Beltane Celebrations in Baltimore, Other Cities

PSA Contains Bizarre Subliminal Message About “Martial Law”

Beltane is, depending on your source, either “the Gaelic May Day festival” (Wikipedia) or one of the “two chief festivals” of a “witch cult” (Margaret Alice Murray). Wikipedia says Beltane occurs on May 1st; Murray, in her book, The Witch Cult in Western Europe, fine-tunes the date to the evening of May Day, after dark on April 30th. [1] [2]

This year’s Beltane celebrations are planned for cities across the U.S. and around the world, says a group called Baltimore People’s Power Assembly. “SHUT IT DOWN FOR FREDDIE GREY ON MAY DAY –  FRIDAY, MAY 1ST!”, they cry. [3]

How I got on their e-mail list I don’t know. My guess is the International Action Center shared my e-mail address with Baltimore People’s Power Assembly.

“Aha! We have got you pegged, Ersjdamoo!” some will quickly say. “You are from the radical left!”

In other posts though I cite Rush Limbaugh so some quickly decide Ersjdamoo must be one of those neo-conservatives.

It is beyond the ken (grasp) of some that a person could take in different points of view and then do their own thinking. I trace this decline of thinking Americans able to consider different viewpoints to the importation into Italy by Cosimo de’Medici of obscure texts. Among these, I posit mathematical ponderings dealing with “Indivisibles” and “Infinitesimals” which began to dethrone Euclid. (Background: Aristotle’s Wheel and the Calculus Conspiracy, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, April 29, 2015.)

It is known that Cosimo de’Medici obtained the works of Hermes Trismegistus and caused them to be translated into Latin and disseminated. Besides this, Gnostic texts were undoubtedly obtained. Gnosticism makes for fine reading. Philip K. Dick, whom I greatly admire, was strongly influenced by Gnosticism and this shows up particularly in his posthumously-published book, The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick. However one must consider in the context of Beltane an evil off-shoot of Gnosticism.

Montague Summers traces the modern (post-biblical times) origin of witchcraft and demonology to a Gnostic sect which went “one step beyond” the original teachings. The Gnostics believed governance of this world had been usurped by an evil god. But beyond the evil god, explained Philip K. Dick, the true god kept trying to infiltrate the dominion of the evil god. That happened with Jesus, for example: He was an infiltrator sent by the true god. Anyway, some Gnostics (not all Gnostics) decided that since an evil god ruled this world that they ought to worship the evil god. And that is how the modern (post-biblical times) Satanism began.

“The Cainites carried out the Ophite doctrines to their fullest logical conclusion,” wrote Montague Summers. “Since the Creator, the God of the Old Testament, is evil all that is commended by the Scripture must be evil, and conversely all that is condemned therein is good.” [4]

“This cult is very plainly marked in the Middle Ages among the Luciferians; and Cainite ceremonies have their place in the witches’ Sabbat.” [4]

Cainite ceremonies. Doesn’t that seem like what has been taking place in Baltimore lately, where good has become evil and evil has become good? Beware the Beltane! The culmination of recent ceremonies appears to be scheduled for the evening of April 30 through May 1st. Combating the Satanic influence are good people of Baltimore and elsewhere, of all races, who still dimly believe in the good god. Which shall prevail in Baltimore, evil or good? The battle is joined. The forces of darkness combat the forces of light. The Main Event occurs during the next 36 hours. Which side are you on?

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Beltane”, Wikipedia, April 30, 2015.
[2] The Witch Cult in Western Europe, by Margaret Alice Murray. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1921.
[3] “Natl Day of Action: SHUT IT DOWN FOR FREDDIE GREY ON MAY DAY”. Mass e-mailing from Baltimore People’s Power Assembly, April 29, 2015.
[4] The History of Witchcraft and Demonology, by Montague Summers. New York: Bristol Park Books, 2010.


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