The Escape of Hitler

Trailer: El Escape de Hitler

A documentary released in 2011, El Escape de Hitler (The Escape of Hitler), has been available on Netflix. The film is in Spanish, but Netflix has settings which can add English subtitles. The movie is also available on YouTube, but without English subtitles.

In my book, Tales Of The Holy Lance (published by, I reported upon statements indicating that in the final days of Nazi Germany Adolph Hitler and his gal pal Eva Braun had been flown out of Berlin by Luftwaffe General Robert Ritter von Greim and test pilot Hanna Reitsch. However the film, El Escape de Hitler, offers a more likely scenario of how Hitler escaped: He was not even in Berlin in the final days!

A smokescreen had been deployed by the Nazis in which the public was told the Fuhrer was in Berlin. In fact, the Nazi leader had been smuggled into Berchtesgaden, a municipality in the German Bavarian Alps. Hitler owned a home there on the flank of the Hoher Goll, a  mountain in the Berchtesgaden Alps. Not far away was the “Eagle’s Nest”, atop the Kehlstein subpeak of the Hoher Goll. [1]

Late in World War II the Allies launched a devastating air raid on the Berchtesgaden area. However the April 25, 1945 bombing did little damage to the town. [1] And at any rate, an underground bunker system had been built there and was used by Hitler and the SS. You can even today travel to Berchtesgaden and tour these underground bunkers. [2]

In the vicinity of Berchtesgaden is Königssee, a natural lake. It was either upon this lake or another nearby lake that a seaplane landed, according to the movie, El Escape de Hitler, and took onboard Hitler and Braun. From there they were flown to a naval base in Norway, possibly the Kriegsmarine base. A “Plan Z” had originally called for the building of a fleet to rival that of Britain, but that plan was changed in favor of a shift to submarines. [3] “The Kriegsmarine‍’​s most famous ships were the U-boats, most of which were constructed after Plan Z was abandoned at the beginning of World War II.” [4]

From Norway, according to the film, a U-boat transported the infamous couple, Hitler and Braun, to Argentina. Hitler and Braun then made their way to Patagonia, a sparsely populated region located at the southern end of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile. There they resided unmolested.


In Patagonia, Herr Hitler was not strutting around in uniform and wearing his toothbrush moustache. The film suggests the Nazi Fuhrer appeared in civilian clothes, bald, and without the moustache. (See frame from movie, hopefully above.)

In my book, Tales of the Holy Lance (op. cit.), I include copies of declassified, redacted FBI files supporting claims of an alive Hitler residing in Argentina. For example:

Los Angeles, 9/21/45
File Number 105-410
Report on Hitler Hideout

Synopsis of Facts: [REDACTED] reports contact with [REDACTED] (phonetic). Claims to have aided six top Argentine officials in hiding ADOLPH HITLER upon his landing by submarine in Argentina. HITLER reported to be hiding out in foothills of southern Andes. Information obtained by [REDACTED] from [REDACTED] unable to be verified because of [REDACTED] disappearance. Attempts to located [REDACTED] negative. No record of him in police or INS [Immigration and Naturalization Service] files.

Yet how could this be? Surely the Americans would have wanted to have Hitler in custody. Here enters the “peculiar institution” situation, an internal contradiction, America as a “house divided.” Osama bin Laden, for instance, had been on the FBI’s “ten most wanted” list, however CIA and State Department had strategic geopolitical concerns which caused them to be secretly allied with bin Laden and al-Qaeda. (Background: “Peculiar Institution” in Middle East, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, May 29, 2015.)

At the close of World War II, uranium was badly needed. Martin Bormann, chief of the Nazi Party, had been allowed to escape in exchange for 1120 pounds of enriched uranium and infra-red bomb fuses. [5] Adolph Hitler and the Allies may have reached a similar agreement, suggests the film, El Escape de Hitler.

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