The Tower of Bernanke


It is a Tower of Babel, it is a lingam (an artificial phallus), it is the stock market average. (Background: Erectile Dysfunction on Wall Street, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, August 25, 2015.)

The Hebrews called the city Babhel, from the root balal, “to confound.”

Herodotus said the city was a great square, 42 miles in circuit. Ctesias said it was 56 miles around and was surrounded by a moat or rampart 300 feet high and 75 feet wide.

In the time of Sargon I, about 2700 BC, foundations were laid for the temples of Annit and Amal.

The city (Babel) came to the fore in the time of Hammurabi, a new epoch for Babylonia. Babylon was its capital.

In the southern portion of the city stood the E-sag-ila temple, also called the temple of Belus.

Marduk, the Bel of the Old Testament, received from Enlil the title, “bel matate”, “lord of lands.” In the temple of Belus stood a 40-foot high golden image of Marduk. A ziggurat occupied the inner court.

Nabopolassar rebuilt the temple and its tower. Nebuchadrezzar enlarged and embellished the sanctuary. He raised the tower so that its head was in the heavens.

A knowledge of the work Nebuchadrezzar did serves as a fitting commentary to the passage in Daniel 4: 30: “Is not this great Babylon, which I have built?” Nebuchadrezzar had made the city one of the wonders of the world.

The erection regarded by the Babylonians as the great Tower of their ancient city was E-temen-ana-ki, “the Temple of the foundation of heaven and earth,” called by Nabopolassar and Nebuchadrezzar ziqqurat Babili, “the Tower of Babylon” – the world-renowned temple dedicated to Marduk and his consort Zer-panitum.

The rallying point of nations, Babylon, while it existed, was always a great commercial center, and many are the languages which resounded in the Tower’s vicinity. “The confusion of tongues led to the Jewish fiction that the air of Babylon and Borsippa caused forgetfulness, and was therefore injurious to students of the Law, causing them to forget it as the builders of the Tower had of old forgotten their speech (Rashi, Sanhedrin, 109, 1). This, however, did not prevent the rabbis of Babylon from being more celebrated than those of the Holy Land, and even of Jerusalem itself.”

The Tower of Bernanke

“I too want to be celebrated,” thought Ben Bernanke. “I too shall build a tower.”

And Bernanke did build, using the Quantitative Easing as his cement. And Bernanke looked upon his work, and was well pleased.

Bernanke grew old and tired, and went away to ponder his days. And a new architect, Janet Yellen, did come. She cared not about the Quantitive Easing and did not maintain it. And behold! The Tower of Bernanke did tremble and quake. And the people feared mightily.

(Source for the above, except the last “Tower of Bernanke” section: International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, James Orr, M.A., D.D., General Editor. OSNOVA Press, Kindle e-book 1-volume edition.)


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