Parabola Puzzle of Ferguson Shootings

Ferguson MO police shot by sniper using silencer according to witnesses

Sometimes a mathematical puzzle can absorb your attention. The parabola, for instance, seems pretty amazing to me at the moment. The light hits the mirrored parabola and due to the angle of reflection can be intensified thousands of times. A small lightbulb in your car’s headlights works this way. Archimedes is said to have built a huge paraboloid which focused the sun’s rays on Roman ships and destroyed them. There are angles and proofs involved in studies of how light bounces off a parabola. [1]

The March 12, 2015 shootings in Ferguson, Missouri are like a mathematical puzzle. There, just after midnight, two police officers were shot. Where are the bullets? One is still lodged behind the ear of one victim. The other bullet has not been found! The two bullets might tell what sort of weapon was used, a pistol or a rifle.

Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper reports, “The shooting of two police officers during protests in Ferguson was ‘a professional job’ by a sniper-style gunman, witnesses have claimed.” One witness claimed the shots came “from the rooftop of a building across the street from the police headquarters.” [2]

If you closely attend the short video clip of the shooting, hopefully embedded at top, you can hear two car honks immediately prior to the shots being fired. Some people are theorizing those two car honks were a signal to the shooter (sniper?) to commence firing, like the “umbrella man” in Dealey Plaza has been theorized to have been signaling to a sniper or snipers on November 22, 1963.

Take this as you will, for the following item comes from Iran’s PressTV, but they have that “according to reports” the Ferguson shots of March 12, 2015 “were fired from a house on a hill across from the police station.” [3] This coincides with what the Daily Mail reported (above) about a witness who claimed shots came from the rooftop of a building quite near Ferguson Police headquarters.

Writing at a web site with the intriguing handle of “Willy Loman” (Willy Loman is the protagonist of the Arthur Miller play, Death of a Salesman), one Scott Creighton opines that the shooting was designed to provoke an over-reaction by the police. [4] In 1968, at the Democrat Convention in Chicago, protesters hurled rocks, bottles, human feces, and noxious chemicals at police. [5] The protesters hoped to provoke an over-reaction and that did happen in 1968 in Chicago.

“It would appear to me that whoever fired those shots [in Ferguson] wanted the police to respond by opening fire on the demonstrators,” writes Scott Creighton/Willy Loman. [4]

Controversial radio host Rush Limbaugh reported on March 12, 2015 that George Soros just happened to be in St. Louis the day of the Ferguson shootings. Allegedly “30 different groups” are “being sponsored and paid for by George Soros in St. Louis who are conducting what are supposed to look like spontaneous protests, but they’re being bought and paid for,” Limbaugh stated. [6] On January 14, 2015, Kelly Riddell of the Washington Times newspaper alleged that “liberal billionaire George Soros” has “spurred the Ferguson protest movement through years of funding and mobilizing groups across the U.S…” Riddle bases the George Soros allegation on “the most recent tax filings of his nonprofit Open Society Foundations” and claims Soros has spent “at least $33 million in one year” to support the overall effort. [7]

——- Sources ——-
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