Who Was Otto Eisenschiml?


Otto Eisenschiml was an Austrian-born chemist and industrial executive in the American oil industry, and a controversial author, says Wikipedia. [1] “I have more information on Otto Eisenschiml, found in old newspapers, of which I hope to publish a summary,” added myself in yesterday’s blog entry, Addenda to the Addenda.

“Runs Business On Golden Rule Basis”, reported The Troy Record on December 17, 1943. “Chicago (INS)”, begins the article. “INS” I take to mean Intercontinental News Service, but I could be wrong. [2]

Otto Eisenschiml owns his business (reported The Troy Record), the Scientific Oil Compounding Company, and “has a unique employee-employer relationship – recognized as the most informal and amicable in the Chicago business world.” His employees just call him, “OE”. Since founding his company in 1911, OE has never fired a single employee. [2]

“A chemist by profession, Eisenschiml bases the management of his business on the idea that human beings are more interesting and more important than making money, and that the best part of life is in the enjoyment of living.” [2]

If some employees reside a far way from work, Eisenschiml is happy to drive over and give them a ride. The work day typically starts with Eisenschiml and his employees opening the mail together. Then they partake of a hearty breakfast, provided at company expense. Lunch is also provided free of charge. If a female employee becomes pregnant, during the last few months she just stays home then returns to her job. Once, during an especially cold winter, Eisenschiml found that a woman employee had frozen her legs on the way to work. “This will not do,” he decided, so he took her shopping and bought her a fur-lined coat. [2]

“Eisenschiml likes to distribute presents to the office staff, to give them theater tickets, candy, flowers, cosmetics or anything else he thinks of. To the men in the plant he always gives checks along ‘with a little speech and a glass of brandy.'” [2]

Eisenschiml was born in Vienna, and his father was an American Civil War veteran and officer. He brought Otto to the U.S. in 1901. In his long quest for the full truth about the Lincoln assassination, Eisenschiml had as many as nine investigators working for him at one time. [3] [4]

Otto Eisenschiml has written a “shelf of books” on the Civil War and the Lincoln assassination, reported Dave Felts in the Southern Illinoisan of April 11, 1963. [5] These books include…

  • O.E. Historian Without An Armchair. (Otto Eisenschiml: Historian Without An Armchair, being an obvious sneer at mainstream historians.)
  • Why Was Lincoln Murdered?
  • Why the Civil War?
  • In the Shadow of Lincoln’s Death
  • The Case of A.L. – Aged 56
  • The American Iliad (with co-author Ralph Newman)
  • Vermont General [4] [5]


In a talk given to the Oshkosh Education Association in 1938, Eisenschiml “revealed that, in his opinion, [Abraham] Lincoln was murdered and [William] Seward attacked because they were friendly to the southern states, to the extent of receiving them back into national affairs with equal representation and full powers as individual states.” The South had not in fact legally seceded (since secession was not permitted), believed Lincoln. The Civil War in his view had only been a time of “strained relations.” [6]

“The woman keeper of the boarding house, across from the theater, was the victim of a ‘deal’ of some sort, as revealed in her own writings, and also in the later information of those who contacted her at the time, but who were sworn to secrecy after they had the story, the speaker [Eisenschiml] said. The woman was hanged, so her phase of the story never came out.” [6] Who was this woman, who kept a boarding house “across from the theater”? I take it to be Mary Surratt, yet was her boarding house across from Ford’s Theater, where Lincoln was shot? The mortally wounded President was carried across the street from the theater and someone’s room was appropriated for the expiring Lincoln.

The hanged woman, presumed to be Mary Surratt, talked to two priests, since she was Catholic. One of the two priests, “many years later, began a series of magazine articles, promising in the opening paragraphs to tell the story. The series was never finished.” [6]

“In conclusion, Mr. Eisenschiml said the full story of Lincoln and his murder is still to be written, but may never be. ‘We clear up one chapter in the situation, and while we are doing it we open three new chapters, just as puzzling as the one we just completed.” [6]

Otto Eisenschiml “had no armchair.” And so, he “followed clues all over this country and in Europe. He tramps over battlefields, interviews children and grandchildren of Civil War personages and descendants of persons who may have had some contact with the great or the infamous, including Lincoln’s assassins.” [5]

John Wilkes Booth was not just some nut but had powerful backers. Those “backers were not Southerners at all, but men powerful in the ruling clique of the federal government.” Thus reported The Ada Evening News in an article about Otto Eisenschiml. (That newspaper is apparently the same as Ada, Oklahoma’s Ada News.) [3]

——- Sources ——-
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