Geometry As A Religion


Above you can hopefully see a main symbol of freemasonry. There should be a prominent “G” displayed. (If you can’t see the “G” – I had some difficulty with the file – do a Google image search on “Freemasonry”.)

What does the “G” in the freemasonry symbol mean? Does it mean “God”? Or does it mean “Geometry”? Even the Freemasons purport not to definitely know. “Among the most widely accepted interpretations are that: [G] stands for God, and is to remind Masons that God is at the center of Freemasonry. In this context it can also stand for Great Architect of the Universe (a reference to God). In a different context, the letter stands for Geometry, described as being the ‘noblest of sciences’, and ‘the basis upon which the superstructure of Freemasonry is erected.'” [1]

Pythagoras (c. 570 – c. 495 BC) is one of the big names you will find in mathematics. His followers practiced secret religious rites thus making the Pythagoreans a secret society. Pythagoras “gathered around him a small group of sincere disciples whom he instructed in the secret wisdom which had been revealed to him, and also in the fundamentals of occult mathematics, music, and astronomy, which he considered to be the triangular foundation of all the arts and sciences.” [2]

I am going by memory here, but as I recall mathematical discoveries in ancient Greece and elsewhere were once kept secret. That changed later, and mathematics and its discoveries are openly discussed. However, in a way, they might as well be secret since only the initiated can fully understand the logical progressions. The rest just accept on faith whatever the mathematicians tell them about, for example, Non-Euclidean geometries and the Poincaré conjecture.

The Freemasons have a prominent “G” displayed in one of their main symbols. They may represent a retrogression back to ancient Greece and secret mathematical societies. While most of us are taught the “hurry up” approach to mathematics, i.e., the anxiety-producing 50-minute test where you must solve the problems – or else, it may be that the Freemasons prefer a leisurely approach to mathematics. In ancient Greece, mathematics was a leisure time activity and today’s Freemasons, at least in the higher levels of their secret society, could be just a group of people who enjoy pondering mathematical – especially geometrical – problems.

We, the non-members of the secret society, learn math in a way which induces Math Terror. The math terror comes from the assembly line factory technique of education. No longer is math a leisure. Instead the assembly line “class” is confined in a room and tyrannized by a 50-minute clock. “You have 50 minutes. Begin now. The clock is ticking. Tick-tick-tick. Solve the problems – or else!” In this way, what we truly learn is to hate and fear mathematics. [3] Perhaps that is what is really designed to be! Perhaps we are being taught Math Terror on purpose to help keep the Non-Euclidean geometries and their secret scheme inaccessible to the masses.

Poincaré Conjecture – Numberphile

Henri Poincaré “was absent-minded and wandered off into the maze of Non-Euclidean Geometries,” reported Ersjdamoo on March 21, 2015. But maybe Poincaré actually wandered off into a secret society of mathematics and then emerged spouting such things as, “There is an imaginary universe bounded by a circle! The temperature at the center is absolute zero! For those who live in this imaginary universe, the size of everything changes as they move about (but they do not know this).” [4]

Poincaré issued a challenging hypothesis known as the Poincaré conjecture: “a theorem about the characterization of the 3-sphere, which is the hypersphere that bounds the unit ball in four-dimensional space.” The conjecture concerns a space that locally looks like ordinary three-dimensional space but is connected, finite in size, and lacks any boundary. It all connects somehow with “higher dimensions.” [5]


Grigori Perelman, a Russian, after nearly a century of effort by mathematicians to prove the Poincaré conjecture, mysteriously came from nowhere around 2003 with a proof of the conjecture. If you can see Perelman’s 1966 photo (above), the guy looks like the lost grandson of Rasputin! The Poincaré conjecture, before being proven, was one of the seven Millennium Prize Problems, for which the Clay Mathematics Institute offered a $1,000,000 prize for the first correct solution. Perelman was awarded the Millennium Prize on March 18, 2010 and – get this – he turned down the prize, including the one million dollars! Clearly this all is something unfathomable, perhaps just as it was meant to be. While we have been purposefully induced into Math Terror, a secret society, it is theorized, gradually unfolds a re-designation of the universe via the Non-Euclidean geometries and their influence upon physicists such as Albert Einstein.

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