True Horror of Bigfoot

Bigfoot caught on tape (Patterson footage stabilized)

Over 20 years ago, at my old Conspiracy Nation web site, I published The True Horror of Bigfoot. Film footage from 1967 seems to show a strange ape-like creature. “The bigfoot fascinates us because we know there is a mystery there about us. Yet the truth of bigfoot is not flattering to us as a species.” [1]

I have since altered my opinion about a theory proposed in 1971 by Oscar Kiss Maerth, a Buddhist monk. In his book, The Beginning Was the End, Maerth claimed that humankind evolved from cannibalistic apes. [2] However the apes descended from us, not we from the apes: the scientists have got it backwards. The first “Adam”, our supposed progenitor (really there were more than one of these “Adams”; i.e., more than one attempt was made), was amanasa (mindless) because he had no spark: an ensouling presence refused to incarnate into the form. “And those which had no spark took huge She-Animals unto them. They beget upon them dumb races… A race of crooked, red-hair covered monsters going on all fours.” [3] The “huge She-Animals” are allegorically Lilith. Before “Eve”, the Zohar (3: 19) tells us “Adam” had a female companion named “Lilith.”

In spite of my disagreement with the Maerth theory, that we evolved from cannibalistic apes, the theory does offer an interesting explanation for the meaning of the Biblical Adam and Eve story and for Original Sin. The “original sin”, according to Maerth, was cannibalism.

In Maerth’s theory, a random ape discovered that eating the fresh brain of one’s own kind worked as an aphrodisiac. Other apes soon became addicted and brain hunts began, wherein the males of another tribe were eaten and the females raped in a frenzy of brain-induced sex and violence. The brains were the “forbidden apple” in the Genesis story. The serpent symbolizes sex addiction. The loss of paradise occurred as a by-product of eating ape brains when increasing brain size brought pressure on the skull and a short-circuit ensued whereby loss of “extra-sensory perception” occurred. Today humankind perceives only the material, and not the spiritual universe. This was the “loss of paradise.” [2]

Perceiving only the material meant also an erroneous perception of death. Relying upon the now-limited human sensory apparatus, many concluded that death of the body meant the end of personal existence. From this came subconscious attempts at denial of death, in the form of “immortality projects”, something deemed eternal by which we ourselves become part of the eternal, and thereby stave off the knowledge of our own mortality. Jean Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, has as his “major life’s work” the European Union. EU is Juncker’s own “immortality project”. He seems to be considering suicide due to being “profoundly hurt and saddened” by possible Greek exit from EU. Juncker though reminds himself, “You mustn’t commit suicide because you are afraid of death.” [4] (Background on “immortality projects”: Secret of the Epiphany Plunge, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, June 29, 2015.)

The true horror of bigfoot enters into all this, I wrote back in 1994. Some of the “Adams” saw that there were harmful side-effects associated with their recently acquired habit of cannibalism. So they stopped midway between the unnatural change from ape to man, in Maerth’s theory. These “bigfoots” saw, before it was too late, the harmful effect of the brain eating frenzy. [1] Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Abominable snowman – call these creatures what you will – are a potential reminder of our cannibal origins, the “Original Sin.”

Really though we did not originate from cannibalism, in my opinion. The lunar Pitris (Elohim) were the progenitors of the first “Adam”, doomed to be born a fool on earth (due to lack of ensouling presence). “The numberless traditions about Satyrs are no fables, but represent an extinct race of animal men. The animal ‘Eves’ were their foremothers, and the human ‘Adams’ their forefathers; hence the Kabalistic allegory of Lilith or Lilatu, Adam’s first wife, whom the Talmud describes as a charming woman, with long wavy hair, i.e., – a female hairy animal of a character now unknown, still a female animal… It is from this unnatural union that the present apes descended.” [3] [5]

The statement that Christ “is made a Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek” is oft-repeated in Holy Writ. But what is this “order of Melchizedek”? The heads of all worlds are created beings. They are each priest-kings. They each bear the title, “Melchizedek”. A later Adam (after the amanasa (mindless) Adam) would have been this world’s “Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek”, but that Adam failed. When Adam failed, Satan became “prince” of this earth – until Jesus subdued the forces of Hell. [6] Thereafter we ourselves each day became a battleground between the forces of good and evil. Each day we choose – and we must choose freely each day – between doing good or evil. For if we were “predestined” to be “saved”, where would be the merit in that?

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