Obama’s Speech Declassified

The King’s Speech Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Released in 2010, The King’s Speech is a fine movie. King George VI copes with a stammer while Adolph Hitler, possessed by the devil, speaks fluently. The British king must overcome his stammer, else he cannot inspire his people in their battle against the Nazis.

Another momentous “king’s speech” was given by President Barack Obama on Friday, June 26, 2015 at a eulogy for parishioners of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. The New Yorker magazine (online) calls it, “Barack Obama’s Second Inaugural in Charleston”, and compares it with Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address of March 4, 1865. [1] The Atlantic magazine (online) calls Obama’s eulogy “his most fully successful performance as an orator.” [2] I myself was especially struck by the President singing “Amazing Grace” during the speech. I do not recall any U.S. president ever having sung publicly while in office. Maybe Mr. Obama is not a top singer, but he certainly sings better than Ersjdamoo.

It was a “king’s speech” in the sense that Barack Obama is a Leo, an astrological sign ruled by the sun. Leo is leonine, regal, and king, since all planets revolve around the sun. That is both the strength and weakness of Leo: regal, with all planets revolving around; yet inclined to egocentricity.

“Can we at least be civil?”, Obama once rhetorically asked. By this he meant, sure, we can disagree, but we don’t have to descend to fighting in the gutter. Taking civility as the tone, at least a few positive things can be said about the President: He is dignified (leonine), speaks very well, and… But here I exhaust my mind in probings for the positive. (I might have missed something though.)

Oh yes, “Can we at least be civil?” – I agree with Mr. Obama on that.

So that about sums up my points of agreement with President Obama.

“Speak what is high! high! Let what is ancient come out of your mouth.” That is how the Arcana Coelestia translates 1 Samuel 2: 3. I personally like that translation, although the King James version gives it as, “Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth: for the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed.”

Let’s go with, “Speak what is high! high! Let what is ancient come out of your mouth.” What is ancient is called “dark sayings of old” in Psalm 78, verse 2. The dark sayings of old, that which was already ancient in the time of King David, refers to the time of the Most Ancient Church, which existed before the flood of Noah’s time. The style of the Most Ancient Church contains deepest arcana, written in a representative manner. [3]

“Speak what is high! high!” That is the dilemma of Leo. Those born under this sun sign can either be dignified (high) or regal (arrogant). So does President Obama speak what is high, or speak what is arrogant, in his eulogy of June 26, 2015?

Actually, Obama speaks the high (but mixed with the low of politics). He is like everyone, having within him both good and bad. The President is not God, nor is he the Devil (as Rush Limbaugh seems to believe). Barack Obama is a human being who is beset each day by angels and demons battling over his soul.

What is high in the eulogy delivered by the President includes…

  • “The Bible calls us to hope, to persevere and have faith in things not seen.”
  • “… our Christian faith demands deeds and not just words… to put our faith in action is more than just individual salvation, it’s about our collective salvation, that to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and house the homeless is not just a call for isolated charity but the imperative of a just society.”
  • “… You don’t have to be of high distinction to be a good man.”
  • “… God works in mysterious ways. God has different ideas.”
  • “We don’t earn grace. We’re all sinners. We don’t deserve it… And we choose how to receive it. It’s our decision how to honor it.”
  • “People of good will will continue to debate the merits of various policies as our democracy requires — the big, raucous place, America is. And there are good people on both sides of these debates.”
  • “That reservoir of goodness. If we can find that grace, anything is possible. If we can tap that grace, everything can change.”
  • “May God continue to shed His Grace on the United States of America.”

The eulogy delivered by President Obama is an important speech. However some people now are setting it up as a “Golden Calf.” I detect no arrogance, per se, in the speech, yet “what is high” gets intermixed with what is political. Therein lies the danger: sacred things intermingled with politics. Do not confuse the two.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Barack Obama’s Second Inaugural in Charleston”, by Allyson Hobbs. The New Yorker (online), June 29, 2015.
[2] “Obama’s Grace”, by James Fallows. The Atlantic (online), June 27, 2015.
[3] Arcana Coelestia, by Emanuel Swedenborg. Num. 66.


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