Tower of Dow Stirs With Desire


The rallying point of nations, Babylon, while it existed, was always a great commercial center, and many are the languages which resounded in the Tower of Babel’s vicinity. (Background: The Tower of Bernanke, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, August 26, 2015.)

New York City, the rallying point of nations, is a great financial center, and many are the languages heard in the vicinity of the Tower of Dow.

The Tower of Dow stirred with desire yesterday and rose by 619 points. What are called the “bottom feeders” or the “bargain hunters” greatly stimulated the erection, or so it is said.

In the Olden Times, the language of Babylon (Babel) was confounded. (Genesis 11: 7). Augustus Le Plongeon (1825 – 1908, image top) described it: “Then all the inhabitants of earth are said to have bid each other a friendly good night, a certain evening, in a universal tongue, to find next morning that everybody had gone stark mad during the night: since each one, on meeting sixty-nine of his friends, was greeted by every one in a different and unknown manner…” [1]

Babylon, capital of Babylonia, pre-eminent commercial center, was a hive of different languages. It seems like the immigrants did not take time to learn the language of the host country, hence there was a babel of tongues. Possibly this true situation was allegorized by imaginative folklorists into the Lord having said, “Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.” (Genesis 11: 7)

The Tower of Babel was a ziggurat, but although seemingly the largest it was not the only such massive structure. Augustus Le Plongeon investigated Mayan ruins in Yucatan. There, Mayan pyramid-like structures were more akin to the ziggurats of Mesopotamia than to the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. [2] Le Plongeon gave an alternate title to his book, Vestiges of the Mayas: “Facts Tending to Prove that Communications and Intimate Relations Must Have Existed, in very Remote Times, Between the Inhabitants of Mayab and Those of Asia and Africa.”

Wrote Sir Francis Bacon: “… yet so much is true, that the said country of Atlantis, as well that of Peru, than called Coya, as that of Mexico, then named Tyrambel, were mighty and proud kingdoms in arms, shipping and riches.” [3]

“The wreck of an extinct southern empire is the grand enigma of our continent.” Who built these ancient Central American cities? wondered Robert Anderson Wilson. The ruins are Egyptian in their obelisks, their hieroglyphs, their pyramids, and their bronze tools. Yet with these and other striking points of resemblance, “the ancient inhabitants of Central America were not Egyptians.” [4]

“It is a fact, recorded by all historians of the Conquest, that when for the first time in 1517 the Spaniards came in sight of the lands called by them Yucatan, they were surprised to see on the coast many monuments well built of stone; and to find the country strewn with large cities and beautiful monuments that recalled to their memory the best of Spain. They were no less astonished to meet in the inhabitants, not naked savages, but a civilized people, possessed of polite and pleasant manners, dressed in white cotton habiliments, navigating large boats propelled by sails, traveling on well constructed roads and causeways that, in point of beauty and solidity, could compare advantageously with similar Roman structures in Spain, Italy, England or France.” [1]

In writings of the Yucatans it says that some of the people came from the East and some from the West. With those who were from the Occident was one who, as it were, was a Priest of theirs, called Zamna. This King had for the capital of his Monarchy a very populous city called Mayapan. This government came to an end; many of the Lords and Caciques rebelled, each dominating the greatest amount of land he could, and being always engaged in continuous wars; thus the Spaniards found them (divided into estates, like Dukes and Counts, albeit without recognizing any Superior). [5]

Babylon had had a tower. There was located a great commercial center. The languages became confused in this international hub and the people left off building the tower. Maintenance and construction of the towers in Yucatan also was abandoned. Ben Bernanke dreamed of another tower, to be constructed upon the edifice of the ruined tower of 2008-2009. He used the Quantitative Easing as his cement. But then came a new architect, Janet Yellen, who cared not for the Quantitative Easing and did not maintain it. “…people are hooked on the heroin of quantitative easing,” stated former Dallas “Federal Reserve” president Richard Fisher. The Fed “will do what’s right,” he added. [6]

“What’s right” is either for new dollars to be printed and hauled as cement to the Tower of Dow, or for same not to be done. Fisher does not exactly say which it is. It is the typical “Fed-speak” which can mean different things according to the interpreter. But Fisher comparing  Quantitative Easing with heroin probably means a negative opinion of further QE.

John Crudele, writing for the New York Post, foresees however that Janet Yellen, current logo of “Federal Reserve”, might go for more Quantitative Easing. Whatever is done for Tower of Dow is likely to be secretive though, so as not to give away the game. [7]

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