And Poof! Nothing Is Happening

President Obama sings Amazing Grace (C-SPAN)

What a week this has been. The “fast track” for Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is passed into law. The Supreme Court rules on gay marriage and on the Affordable Care Act. A symbolic battle over the Confederate flag is fought after “Storm Roof” went under a church roof and killed nine people. President Barack Obama sings “Amazing Grace” during a eulogy for the victims of the church shooting.

And today, Saturday – Poof! – nothing is happening. The News-Government combine has the weekend off. It is the usual “Saturday compartment” when people will say to you, “Crisis? What crisis? Why sir, you must be crazy.”

Then comes the Sunday compartment and people will say, “Well yes, there is a crisis. But let’s be intellectual about it.”

Charting the week ahead we have upcoming Fourth of July on Saturday. These holidays throw a monkey wrench into the usual Crescendo of Crisis rhythm. “To prevent the average person from seeing through their little plan of the compartmented days and the crescendo of crisis, abrupt ‘holidays’ get thrown in from time to time which serve to disrupt potential pattern analysis,” wrote Ersjdamoo on November 16, 2012 in the blog entry, Crescendo of Crisis.

The “special people”, the bankers and the government employees, will get an extra day off work, to compensate for the Fourth occurring this year on a Saturday. All others, well, enjoy your freedom on Saturday, July 4th. Not yet known is if the “special people” day will be a Friday or a Monday this year.

The nightmare rides upon sleep. William Butler Yeats wrote that, in his poem, Nineteen Hundred And Nineteen:

Now days are dragon-ridden, the nightmare
Rides upon sleep: a drunken soldiery
Can leave the mother, murdered at her door,
To crawl in her own blood, and go scot-free;
The night can sweat with terror as before
We pieced our thoughts into philosophy,
And planned to bring the world under a rule,
Who are but weasels fighting in a hole.

The days are dragon-ridden (except the Saturday compartment): the daily crises build to a crescendo. The night sweats with terror; the nightmare rides upon sleep. Then do the demons attack Ersjdamoo, in his sleep. “Thou art a sinner, Ersjdamoo!” they accuse.

“Go away, you are only a bit of undigested beef.”

This has really been happening to me. I think it is because my digestion hasn’t been so good, ever since I turned 55 (the double-nickel). For seven long years, the nightmare rides upon sleep. I am now 62, and still the night sweats with terror as before.

Reading the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg however has made me realize it is not just undigested beef but that I really am a sinner. Thankfully, I am not uniquely a sinner though. It turns out that we are all sinners. Some persons try to avoid this realization by “scapegoating” and “holier than thou.”

René Girard is a Franco-American historian, literary critic, and philosopher of social science whose work belongs to the tradition of anthropological philosophy. [1] He wrote a book called, The Scapegoat. Over the years Girard has developed a mimetic theory. “According to this theory human beings imitate each other, and this eventually gives rise to rivalries and violent conflicts. Such conflicts are partially solved by a scapegoat mechanism, but ultimately, Christianity is the best antidote to violence.” [2]

“Blame whitey,” is one of the latest scapegoat mechanisms. It is as if to say, “We are not sinners. It is only whitey who is the sinner.” Another version of this is to blame Vladimir Putin. There is even a special #blameputin hashtag on Twitter.

Then there are the “saved”, the “holier than thou” people. Such persons believe a Son, separate from the Father, can “save” them. It was not a Son, but the Almighty Himself who manifested on earth in the person of Jesus Christ. “Redemption was a matter of gaining control of the hells, restructuring the heavens, and then establishing a church.” [3] From that point on it is a battle within each of us, where we daily choose (and then act) between the angels and the demons. That battle does not magically end by deciding you are “saved” (holier than thou). However “saved” does serve to transfer collective human guilt onto the backs of the “unsaved” and thereby scapegoat them.

And what about the Pope? Surely at least he is “saved”? Nope, at least not according to Emanuel Swedenborg.

So we are all the sinners, but not “in the hands of an angry God” because God never ever turns his back upon us. (We turn our back upon God, then blame God for turning his back upon us.) If you don’t believe in God, that is okay. God believes in you.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “René Girard”, Wikipedia, June 27, 2015.
[2] “René Girard”, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
[3] True Christianity, by Emanuel Swedenborg. West Chester, PA: Swedenborg Foundation, 2010.


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