Moon In Aries Augments Bilderberg

US Criminal Government: Paul Joseph Watson Accessing the ICBI-Bilderberg Austrian Lair

The moon is supposed to move into the sign of Aries today, and out of Pisces. Today is also the last day of the current elongated Mercury retrograde, according to astrologer Holiday Mathis. This all ties in with the “secret” Bilderberg meeting in Austria, set to open tomorrow.

The “secret” is in quotes because how can you not know at this point that the Bilderbergers are meeting again tomorrow? The MSM (Mainstream Media) has a self-imposed gag order whereby they do not cover the Bilderberg confab. “Ah hah, we have totally hoodwinked the public who know nothing about it,” they cackle amongst themselves. Meanwhile, on Internet, where the public gets its real news these days, reports about the Bilderbergers are omnipresent, such as the Paul Joseph Watson video clip hopefully embedded at top.

Paul Joseph Watson is remarkably gloomy about what Bilderberg 2015 portends. And maybe he’s right. However here is my take on the 2015 tea leaves of Bilderberg:

Select persons receive invitations to Bilderberg. Let us imagine one such invitee, Middleton March III (pseudonym). Middleton is getting on in years and likes to get away from his nagging wife and go fishing up north whenever he can sneak away. He had penciled in his perfect escape plan for this week when, out of nowhere, came the Bilderberg invitation. “Damn, blast, hell!” he exclaims under his breath, “There goes my fishing plans!”

Middleton March III cannot decently get out of the high-society affair. For what would the others say? “I see old Middleton did not make the cut this year,” the other invitees might chatter between themselves. “Look’s like his star is on the wane. A pity. I rather liked Middleton.”

So Middleton is more or less forced to RSVP that he accepts the invitation and pretends he’s glad to be there. Really though the speeches are boring and the conferences are dull. The food is okay, MIddleton supposes, but it’s not like fresh trout cooking over an open fire up north in the woods. His tuxedos and suits are getting a little tight in the shoulders from a year ago and the air-conditioning is turned up too high, it seems to Middleton. And what is that lady yakking about up there at the podium? Will she ever finally shut up!?

Middleton’s mind wanders during another boring speech. Time has inevitably taken its toll on him and he sees lately that he will soon enough grow old and die. Sure, he has amassed a great retirement portfolio – but what then? Can’t a man at least get in some fishing before it all ends?

This, I believe, is the sad secret truth of Bilderberg. No virgins sacrificed to Satan at midnight upon a stony altar but middle-aged midriff bulge, poor digestion, and keeping up appearances all the while you are truly aching for the former laughter of youth. Gone, gone! And now the relentless sweep of time puts to folly all your retirement portfolios, impressive titles, and prudent postponements. In the end, where has it gotten you? “The paths of glory lead but to the grave.” (Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard, by Thomas Gray)

Father McKenzie wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave. No one was saved. All the lonely people, where do they all come from? All the lonely people, where do they all belong? That is the “deep secret” of Bilderberg. It is Father McKenzie writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear.

Moon in Aries and the end of the current elongated Mercury retrograde portend weekly “Big Crisis” in alignment with the weekly Crescendo of Crisis. Each week tends to culminate around Thursday and Friday with some paroxysm-inducing event causing “news” to go bananas. Then comes Saturday and the “no crisis” compartment when people all go shopping. It is utterly predictable for each week, though the exact form of “Big Crisis” cannot be predicted.

With this in mind, knowing full well that “Big Crisis” would not be arriving until later in the week, I passed the time pondering the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Why not? There was nothing else going on. The underground people had entranced and taken away into the side of a mountain 130 children from the town, back in 1284. This true incident had been embellished over the years into a cheated rat exterminator myth. Various so-called “fairy tales” contain at their core true facts but whittled away by the sands of time. Wrote Harold Bayley in The Lost Language of Symbolism, “Little or no distinction can be drawn between classic Myth and popular Fairy-tale: myth was obviously once Fairy-tale, and what is often supposed to be mere Fairy-tale proves in many instances to be unsuspected Theology.”

One day Bilderberg too will have been whittled away by the sands of time. Tales of Bilderberg will be found in children’s books and laughed at as “Fairy tales.” But some eccentric blogger will say, Nay! He or she will sift through the Bilderberg “conspiracy theories” and adamantly insist there is some core truth behind the façade.


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