McCain Chased Off Reservation

Chasing McCain Off the Navajo Nation

Funnyman John McCain provides comic relief by being chased off the Navajo Indian reservation. “Given the federal government’s silence in the wake of the EPA’s accidental Gold King Mine spill that contaminated rivers near the Navajo Nation, perhaps yesterday was not the day for U.S. Senator John McCain and Arizona governor Doug Ducey to visit the reservation,” ironically reported Blue Nation Review. [1]

Previous McCain zany antics include going to Ukraine in December 2013 and standing beside a neo-Nazi on stage. “McCain was repeatedly photographed with Oleh Tyahnybok, the leader of the right wing nationalist party Svoboda.” Some say McCain has a “simplistic” view of things which keeps causing him to trip over his shoelaces and inadvertently bring on the laughs. “You have to wonder if, by going to Ukraine and standing on stage with a man accused of being an anti-Semitic neo-Nazi, he may have shown that trait again,” pondered Adam Taylor of Business Insider. [2]

So McCain goes to the Navajo reservation. “Me bring heap big medicine,” McCain repeats to himself, as he practices his speech enroute to a gathering where a proposed Navajo Code Talker museum is to be discussed. “But a museum honoring the Navajo’s contributions to the United States military was of little interest to the Navajo in a state of emergency as their water supplies have been poisoned with mercury, lead, and arsenic.” [1]

“Hmm… Injuns on warpath,” mutters McCain upon seeing furious Navajos. And so his vehicle did a u-turn and rode off into the sun.

Elsewhere, Janet Yellen, latest logo for the mysterious “Federal Reserve”, approaches Little Bighorn. Will or will not the “Fed” be raising a key interest rate come mid-September? Yellen is like General George Armstrong Custer trying to decide whether or not to enter the valley of the Greasy Grass. Max Keiser, in the role of Jack Crabb in the 1970 movie, Little Big Man, advises, “You go down there, General,” into the valley of rising interest rates. But is Keiser doing reverse psychology, figuring that the “Fed” will do the opposite of whatever he advises? Or is it, a la Jack Crabb, double-reverse psychology? (Background: Yellen at Little Bighorn, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, August 16, 2015.)

Let me predict right now that the “Federal Reserve” yes will be raising the rates, but only by a feather, something like 0.025 percent. That way the mainstream “news” can headline, “Fed Raises Rates. Proof of Economic Recovery.”

Kristin Forbes, “Bank of England” policymaker, said yesterday that the interest rates will need to be increased. [3] There is some debate about who exactly owns the Bank of England. Some say BOE is owned by “Her Majesty’s Government.” [4] But “Public vs. Private” is just another dialectic. What matters is who controls the Bank of England. [5] The City of London Corporation, local authority for a square mile of land centered on the Bank of England, obviously controls BOE. [6] Rothschild Brothers orchestrated control over National Banks in America which were established during our Civil War. The womb of America had been impregnated and later, in 1913, the ghastly creature “Federal Reserve” poked its bulbous head from between the gaping thighs of Mama National Bank. [7] Which all means that when Bank of England talks, people listen. And Kristin Forbes, BOE policymaker, says interest rates will need to be increased.

This makes no sense! “Stubbornly low commodity prices are sending a nervous ripple throughout the farm economy in Iowa and across the Corn Belt,” reports The Des Moines Register. “The slowdown has some farmers hurting financially after years of record income, and unless prices improve, the outlook for agriculture in 2016 could be even grimmer, economists and farm lenders say.” [8] The dollar is now already strengthening consequent in part to the surprise Chinese yuan devaluations of last week. And, reports Reuters today, there are underlying expectations that the Chinese authorities will continue to guide the yuan lower. [9] Amidst all this, a “Fed” rate hike would strengthen the dollar yet further. A stronger dollar, relative to other currencies such as the yuan, would likely make commodity prices tumble even more!

The Great Depression did not begin with the stock market crash of October 29, 1929. It began earlier, when crop prices fell. “What made many Midwesterners angry was that the eastern cities seemed to be doing well.” Things became worse in the 1930s, but for many farm families the 1920s and deflation in crop prices was when it all began. [10]

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