Amazing Randi, CERN, and the Cube


“No matter how smart or well educated you are, you can be deceived.”

That is a quote from the Amazing Randi, a magician who is featured in the 2014 documentary, An Honest Liar. (Film trailer hopefully viewable above.)

“The Amazing Randi” is (or was) the stage name of James Randi, a Canadian-American retired stage magician and scientific skeptic best known for his challenges to paranormal claims and “pseudoscience.” [1]

I liked the movie, An Honest Liar, because it brought back memories of the Battle of the Magicians waged in the 1970s between James Randi and Uri Geller, an Israeli illusionist and self-proclaimed psychic. Geller is known for his trademark television performances of spoon bending and other supposed psychic effects. [2]

An ancient Battle of the Magicians is described in Exodus, chapters 7 and 8. Moses and Aaron lifted up a rod and smote the waters, and Pharaoh saw them turned to blood. But the magicians of Egypt seemed to duplicate the “magic trick.” Then Aaron smote the dust of the earth and it became lice. But this time the magicians of Egypt could not  duplicate the “magic trick.” At that point the magicians said to Pharaoh, “This is the finger of God.” (Exodus 8: 19). The Egyptian magicians were saying, in other words, this is not a “magic trick” but something supernatural.

I bring up the Exodus Battle of the Magicians because I believe Uri Geller really did at times bend those spoons with psychic power. The Amazing Randi was able to duplicate the spoon bending, but that does not prove Geller to have been a complete fake. (My belief that Geller is at least somewhat credible is based in part on having once read his book, Uri Geller: My Story.)

James Randi, I believe, unbeknownst to himself, was exerting his own psychic powers with which he befuddled the psychic powers of people like Uri Geller. However one thing I like about The Amazing Randi is that he brought a spirit of healthy skepticism into the debate about psychic powers and stymied real charlatans in the field.

“Psychic powers” is a mixed bag. There are a lot of credulous people too eager to accept prima facie evidence. “I want to believe,” said Fox Mulder on the X-Files. And so, many have too quickly accepted reports of a cube UFO seen in the skies of Texas.

In Puzzle Pieces of Possible Greek Exit, the Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of July 9, 2015, I reported upon the UFO in the form of a black cube witnessed and possibly video-taped around late June 2015. Fletcher Gray, the head Texas investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), said he believes the video is a “computer generated image,” or CGI.

On Tuesday, July 7th, I received a telephone call from “Professor Doom 1” (pseudonym). He told me about a video he would be uploading to YouTube that day. From hasty notes I took during the conversation, “Professor Doom 1” is reconstructed as saying in part that CERN, a European research organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, is harvesting or “pulling” energy from the sun and that inadvertently this has “opened gateways.” The “gateways” might help explain the alleged black cube UFO seen recently in Texas. Also involved, based on my hasty notes, are apocalyptic murals at Johns Hopkins.

Metatron’s Cube the Truth as you have never seen part 1

I kept searching for the promised video and only this morning have I found it. Published to YouTube on July 9, 2015, it is entitled, “Metatron’s Cube the Truth as you have never seen part 1.” (Hopefully the 15 minute video is viewable above.)

Because I have only found the video this morning, I have not yet had a chance to carefully evaluate it. As Preface I urge an ideal of impartiality on the subject. Impartiality does not mean an Amazing Randi hostility, nor does it mean a Fox Mulder credulity. Impartiality, not totally achievable by humans in spite of mainstream “news” media claims to have achieved this Buddha-like state, is the ideal sought in my evaluation.

“We’re going to talk about Enoch, Abraxas, and al-Khidr,” begins the hypothetical Professor (hereafter called Professor because he does at least profess). The Biblical Idris is Enoch. The Koranic Idris is al-Khidr. “Al-Khidr” means “the Green One.” Al-Khidr appears in Sura 18: 65. He is “the Green ancient.” (See also Suras 18: 65 through 18: 82.)

Idris is associated with Elijah and Enoch. Idris is associated also with the Egyptian Osiris. Osiris is associated with Jupiter, Abraxas, and, says the Professor, Metatron. Enoch ascended to the highest of the seven heavens. Abraxas is the cube stone of the Ab-Ra.

Well, this is just a blog and it’s time to “go to press.” You can evaluate the video made by “Professor Doom 1” yourself, or stay tuned as I hope to have more time to do so. Does the cube stone of the Ab-Ra connect somehow with the alleged black cube UFO seen in Texas? Or is the alleged black cube UFO actually akin to the New Jerusalem of William Blake and the holy Jerusalem, “foursquare”, described in Revelation chapter 21? You won’t want to miss the next exciting episode of Ersjdamoo’s Blog!

——- Sources ——-
[1] “James Randi”, Wikipedia, July 10, 2015.
[2] “Uri Geller”, Wikipedia, July 10, 2015.


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