But he didn’t use a pistol but a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, a weapon nicknamed by the Italians “The gun that never killed anyone on purpose.” Also involved in the Oswald miracle shots was a “magic bullet.”

Commentators at the Russia Today web site voiced skepticism. Comparisons were made to the sniper shootings in Kiev of February 2014. On or about March 5, 2014 a leaked phone call between the EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet seemed to reveal that snipers responsible for killing police and civilians in Kiev in February 2014 were protest movement provocateurs rather than supporters of then-president Viktor Yanukovych. [3]

“How come that the [Ferguson] shooter didn’t left his passport behind on the crime scene???” ungrammatically wondered one of the commentators. [2] (The 9/11 box-cutter knives terrorists were at least courteous enough to leave behind a passport, quickly found amongst the melted steel of the World Trade Center.)

In Ferguson on March 12th, unless it was a “miracle shot”, a skilled sniper must have been responsible for firing at night from 125 yards away and through a crowd of protesters. A “night vision” scope was likely to have been used.

In New Orleans, during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Navy SEAL snipers were allegedly deployed and “racked up over thirty kills between them near and around the Super Dome.” Many of these New Orleans snipers “took leave to work for the controversial PMC (Private Military Company), Blackwater.” [4]

The 1992 Los Angeles riots were the largest riots seen in the United States since the 1960s and the worst in terms of death toll after the New York City draft riots in 1863. [5] Fred Celeni (pronounced suh-LAN-ee) worked as a federal intelligence agent, he says, for the office  of U.S. Congressman John D. Dingell. Celeni was interviewed for public access television in Los Angeles, and that interview was later re-broadcast on Sherman Skolnick’s television program, “Broadsides,” in Chicago. Celeni claimed that Al Gore headed a plan to go into the black community and incite that community. Celeni said that he and others went into the black community in Los Angeles “started  contacting the black youth” and distributed “cash, crack cocaine, and weapons – handguns.” When the verdict was reached in the Rodney King case, that was the signal for the riots to explode. “The object was not to burn down Los Angeles; the object was to create a small riot in a confined area… a small insurrection,” stated Celeni. It was codenamed, “Operation Lasso.” Imported in to assist were three men from the El Toro Marine Base, in southern California. [6]

Ferguson is a city in St. Louis County, Missouri and is part of the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area. Controversial radio host Rush Limbaugh reported on March 12, 2015 that George Soros just happened to be in St. Louis that day. Allegedly “30 different groups” are “being sponsored and paid for by George Soros in St. Louis who are conducting what are supposed to look like spontaneous protests, but they’re being bought and paid for.” [7] Is this a new version of the Al Gore plan?

——- Sources ——-
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