"Cone of Silence" Surrounds Bilderberg 2015

Get Smart cone of silence 1

Bilderberg 2015 begins today, June 11th, in Telfs-Buchen, Austria. The top-secret meeting of CEOs and politicians coincides with Mercury going direct today in the sign of Gemini. Mercury, the planet of business and communications, rules Gemini, so this is the realm “he’s” most comfortable in, according to astrologer Holiday Mathis.

Before you pooh-pooh astrology, consider that a statistical correlation between position of planets at birth and vocation was discovered circa 1985 by Dr. Michel Gauquelin. Gauquelin studied the birth of 25,000 European professionals listed in “Who’s Who” and found statistical correlations to later profession with the probability against chance distribution ranging from 1 in 50,000 to 1 in 1,000,000. Gauquelin’s work “has been internationally recognised as the most important scientific support that Astrology has ever received.” [1]

So with Mercury going direct on the day that Bilderberg 2015 begins this indicates a gabfest. “What is that lady yakking about up there at the podium?”, inwardly groaned Middleton March III (pseudonym), one of the attendees. “Will she ever finally shut up!?” (Background: Moon In Aries Augments Bilderberg, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, June 10, 2015.)

Middleton March III was just a character I imagined, to fill in the blanks. For there is a self-imposed ban amongst the MSM (Mainstream Media) which means no reporting at all about a meeting of top-level business, banker, and government types. For some reason however, Business Insider has decided to ignore the “cone of silence” surrounding Bilderberg 2015. They allowed to be printed a report by Oscar Williams-Grut, “Here are all the CEOs and politicians going to the top secret Bilderberg Conference this week”, on June 10, 2015 (online). [2]

The Business Insider report gives a long list of attendees. Among the organizations having current and former members at Bilderberg 2015 are…

  • Deutsche Bank
  • US Department of State
  • The British Labour Party
  • The European Commission
  • SIGNA Holding
  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • The French government
  • The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • The European Central Bank
  • The National Post (Canada)
  • The Swedish government
  • The Belgian government
  • U.S. National Security
  • Google
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  • JP Morgan Asset Management
  • The BBC Trust
  • Harvard University
  • The Austrian government
  • HSBC (a British multinational banking and financial services company)
  • Hoffmann-La Roche (a Swiss global health-care company)
  • Citadel Investment
  • The UniCredit Bank Austria
  • Siemens Austria
  • BlackRock (a multinational investment management corporation based in New York City)
  • LinkedIn
  • Lazard (a financial advisory and asset management firm)
  • The Turkish Parliament
  • Kissinger Associates
  • Alcoa Aluminum
  • The German government
  • The Royal Bank of Canada
  • Bloomberg News
  • The Economist
  • The American Enterprise Institute
  • The Council on Foreign Relations
  • NATO
  • Goldman Sachs International
  • The Financial Times

They have got everyone in there but the canary! And that bird can at least sing!

You tell me that you’ve got everything you want
And your bird can sing
But you don’t get me, you don’t get me. [3]

Except no canaries are singing about a top-level international group of people now meeting at the Interalpen-Hotel Tirol near Telfs, Austria. A different sort of bird, Infowars.com, at least though is singing about Bilderberg 2015. They are providing extensive coverage of the affair, with reporters at the scene.

The rambunctious bird however is surrounded by Cobras near Telfs, Austria. These Cobras are in other words the “Cobra anti terror squad” which is reportedly providing security. [4] The Cobra here seems to be EKO Cobra, Austria’s primary counter-terrorism special operations tactical unit. [5]

The “cone of silence” was a gag used in the old “Get Smart” TV show, which ran from 1965 – 1970. The show was created by Mel Brooks with Buck Henry and satirized the secret agent genre. [6] The gag with “cone of silence” was that it didn’t work! The MSM “cone of silence” has descended upon Bilderberg 2015. Yet who doesn’t know about the meeting? “Cone of silence” is not working yet MSM remains obstinate in their ways.

——- Sources ——-
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