Nichols Tells Chilling Tale

Alex Jones interviews Larry Nichols September 1st 2015 (part 1)

The people want amazing predictions, like Jade Helm. Remember that one? Only about two months ago, Jade Helm 15, “the largest domestic military exercise ever held on US soil”, was causing increased visits to web sites selling vitamins, emergency food stockpiles, and weapons. Texans feared “that martial law was about to be declared, complete with mass arrests, gun confiscations, even deportations to FEMA ‘internment camps.'” [1]

Involved in the Jade Helm vitamin-selling frenzy was the sudden closure of five Walmart stores. Walmart said the stores were closed due to “plumbing issues”, but it was suspected the stores were to be used as “processing centers” once martial law went “into effect this summer.” [1]

News came from Tulsa, Oklahoma yesterday that Walmart is re-opening its store there. “A company spokesperson said the meat, dairy and produce sections have been renovated, along with the baby and electronics aisles.” [2]

Is it time to boost the vitamin sales again? What better man to help the promotion than Larry Nichols? He was featured on the September 1, 2015 broadcast of the Alex Jones Infowars program. A segment of the broadcast is hopefully viewable at top.

Larry Nichols, a former Green Beret, was a longtime associate of Bill Clinton and served as the marketing director of Clinton’s Arkansas Development Finance Authority. The two men first met in the late 1970s when Bill Clinton was an up-and-coming politician. [3] So Nichols knows a lot about that which he speaks. On the other hand, he can seem like an old uncle at family gatherings whom your mom tells you to take what he says with a grain of salt.

Chilling news from “old uncle Lar” (Larry Nichols here, not Larry Lujack) includes that President Barack Obama may be about to seize a third term in office and make himself king. Only two people can stop him: Bill and Hillary Clinton. The key is Joe Biden. “If Joe Biden gets in the race, then you can count on it with everything you’ve got: Obama’s planning to stay,” warned old uncle Lar. Our choice now is between “an Islamic Caliphate under Obama” and becoming “a Communist country under Hillary.” Hillary Clinton, says old uncle Lar, within 6 months will appoint Bill Clinton as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, if she wins the power struggle with Obama. From there, the Clinton Foundation will be used to promote Bill Clinton to Secretary General of the U.N. within another 6 months. This will make Bill and Hillary “the most powerful couple in the history of the world.”

At this point, Alex Jones skipped the vitamin-selling break! Which shows his program after all is not entirely about selling vitamins.

“You now have two distinct people trying to get control of this nation,” warned old uncle Lar. It all hinges on the FEMA provisional government plan. When “the crisis” is declared nationally, “when that day comes, whoever is President becomes king.” And only “the king” has the power to declare “the crisis” over.

Hillary Clinton is following an old “co-presidency” playbook formulated in Arkansas during the 1980s. Obama had thwarted the 2008 part, around when co-President Hillary had been scheduled to take power. The e-mail controversy amounts to nothing, claimed Nichols, because if the classified e-mails become part of a trial then she can use them for her defense and open up thereby a whole can of worms. But “Obama’s got Biden getting in that race. They’re gonna kick Hillary down. And if they can get Biden in, Alex, it’s over.”

Old uncle Lar though predicts there’s never going to be an election. Obama’s going to have a riot. The “Black Lives Matter” is part of the plot. Here Alex Jones interrupted Nichols to charge that “Democratic Party operatives” are running “all these ‘kill the cops'” mutterings.

“This is a battle between the Clintons and the ‘Obamas’ [not including Michelle Obama],” confided old uncle Lar. “Do you really believe that all these ‘Black Lives Matter’ are really occurring out of the blue?” rhetorically asked Nichols. “Do you not think it odd that Obama has not sent his Justice Department to shut this stuff down? Hey, if you go out there and tell your audience, ‘Let’s go kill a cop’, see how long you can move around.”

“I would be arrested in about two hours,” Jones agreed.

“You have got to ask yourself why,” Nichols urged. Why is it that when Obama was first elected everyone thought this was post-racial America and yet Obama “has done everything in his power and then some to make race a hotter issue now than the day the man came in. And if you don’t believe that he is working hard to get these riots activated… When these black mobs start running wild and shooting wild into the neighborhood, you know what people are going to do in this country? They’ll call up and say, ‘Please, send the government and stop it. Protect us!’ We will call for the federal government to ‘protect’ us.”

“There’s a reason we normalized relations with Cuba,” Nichols continued. “When it comes to telling American soldiers to crack down on the people of America, they’re not going to do it. So what has Obama done? … He’s got the Cuban military that will be brought in here under the auspices of augmenting our military, to keep us in line.”

“We know they have a plan for a multi-national force, once there’s a civil war,” commented Alex Jones, “so that does make a lot of sense. And the Pope’s coming here to call for Socialism and world government. I mean, everything’s really moving fast now.”

“As you get closer to an event, time compresses,” agreed Nichols. “And that’s where we’re at.”

Whew! Mom said to take what old uncle Lar said with a grain of salt, but I am beginning to believe there could be something to it! Then again, where is the “Jade Helm” these days? But maybe we ought to be buying our vitamins from Alex Jones, just in case. Or maybe it is all just clever Republican Party propaganda. Whom can you ask? Who can tell you what is really going on?

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Jade Helm 15: One nation under siege?”, by Robert Bridge. Russia Today, July 10, 2015.
[2] “Walmart To Reopen Tulsa Store; Conspiracy Theories Continue To Swirl”, by Allison Harris. News On 6 [Oklahoma], September 2, 2015.
[3] “Bombshell: Long-time Clinton associate says he killed people for Bill & Hillary”, by “Dr. Eowyn”. D.C. Clothesline, October 14, 2013.


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One Response to Nichols Tells Chilling Tale

  1. Mr. Nichols has some credible sources, they know he is dying and has nothing to lose so he gets good intel. In that regard the Cuba revelation was troubling. Lord 0 wants to be dictator of the world? Well no shit that isn’t news. The Cuba thing. Time to armour up.

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