U.S. Arms and Supplies ISIS

Dan Glazebrook interview with RT International

Is it ISIS or is it ISIL? We don’t even have that much straight! Working from memory here, ISIS means Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and ISIL means Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.

And what is “Levant”? Levant includes Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria.

While serious things are happening in the world, the pied piper of mainstream news has led even hard-headed persons elsewhere, along the merry path of infotainment. And so, for example, the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner sex change has been a siren call to Rush Limbaugh, who became entranced by the subject on yesterday’s broadcast of his controversial radio show. Limbaugh at least bothered to mention who exactly Bruce Jenner was, something which younger persons would have no memory of. Once upon a time, in 1976, almost 40 years ago, Bruce Jenner had won the decathlon at the Montreal Olympics. Score one for Limbaugh on that at least, how he realized that 40-or-so years ago many had not yet been born and would have no memory of the 1976 Olympics.

Who cares about the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner story? In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

Turning for real news to the Russia Today network, it is a relief to find they at least have not been lured off by the pied piper. About the RT network, one reader of Ersjdamoo’s Blog informs me he can’t stand RT. Others, of course, dislike Rush Limbaugh. The fear is that if you tune into Limbaugh or RT you will become hypnotized, i.e., a “ditto-head.” Somehow however Ersjdamoo has been able to follow both sources and yet disagree with things they say. Perhaps it is the aluminum tinfoil hat I always wear – after all, I am a “conspiracy theorist” and we all know how they wear tinfoil hats!

I wore the de rigueur tinfoil hat yesterday when I tuned into the Russia Today news broadcast. Interviewed was political analyst Dan Glazebrook. A video clip of the broadcast is hopefully embedded at the top of today’s blog entry. ISIS, said Glazebrook, has “been very much in tune with the West’s overall strategic policy since 2011 when it decided to back all kind of sectarian forces as a tool of destabilizing independent states such as Syria and Libya.” [1]

Remember how the Iraq army all “melted away” when attacked by ISIS at  Mosul? That was part of the “Northern Iraq offensive” which began on June 5, 2014. [2]

Remember how the Iraq army all “melted away” when attacked by ISIS at Ramadi? It turns out that Iraqi troops were ordered by their military commanders to “melt away”! [3]

According to Glazebrook, these “melting aways” are used to supply ISIS! The Iraq army always abandons their equipment in such “melting aways” and ISIS is happy to retrieve it. “[I]f you look at the fall of Mosul last June when these 2,300 Humvees were captured, this directly gave a massive boost to the forces of ISIS, who then stepped up their war against Syria,” stated Glazebrook. [1]

It’s all part of a pipeline project involving Qatar and Saudi-Arabia. Bashar Assad, president of Syria, wouldn’t agree to terms about the proposed pipeline through his country so he became cartoonized as “Mean Mr. Mustard.” Soldiers of fortune – mercenaries – were brought in to teach Mr. Mustard a thing or two. This was disguised as a populist uprising against the Assad government. Those uprisers were just cute, cuddly “dissidents”, we were told by the pied piper “news.” But meanwhile, some shady characters heard about fat paychecks being offered and they hopped aboard. The mercenaries, having abnormally high testosterone levels (unlike the new Caitlyn Jenner), were difficult to control. “Guys think with their dicks,” say some “feminists”. That is not entirely true, but in the case of the rogue mercenaries secretly hired it is a fact that their abnormally high testosterone levels have over-ruled their minds. You see, on the one hand we need savages to overthrow the Assad government, but on the other hand the savages tend to wander off the reservation.

So the savages began beheading people because their abnormally high testosterone levels over-ruled their minds and caused them to mis-interpret Islam. Such beheadings are shocking, except when Saudi-Arabia does exactly the same thing. If Saudi-Arabia beheads people, that is all perfectly “legal” for them. And anyway, the Saudis have got us, the United States, by the “short and curlies” (pubic hair): “You say you want oil?” says Sheikh Ali bin Onion to John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State. “Then you don’t mind that we behead people, do you?” Kerry bows low to the Saudi Sheikh, salaams, and exits walking backwards.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “ISIS and Al Qaeda – working in tune with Western strategic designs”, Russia Today, June 2, 2015. http://on.rt.com/lwfmui
[2] “Northern Iraq offensive (June 2014)”, Wikipedia, June 3, 2015.
[3] “Ramadi fell to ISIS because troops were ordered to leave, Iraq’s speaker says”, by Nick Paton Walsh. CNN, June 2, 2015.


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