Death of Gary Mack

JFK Assassination – Gary Mack

Gary Mack, a leading expert on the John F. Kennedy assassination, died last week, on Wednesday, July 15, 2015. He was 68 years old. [1]

You may remember seeing Gary Mack prominently featured in the documentary series, The Men Who Killed Kennedy. A short video clip of Mack being interviewed (not from the documentary) is hopefully viewable above.

Mack was longtime curator of the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, Texas. “Consumed with what happened in Dealey Plaza, Mack started out chasing conspiracy theories and ended up chief historian and archivist of the assassination.” [1]

A spooky address connected with the tangled web of the November 22, 1963 JFK assassination is 544 Camp Street in New Orleans. Lee Harvey Oswald, deemed the “lone assassin” of JFK, when passing out “Fair Play for Cuba” leaflets in the summer of 1963, had stamped an address on the handouts: 544 Camp Street. In 1966, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison took a second look at the address. He noted that around the corner from 544 Camp Street, located in the same building, was 531 Lafayette Street, which in 1963 had housed the private detective agency of William Guy Banister. Banister (1901 – 1964) was a career employee of the FBI who had established his detective agency around 1960. [2]

So Oswald and Banister had shared the same building, which is suggestive of conspiracy, though not conclusive. After an exhaustive investigation which gathered many other telltale clues and evidence, Jim Garrison had no doubt about the JFK assassination: “It was a coup d’état,” he said.

A coup d’état is the sudden and forced seizure of a state, usually instigated by a small group of the existing government establishment to depose the established regime and replace it with a new ruling body. [3]

Another spooky address was the Chaffey Company, at 178½ Water Street, New York City. Smugglers and spies such as John Wilkes Booth, John Surratt, and Michael O’Laughlin used the Chaffey Company as their mailing address. The Bank of Montreal transferred $12,499.28 to John Wilkes Booth’s account at the Chaffey Company. [4]


Michael O’Laughlin was actually Michael O’Laughlen, Jr (image), but his last name was often misspelled by the press and others. O’Laughlen got press coverage because he was a co-conspirator in a plot to kidnap President Abraham Lincoln. O’Laughlen was sentenced to life in prison at Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas. (The Dry Tortugas are a small group of islands, located in the Gulf of Mexico at the end of the Florida Keys.) There, O’Laughlen contracted yellow fever and died on September 23, 1867. [5]

Michael O’Laughlen belonged to John Wilkes Booth’s “usual suspects” gang. (“Round up the usual suspects,” says Captain Louis Renault in the movie, Casablanca.) Booth, John Surratt, and Michael O’Laughlen had been pawns in a much bigger operation. Surratt escaped to the Vatican but was captured and tried in 1867, then got off due to a mistrial. As for Booth – well, what did finally happen to him? There are many versions of his fate. The point is that all three – Booth, Surratt, and O’Laughlen – shared use of the Chaffey Company address.

Also utilizing the Chaffey Company, at 178½ Water Street, New York City, was Lafayette Baker. [4] This is a peculiar Oswald & Banister situation, with Booth and members of the “usual suspects” gang sharing locale with the head of the Union’s National Detective Police (NDP), Lafayette Baker. Politics makes strange bedfellows, you might say.

The National Detective Police (NDP) of which Lafayette Baker became the chief originated due to the 1862 Internal Revenue Act. This Act was “framed upon the theory that the taxpayers were the natural enemies of the government.” To enforce the tax, detectives were hired. These detectives were rewarded with a percentage of any penalties collected from delinquent taxpayers. Also, any informers upon delinquent taxpayers were paid with a percentage of the penalties. The group of tax detectives became known as the National Detective Police (NDP). [4]

The North’s “new regime of taxation” was enacted to sustain a war bonds enterprise profitable to the large banking houses. The complicated financial hocus-pocus is explained in the book, Blood Money: The Civil War and the Federal Reserve, by John Remington Graham. The large banking houses “included central reserve banks on Wall Street, which insured and nourished the whole system of institutions growing up from financing the American Civil War.” [6]

——- Sources ——-
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One Response to Death of Gary Mack

  1. Perhaps known as one of the greatest murder mysteries of all time, the
    assassination of President John F. Kennedy has for years intrigued scholars,
    authors and the average American citizen. The assassination can be
    classified into two distinct categories: method and significance. Few would
    argue that too much emphasis has been given to the method and very little to
    the significance. This is exactly how the perpetrators would like it to be.
    Photographic evidence along with eyewitness testimony has already
    conclusively proven that JFK was shot by more than one assassin. The Mary
    Mormon photo clearly shows the profile of a shooter behind the picket fence
    on the grassy knoll. It is obviously someone wearing a policeman’s uniform
    {some speculate it was J.D. Tippit}. This was the fatal head shot. Two other
    bullets struck the President; the first one entered at the base of the
    throat and the second struck him in the back. While the positions of the
    assassins makes for a good game of clue, the more important issue is the
    significance of the assassination.

    Many have speculated that the former Soviet Union, Cuba, the KKK, the Mafia,
    LBJ, CIA and the FBI all had strong motives to attempt this. However, given
    the connection of Lee Harvey Oswald to the CIA and Jack Ruby to the Mafia
    along with the altered autopsy reports, the evidence points to a coup d’état
    by the CIA. They did it because they believed JFK was taking the United
    States on the wrong path towards dealing with communism. That is the reason
    why the cover-up has been sustained for so long. The perpetrators honestly
    believed they were doing the right thing for the United States at the time.
    The will of the people was discarded in favor of preserving the nation as
    they saw fit. Unfortunately, they didn’t realize the long term effects of
    the assassination. One result was the increased power of capitalism over
    democracy. Profit has become more important than freedom. Corporations are
    more concerned with increasing the wealth of a select few than with
    promoting the general welfare of the very nation that allows them to conduct
    business. A second result has been the subordination of this nation’s civil
    liberties to the private agendas of the powers that be. The only opinions
    that are accepted today are those that further the bottom line. Contrary
    opinions are discouraged and distorted by spin doctors. The only explanation
    for the lack of attention given to the significance of the assassination is
    because the government, the military and the media all know what happened
    and to expose the event for what it really was goes to the central core of
    what constitutes the United States of America.

    Joe Bialek {click Translate to English on the left}

    PS: I had the occasion back in November of 1993 to speak {via phone} with one of the eyewitnesses standing directly across from the grassy knoll when the shot was fired. Her name was Jean Hill. I was watching a PBS “As it Happened” documentary covering the 30th anniversary of the assassination. To my surprise her phone number was listed and I spoke with her for a few moments. She stated “the shot fired from the grassy knoll was as clear as daylight” and that coincidently she was just back from visiting Cleveland on a book tour. I thanked her for her time and then realized how I was able to touch history. Let us hope that this event will have it’s own “deep throat” come forward to reveal what truly happened. If that happens then the truth will have finally set us free.

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