Shrewd Traders vs. Shrewd Traders

We’re the Hekawi

“Indians were notoriously shrewd traders and would not have been fooled by worthless trinkets.” Thus wrote the web site, History Myths Debunked, about the legend of Manhattan being sold for a bunch of shiny glass beads. [1]

So is Navajo Nation just “shrewd traders” when they say their water is not safe consequent to the Gold King Mine spill of August 5, 2015? Are they just “shrewd trading” for maximum damages to be paid?

“This water is safe,” dramatically declared Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper who seemed to prove it by drinking water from the Animas River in southwestern Colorado. (Hickenlooper though first added an iodine tablet to the water.) [2]

Turned off by constant “global warming” talk, many have disassociated themselves from environmentalism in general. Maybe that was the plan all along, to divert attention away from denuding of the land and souring of the seas by an artificial “climate change” controversy.

In the midst of aftermath from the Gold King Mine disaster, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy announced she’ll be traveling to Japan to talk about “global warming”. She will be vamoosing later this month just as Congress is demanding she testify about the agency-caused toxic waste spill in Colorado. [3]

Congressman Lamar Smith is demanding McCarthy appear before the House science committee to answer lawmakers’ questions about the Gold King Mine spill. [3] U.S. Senators Tom Udall and John McCain have requested a hearing on the Gold King Mine spill. The Department of the Interior is conducting its own investigation into the massive spill of toxic metals into the Animas river. (Background: McCain and the Shiny Glass Beads, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, August 21, 2015.)

What we have so far is, EPA decides to tinker with Gold King Mine. They “accidentally” destroy a dam and 3 million gallons of ick goes into the river. (Some say it was no accident but that EPA wanted a “superfund” site.) The ick flows downstream to Navajo Nation and Senator John McCain arrives bearing a Navajo Code Talkers Museum. But many of the Native Americans (“Indians”) are incensed about harm to their water supply and McCain does not receive a gracious welcome. Since then, charges and counter-claims have “muddied the waters”, so to speak.

Here is Senator McCain’s chance to redeem himself for the Peabody Coal business. No one is beyond redemption, not even John McCain. He and Senator Udall have requested a hearing on the Gold King Mine spill. Potentially, McCain could shine at the requested hearings, for which no specific date seems to have been announced.

House science committee has questions. Department of the Interior conducting investigation. McCain and Udall request hearing. As Chief Wild Eagle (Frank DeKova) says in the F Troop video clip hopefully embedded at top, “Where the heck are we?”

They could never make a show like F Troop today. For one thing, an Italian-American actor, Frank DeKova, could not be cast as Chief Wild Eagle. A Native American actor would have to play the part. There would have to be constant subtext, of a politically correct nature, informing viewers about the stupidity and evil of the white men. How things have changed since 1965 when F Troop premiered!

Between F Troop and now, a petty-bourgeois pseudo-left has arisen. This has come from the “Frankfurt School.” The Frankfurt School promotes subjectivism and irrationalism propagated by postmodernists. Pseudo-left politics — centered on race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, and sexual preference — rejects economic class as the essential social category and emphasizes, instead, personal “identity” and “lifestyle”. Imperialist interventions and wars are legitimized in the name of “human rights.” [4]

This (above) comes from the World Socialist Web Site. I do not agree with Socialism, but see truth in what they say above about how a petty-bourgeois pseudo-left has supplanted economic considerations. We see it constantly in the mainstream “news”, which keeps harping upon “race”, gender, and sexual preference. This serves to distract from the reality of how there has been no “economic recovery”, the “Federal Reserve” has failed, and we are living through a systemic economic crisis.

Shrewd traders vs. shrewd traders. On Thursday, August 20th, the Dow-Jones sank by 358 points. “Big deal. Tomorrow the ‘bargain hunters’ will come,” I thought. (The mainstream “news” is always rejoicing about the “bargain hunters” who arrive after such a drop as on Thursday and push stocks back up. When stocks go down, “news” routinely says it is due to “profit takers.”) Except, to my surprise, no “bargain hunters” arrived on Friday, August 21st. Instead, the Dow-Jones went down by 531 more points! Maybe the “bargain hunters” will swoop down on Monday, August 24th.

There are what I call “signs” however that, overall, long-term, the “bargain hunters” might be in for disappointment: The Tianjin explosions coincident to the surprise Chinese yuan devaluations; the Gold King Mine spill, where the “gold” pollutes the “river.” Another of the “signs” – acne eruptions indicating economic rot beneath – occurred in Maine, where police say a woman, Connor MacCalister, just felt like killing someone. Reportedly, Ms. MacCalister was “angry with life and wanted to get back at someone.” And so she entered a supermarket and allegedly stabbed a woman to death near the ice cream freezers. Police say she intended to kill “several random people.” [5]

——- Sources ——-
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