Allegations of The Week

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A magazine called “The Week” summarizes various “news” stories. It often includes obscure items you may have missed elsewhere. When push comes to shove, “The Week” can be counted upon to toe the propaganda line of the West.

Yesterday, May 9th, the staff of The Week gave readers an Orwellian version of the tensions between the West and Russia. Did you know that Russia has a 24-hour “troll factory” in St. Petersburg, where hundreds of employees work in 12-hour shifts writing pro-Putin comments on Western and Russian news articles, fabricating their own news stories, creating and posting satirical videos, and posting tweets and Facebook updates from fake profiles? [1]

You may have thought that the real “troll factory” is funded by Washington, DC, but in “Vladimir Putin’s global Orwellian campaign to undermine the West”, by The Week staff, the unsourced allegation is made that this is otherwise.

Controversial radio host Rush Limbaugh claims to have found proof that a small group of 10 to 15 people have toyed with algorithms and created a computer program which simulates that they, the 10 to 15 people, are thousands of irate individuals. This small group, says Limbaugh, are “able to create tweets, Facebook posts, e-mails to make it look like thousands of Americans are outraged” about various issues. Limbaugh, to my knowledge, has not stated whether this virtual reality “troll factory” is part of “Putin’s global Orwellian campaign” or whether it is run by Democrat Party simpáticos. (Background: The Memories Pizza Incident, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, April 6, 2015.)

Other allegations of The Week include…

  • “[O]utlandish conspiracy theories” are being spread by the Russia Today network, such as “wacky segments” suggesting the CIA created Ebola;
  • “[F]ake photos” are being spread by “Putin’s global Orwellian campaign”;
  • Actors are allegedly being used by Russian “news” shows to play weeping or wounded victims and tell tales of Ukrainian government brutality;
  • Russian media has allegedly been creating a “parallel reality” distinct from the undoubted truth conveyed by our own beloved mainstream media.
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The first casualty of war is the truth. In 1918 US Senator Hiram Warren Johnson is purported to have said: “The first casualty when war comes is truth.” The original person to have said this about war and truth is hard to find. It may have been Samuel Johnson who first said something like it. [2]

Samuel Johnson is also credited with having said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” Johnson was not indicting patriotism in general, only false patriotism. [3] This dubious patriotism was seen recently in the “True American” gang which wrapped themselves in the flag during Iraq War II.

Truth is revealed as the first casualty in “news” reports about Russia coming from the likes of The Week magazine. Since truth is already now a casualty, does this mean war is at hand? Economic sanctions are an act of war and we have those now against Russia. Mobilization of troops, dubbed “exercises”, are scheduled by NATO for near Russia’s border. The world economy is crap covered over with statistical toilet paper. All these are signs and omens. College graduates carry insupportable debt loads which they cannot realistically repay. Since those college debts aren’t going to be repaid anyway, why not enact a debt-forgiveness sort of draft? Instead of the selective service nightmare of the Vietnam War era, this new type of draft would offer to erase college debt in return for voluntary enlistment. The economic problem of surplus labor would be diminished by battlefield blood sacrifice. It all fits, like a Report From Iron Mountain. The common misconception is that war is subordinate to the society it serves. This cliché has got it backwards. War itself is the social system and all else is subservient to IT. (Background: Findings Of Iron Mountain, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, July 27, 2013.)

——- Sources ——-
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[2] “Who coined the phrase, ‘The first casualty of War is Truth’?”,,5753,-21510,00.html
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