Witches Battle Hitler, Save Britain

Real witch seen (Extremely shocking video)

Even before the Jews began to be dreadfully persecuted in Nazi Germany, Adolph Hitler ordered that the astrologers be rounded up. It makes sense if you are possessed by the devil to first eliminate the competition. (Background: Hitler Possessed by the Devil, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, June 1, 2015.)

“When the Nazis came to power in Germany, the first to suffer were not as one might imagine, the Jews, but the occultists – and particularly the astrologers.”

Even before that, in the 1920s, some occultists saw what was happening and turned their magic against the incipient Nazi power. One such group surrounded Rudolph Steiner, founder of anthroposophy. The battle was spiritual. Members of Steiner’s group saw the rise of the Nazi party through contact with the astral world. They attacked the growing menace by directing spiritual light at the Nazis. The brutal Nazis counter-attacked. One by one the members of Steiner’s group disappeared and were killed. (See my book, Tales of the Holy Lance, published by Lulu.com, for further details.)

Thomas Wolfe (not to be confused with the pop author Tom Wolfe but the Thomas Wolfe born in 1900), in his vital book, You Can’t Go Home Again, described what he had seen while in Germany in 1936: “Thus it was that the corruption of man’s living faith and the inferno of his buried anguish came to me – and I recognized at last, in all its frightful aspects, the spiritual disease which was poisoning unto death a noble and a mighty people.”

The German juggernaut had easily rolled across Holland and into France in May 1940. British forces had almost miraculously been evacuated from Dunkirk, but they were in a ragtag state. The Nazis looked across the sea at Calais and could see an unprepared Britain. William L. Shirer, author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, wrote in his diary on May 29th: What next? “The first invasion of England since 1066?”

“Britain lay wide-open to invasion; and if she was not totally defenseless, all that separated her from the world’s most powerful war machine was a strip of water so narrow that in parts it was possible to see from one coast to the other.” Britain did not have a version of “Fortress Europe” which the Nazis later had when the Allies invaded Normandy on June 6, 1944.

Hitler thought that surely Britain would see sense and come to peaceful negotiations before they were crushed by an invasion. And so at first the Nazis held off. When this didn’t happen, on or around July 16th the Fuhrer ordered the birth of “Operation Sea Lion.” Yet Hitler kept postponing its launch. In July, Britain had “only about half a dozen divisions capable of resistance…” Why did Hitler keep delaying what seemed to be a cakewalk?

In 1954, Gerald Brosseau Gardner published a book, Witchcraft Today. Therein he restated the thesis of Margaret Alice Murray from her 1921 book, The Witch Cult in Western Europe. Gardner added however “the startling information that this religion had survived and was being practiced secretly to the present day.”

Why did Hitler keep delaying Operation Sea Lion? “Witches cast spells to stop Hitler landing after France fell,” Gardner wrote. “They met, raised the great cone of power and directed the thought at Hitler’s brain: ‘You cannot cross the sea.’ ‘You cannot cross the sea.’ ‘Not able to come.’ ‘Not able to come.'”

The rituals used had been supplied by the infamous Aleister Crowley. Involved was a human sacrifice, though this time not a bloody one. Instead, a coven operating out of Hampshire took off their clothes until totally nude and greased their bodies to prevent themselves from dying of exposure – except for one member. He, the oldest and weakest member of the coven, volunteered to forego the protective grease in order to purposefully die from the cold. This man subsequently died from pneumonia.

Whether or not you believe that the witches actually prevented the Nazi invasion of Britain in 1940, there is no doubt their occult ceremony happened. Hitler, for some reason, just couldn’t make up his mind about when exactly to launch Operation Sea Lion. This delay advantaged the British who quickly improved their defenses. Sea Lion was postponed indefinitely on September 17, 1940 and never carried out.

(Source for most of the above: The Occult Reich, by J.H. Brennan. New York: Signet, 1974.)


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