Old Business/New Business and TPP

Groucho and The Statehouse

At the end of each week, the MSM (Mainstream Media) tends to “clear the slate” before they disappear for the weekend. During the week MSM accumulates a backlog of real news which they ignore until they dump it all out around Friday. They then shut the door and leave a sign on the window: “See you on Monday.” When Monday arrives, the previous Friday dump of data has become “old news” and discussion has been shelved. In yesterday’s blog entry I broached this concept. “The ‘news’ gang tends to suddenly dump real information upon the public at the end of each week, thereby wiping their slate clean ahead of next week’s ‘news’ cycle.” [1]

In the 1933 Marx Brothers comedy, Duck Soup, Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho Marx) is the appointed leader of the small, bankrupt country of Freedonia. In one scene, hopefully embedded at top, Firefly presides over a meeting of his cabinet. Here is a relevant portion of the cabinet meeting:

GROUCHO: And now, members of the cabinet, we’ll take up old business.

CABINET MEMBER: I wish to discuss the tariff.

GROUCHO: Sit down, that’s new business. (Pause.) No old business? Very well, then we’ll take up new business.

CABINET MEMBER: Now about that tariff…

GROUCHO: Too late. That’s old business already.

During the “pause” (weekend) the “new business” (the tariff) has become “old business.” That in a nutshell, and in the most succinct way I can think of to picture the MSM “old news” sleight-of-hand, describes the routine Friday dump by MSM and their disappearance over the weekend, followed by the Friday dump having become “old news” come Monday.

The “tariff” which the Freedonian cabinet member wishes to discuss deals with the so-called “free trade.” A tariff is a tax imposed upon foreign goods entering a country which causes their price to be raised to compensate for the cost of the tax. This in turn helps local producers compete in the local marketplace with foreign producers. Lowering the tariff tends to make trade between nations more “free” (unrestricted).

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which for the moment anyway has failed in its “fast track” hopes is labeled as “free trade.” However this label is misleading, at least according to MIT Professor Emeritus Noam Chomsky. TPP is not what it’s publicly said to be. “It’s called a free-trade agreement, but it’s not,” stated Chomsky. It is really an “investor-rights agreement.” [2]

It is routine for Washington, DC lawmakers to mislabel bills they wish to pass. A “Tax Simplification Act” in 1986 actually created more complication for many taxpayers. [3] A “Patriot Act” signed into law on October 26, 2001 was not “patriotic” but eroded Fourth Amendment safeguards against unreasonable searches and seizures.

So calling TPP “free trade” appears to be yet another of these routine mislabelings emanating from Washington, DC. How can we know if TPP is truly about “free trade”? Details of the evolving agreement are kept secret. The way this proposed legislation was suddenly given a “full-court press” on Friday, June 12th, is in itself suspicious. (A “full-court press” is “a very aggressive effort or attack usually involving many people.” [4])

Where the blitzkrieg push for “fast track” authorization for TPP goes from here is uncertain. Yesterday the “fast track” hopes suffered a severe setback when the House of Representatives voted against what had been passed by the Senate. But then the House immediately approved a different version of “fast track.” The “news” generally tells us that the House version is irreconcilable with the Senate version. Unlikely, though not beyond possibility, is that the Senate would approve the new House version of TPP “fast track”. There is no telling at this point what “they” are up to and how a new blitzkrieg might unfold. Beware of further sneakiness and product mislabeling.

——- Sources ——-
[1] TPP “Healthcare Annex” Leaked, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, June 12, 2015. https://ersjdamoo.wordpress.com/2015/06/12/tpp-healthcare-annex-leaked/
[2] “Obama is ‘opportunist,’ Hillary Clinton no different just ‘more militant’ – Chomsky”, Russia Today, June 11, 2015. http://on.rt.com/h8w9h1
[3] “Was The 1986 Tax Reform Really Simplification? Was It Fair?”, by Bernie Kent. Forbes (online), October 21, 2011.
[4] “full-court press”, Merriam-Webster dictionary (online). June 13, 2015.


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