Civil War IS, Not Was

“The Civil War is in the Present as Well as in the Past” Barbara Fields, Ken Burns Civil War Doc

Historian Barbara Fields was one of the featured experts in the great Ken Burns documentary on the American Civil War. (I have my quibbles about the documentary, but overall it is excellent.) In the short excerpt hopefully viewable above, Fields quotes William Faulkner to convey that the Civil War is (not was). She suggests an ongoing economic civil war.

To distract from systemic crisis in the economy, what better way than to have another war? President Obomber has declared war on Syria, as noticed in the August 5, 2015 Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry, Distracting and Disturbing the Public Mind.

(If you say, “Wait a minute, only the U.S. Congress can declare war”, then congratulations: you are one of the smart ones.)

Systemic crisis in the economy was the theme of yesterday’s broadcast of the Keiser Report. Co-hosted by Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, the show is streamed via the Russia Today network. Charles Hugh Smith of was the guest. He talked “about the solution to the problems created by collapsing empire and failing central banks. In a world awash with unpayable debts, how does the individual survive and flourish?” [1]

On a different episode of the Keiser Report, recent but not immediately sourced specifically, Keiser, Herbert and a guest discussed three interrelated sectors: Capital, Financial, and the “Precariat.” (“Precariat” are the millions who survive precariously, paycheck to paycheck.) Capital and Precariat hum along, but then comes Financial which repeatedly goes out of whack. The mission of Financial is to increase debt. That is how Financial makes its profit. Financial keeps going off the charts then Capital eventually wobbles, Precariat totters, and it is time for President Obomber to declare war.

Eruptions like South Carolina Bible Study Massacre, Chattanooga Crazed Shooter, Louisiana Theater Trainwreck Thunder, and now Tennessee Hatchet Man are like pimples suddenly appearing. Sure, you can put Clearasil or whatever on each of the pimples. But the underlying acne is problems created by systemic economic crisis. That was explained by Max Keiser on a recent broadcast.

The above about sweeps the broom for this week’s crisis news (unless anything big happens today). Tomorrow (Saturday) the “news” fakers will have punched out on the clock and America will go shopping as usual. So to pass the time until anything really happens besides a lot of noise, why not ponder upon the American Civil War of 1861 – 1865? The Civil War is, not was.

Rebs raid chicken coop. On the evening of January 4, 1865, a party of rebels, numbering fifteen, crossed the Potomac on a raft, in the vicinity of Poolesville, Maryland. “They were evidently very hungry,” reported the New York Times, “for they were on a chicken stealing expedition…” Eight miles inland the chicken-thieving Rebs were discovered and a hot chase ensued. Ten were captured but the remaining five apparently escaped and enjoyed a fine meal. [2]

Three “mammoth fat girls weighing one ton” were part of the featured “amusements” at Barnum Museum in New York City on January 6, 1865. [3]

The Pope in Rome was “deeply afflicted” because of the “frightful carnage” of the Civil War, reported New York Times on January 7, 1865. “Being the vicar on earth of that God who is the author of peace, he yearns to see these wraths appeased and peace restored.” [4]

There were further developments in the case of the prize fighter Lazarus. On January 3, 1865, at about 4 o’clock in the morning, Harry Lazarus, a prize fighter, was murdered. The alleged killer was Barney Frierly, keeper of a saloon. The “sporting men” were involved, one of whom was “California Jack.” [5] California Jack was the first man who spoke as tensions escalated. He said, “I’ll bet a hundred dollars that I’ve got a man here who can whip any man in the house.” [6] On January 5, 1865, Barney Frierly, now reported as Bernard Frierly, was arraigned before “City Judge Russel.” Frierly pleaded not guilty, and Monday, Jan. 16th, was named as the day of trial. California Jack is now reported to have been one John Gallen. He is reported to have been taken into custody. [7]

It is safer to stand guard against chicken thieves on the Potomac River than it is to walk through some of the streets of New York after nightfall, commented a writer for New York Times. He feared too much plea bargaining going on. “For instance, a man is indicted for murder in the first degree, the penalty upon conviction of which is death. His counsel informs the prosecuting officer that the prisoner is willing to plead guilty to manslaughter in the fourth degree, the punishment for which is a few months, or at most two years, imprisonment; and that official, ostensibly to save the time of court and jury, accepts the plea. The murderer is sentenced, as in two cases that we remember, to a few days’ confinement in the City Prison, and then goes on his way through the world ready to kill the next man that crosses his path.” [8] What would be happening to Bernard Frierly and California Jack (John Gallen)? Would their punishment be severe, or would they end up confined to the City Prison for a few days? Hopefully further information will be found.

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