Water Witch Sinking of the Rate Probabilities


January 2, 1865: The New York Times reports upon 250 Rebel soldiers captured by Major General Benjamin “Spoons” Butler. Two-thirds of the captured Rebs were less than 21 years old. The “remaining third of them ranged between the years of twelve and sixteen.” Their condition was “exceedingly wretched.” [1] (I know the math is fuzzy, but hey, this is from New York Times so who am I to wonder?)

For the moment not distracted by Cecil the lion stories, I again return to the quest for anything supporting the version of Abraham Lincoln depicted in the Steven Spielberg “Lincoln” movie, released late in 2012. In that Hollywood film, Old Abe has, in January 1865, gone over to the Radical Republican faction of his Party. This seems contrary to the facts, as if an Orwellian rewrite of history was being attempted by Hollywood.

William Pitt Fessenden became Treasury Secretary after the Salmon (Salmon P. Chase) was left flopping by the river, gasping for air. (Background: Evil Doings of the Salmon, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, July 31, 2015.)

Fessenden “supported Lincoln against the Radicals, becoming Lincoln’s Treasury Secretary.” [2]

Unprincipled stock-jobbers in Washington are permitted to shape the night telegrams to the New York press, claimed Fessenden as the new year of 1865 began. This had to do with the quantity of dollars in circulation. The circulation of the legal tenders had been officially published in August 1864. “We are not about to do a quantitative easing,” more or less stated Fessenden around January 1, 1865. What had probably happened, said the new Treasury Secretary, was a memo left on his desk had been seen by “somebody” who then gave misapprehended information to the unprincipled stock-jobbers. [3]

Janet Yellen, figurehead frontpiece for whoever really runs the “Federal Reserve”, also has something to do with circulation of the legal tenders. If the interest rates are raised from near zero, where they have been stuck since late 2008 concurrent with a supposed “recovery”, then circulation of the legal tenders tends to decrease. It is the postmodern dollar, where truth is relative concerning the value of the “greenback.” If circulation is high, the dollar value goes low but relatively speaking the stock market values go high. Where is truth? It is neither in the dollar nor in the stock market but is postmodern, all relative. The “dollar bulls” bet that the “Fed” will be raising rates in September, however they are now “on their back foot,” reports Lananh Nguyen of Bloomberg Business. Speculation that the “Federal Reserve” would raise rates in September has been dampened due to a report which showed U.S. worker pay rose at the slowest pace on record. [4]

But what if Jacob Joseph “Jack” Lew, the current Treasury Secretary, were to leave a memo on his desk and it was seen by “somebody” who was an unprincipled stock-jobber? That might alter the bets being made by traders and probabilities could be revised. Then, like the wind which bloweth where it listeth, stocks would go who knows where? (Of course this is not gambling and perish the thought and these are not gamblers and who would say such a thing.)

The gambling may have gone bad for Mrs. Elizabeth Dusenbury who, around January 1, 1865, purchased rat poison and fed it to herself and her children. “I had become tired of living, and did not want to leave my children behind me,” stated Mrs. Dusenbury at a coroner’s inquest. George Henry Dusenbury, age 4, died, as did Margaret Ann Dusenbury (age not given). Mrs. Dusenbury had become provoked at her husband for not telling her father “something about a matter of business.” The “verdict of the jury was that the deceased died of poison, administered by the mother with criminal intent. Mrs. Dusenbury was committed to the Tombs.” [5]

In general news, a Captain Shaw of the transport United States came upon a chilling sight while sailing from Baltimore to New York City. Two sunken vessels were spotted. At the maintopmast of one of the sunken vessels was a man, dead and lashed to the topmast. On his person were found a gold watch, a pocket-book containing a silver dollar, a three-dollar bank note and some copper coin, and also the vessel’s papers, showing her to be the schooner Water Witch. The dead man was determined to be Captain Thomas G. Hull, from Providence. [6]

“The notorious Missouri guerrilla, HUNTER” had been captured at Salt Lake City on December 31, 1864. With him Hunter had $200,000 in greenbacks, stolen from a bank in Bloomington, Missouri. Hunter was being sent back to “Huntsville” (Alabama or Missouri) where he “will” hang to death. [7]

(NOTE: The New York Times sources are as found in a computer disk accompanying the book, The New York Times Complete Civil War, edited by Harold Holzer and Craig L. Symonds. New York: Black Dog & Leventhal, 2010.)

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