Da Mare Is Da Boss


“Da Mare is da boss.” That is the Chicago-accented English for, “The Mayor is the boss.” He controls a “boss system” of politics. In Chicago, the wards are linked, in an almost feudalistic sense, to the mayor, chief among the political bosses. The power of the aldermen pales beside the power of the mayor. [1]

On April 7, 2015, a run-off election will decide who the next Mayor of Chicago shall be. Incumbent Rahm Emanuel faces challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia for title of Da Boss.

“If you’re in a big political race,” notices populist commentator Jim Hightower, “you know you’re doing poorly when your campaign resorts to warning local voters that electing your opponent would upset Wall Street bond dealers.” [2] That is one of the scare tactics being used by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to arm-twist people into voting for him instead of “Chuy” Garcia.

The implication is that upsetting Wall Street bond dealers would bring about even lower credit ratings, higher interest rates, and disaster for an already dismal financial situation in Illinois. “Vote for me – or else!” warns Da Boss, Rahm Emanuel.

Who and what is “The Boss”? A movie from 1956 of that title begins with an onscreen warning about the boss-system of government. Directed by Byron Haskin, “The Boss” depicts a city mayor who controls the entire state. A train station, “Union Station”, features in the movie, but instead of Chicago’s Union Station the un-named city is generally believed to be Kansas City, Missouri, which also has a Union Station. “Though all the names were changed to protect the guilty, audiences in 1956 were quick to perceive that the film was a thinly disguised attack on the Pendergast machine of Kansas City, Missouri.” [3]

In the 1956 movie, “The Boss”, one scene depicts backroom dealings over who will be the nominee for U.S. President. Though no names are uttered and the party is never specifically identified, it’s obvious that the main character, Matt Brady (John Payne), “is meant to be at the 1932 Democratic Convention and the candidate that is asking for Matt’s support is obviously meant to [be] Franklin Roosevelt.  When Roosevelt is nominated without Matt’s support, Matt can only bitterly observe that he wishes he was from Chicago because then he could own a President.” [4]

Byron Haskins movie, “The Boss”, is currently available on Netflix.

So this may help you better understand the boss system, Chicago, and the upcoming mayoral election there.

John Kass delivers gift to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

In the short video clip hopefully embedded above, you can see Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass being fairly chummy with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Watch closely though and you will see Kass actually bowing down to the Chicago Boss! Kass thereby acknowledges who is Da Boss and who is the underling. “One of John Kass’s motifs is that other journalists are suck-ups and mythmakers,” writes Michael Miner at the Chicago Reader blog. (The Chicago Reader tries to be an independent voice, contrasted to the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times newspapers.) Miner seems undecided whether to praise the Tribune’s John Kass or to denounce him, but Miner mentions an un-named “reporter in town” who called Kass “a phony.” [5]

“The Fixer” is a 1998 movie starring Jon Voight as an intermediary for Da Boss in Chicago. Voight’s character, Jack Killoran, handles shall we say the “delicate” negotiations which the mayor tries not to dirty his hands with. Depicted in the movie is how the Boss, the underworld, and a certain newspaper (obviously the Chicago Tribune) all interlock in the dominant power structure. So it is no surprise that the Chicago Tribune has recently endorsed Boss Rahm Emanuel for re-election.

For the moment, things are quiet in Illinois – too quiet. No longer are we getting lectures about how Illinois totters over a financial cliff and how austerity measures will be needed. Instead the “news” paints things hunky-dory for now. Otherwise voters might get stirred up enough to vote the bums out of office. Low voter turnout favors Rahm Emanuel, so the “news” fakers are keeping things hunky-dory for now.

——- Sources ——-
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