The Cave of the Illuminati


On June 27, 1589, John Dee was visited by a famous Hermetic philosopher, Dr. Henricus Khunrath of Hamburg. Later, in 1609, Khunrath published a book, The Amphitheater of Eternal Wisdom. This book, wrote Dame Frances Yates, “forms a link between the philosophy influenced by Dee and the philosophy of the Rosicrucian manifestos.” An engraving in Khunrath’s book (image above), The Cave of the Illuminati, shows a huge cave with writings on its walls. Initiates of various levels are moving towards the light, the light of illumination. [1]

In 1623, a group of Rosicrucians came to Paris and posted leaflets which described them as the “Invisible Ones” and claimed they had deep secrets of wisdom. At this same time another strange group, the Alumbrados, also arrived in Paris. Alumbrados is Spanish for “the enlightened ones,” i.e., the Illuminati. [2]

Frances Yates connected Francis Bacon with the secret Rosicrucian society in her book, The Rosicrucian Enlightenment, which devotes an entire chapter to Bacon. In Bacon’s book, The Advancement of Learning, learning is described as “illumination”, and Bacon plans for a “fraternity in learning and illumination.” The Advancement of Learning was published in 1605 and Yates considers its suggestive expressions “significant in the context of the times.” (Further background: Annuit Coeptis (He Favors Our Undertakings), Ersjdamoo’s Blog, May 19, 2015.)


Yesterday, May 19, 2015, the BBC web site published a story, “‘True face of Shakespeare’ appears in botany book”. Inside a 400-year-old botany book botanist and historian Mark Griffiths cracked an “ingenious cipher” which allegedly shows that an engraving in the book is an image (above) of none other than “Stratford Willy.” [3]

I call him “Stratford Willy” to distinguish him from the actual “Shakespeare”, in reality Francis Bacon and a team of “good pens” in the kulturkampf division at Essex House, a building located on the site of what had once been the headquarters of the Knights Templar in England. A list of these “good pens” who assisted Bacon is given in The Shakespeare Enigma, by Peter Dawkins. Therein we find, as specific collaborators, Robert Greene and Christopher Marlowe, among others. Among the influential were Sir Philip Sidney and Edmund Spenser. Also associated with the kulturkampf exercise were Mary Sidney, Edward de Vere, and Ben Jonson, besides others listed by Dawkins. (Background: Esoteric Shakespeare (Part 20), Ersjdamoo’s Blog, March 12, 2014.)

How Francis Bacon came to wield such power, not only over the Spear Shaker plays but over the secret founding of America as the New Atlantis, is due partly to the fact that Bacon was the “illegitimate” son of the “Virgin Queen”, Elizabeth I. This will seem, no doubt, incredible to the casual reader. Interested persons are referred to my series, “Esoteric Shakespeare”, published to Ersjdamoo’s Blog circa March 2014. See also, The Shakespeare Code, by Virginia M. Fellows (Gardiner, MT: Snow Mountain Press, 2006).

In 2006, a group called Sir Francis Bacon’s Sages of the Seventh Seal sought permission to excavate beneath the churchyard of Bruton Parish Episcopal Church, in Williamsburg, Virginia. They believed there was a secret vault on the premises which contained the original King James translation of the Bible, original versions of William Shakespeare’s plays (which they believed Bacon and a circle of associates actually wrote) and “Christian Hermetic-Cabalistic mystery teachings.” They alleged these treasures had been moved from England to Jamestown, and then to Williamsburg. [4]

I can’t help if this sounds utterly fantastic. Truth is stranger than fiction – in this case much stranger. My final thoughts as I close today’s blog entry are to urge the British fancy lads to come clean on these and other subjects. I speak as a true friend who is bold enough to utter hard truths. Danger is imminent for Britain! Grigori Rasputin, the Russian holy man, predicted when a Battenberg becomes king of England, all is at the end. [5] Queen Elizabeth II is 89 years old. When she passes away, as we all must, a Battenberg, either Prince Charles or Prince William (if the wacky Charles is bypassed in succession) will become king. I dare to call the British aristocracy “fancy lads” only because I know they are tough and can take it. They must become beyond tough at this crucial time and tell the truth about Francis Bacon, “Shakespeare”, the Rosicrucians, and other things.

——- Sources ——-
[1] Yates, Frances. The Rosicrucian Enlightenment. London/New York: Routledge Classics, 2002.
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One Response to The Cave of the Illuminati

  1. mike0v says:

    Hey ersjdamoo,
    I just came across this blog post and would like to comment. You’re right; truth is stranger than fiction.
    Believe it or not, Francis Bacon was one of the fallen angels.
    What’s not known to humanity is that the original fallen angels were removed from Earth but later, a smaller group of fallen angels was allowed to return. Francis Bacon was one of them.
    So was the Count of St.-Germain, Grigori Rasputin, Adam Weishaupt, Christian Rackovski, Colonel Edward House, Plato, Elias Ashmole, Voltaire, Henry VIII, Julius Caesar, Jan Potocki, John Todd Collins, King James I and VI, Louis XV, Nikola Tesla, Paracelsus, Robert Recorde, Shen Kuo, Thomas Paine, William Penn and hundreds of others throughout history.
    Francis Bacon didn’t have a team of “good pens” to assist him. He was all of those writers. He was Greene, Marlow, Spenser, Drayton, Jonson and many others. Fallen angels have incredible powers. This is why he was able to write so many texts.
    Fallen angels have ruled our world since the great flood and have been assisted in their endeavors by evil ET races. When the first group of fallen angels was removed, a smaller, second group was allowed to return and nothing changed. The second group, upon returning to Earth, was supposed to redeem themselves in the eyes of Heaven but have failed miserably. It is this group of fallen angels who are the architects of the “new world order,” a scheme they hatched long, long ago and the only way they would ever pull it off was with the help of invisible ET races embedded within humanity.
    Fallen angels are incarnated as humans in hundreds of roles right now on Earth. Good old Tesla gave away a great hint years ago when he said in an interview, “There are many fallen angels on Earth.”
    He certainly would’ve known. He was one of them.

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