Rapture of the 60,000 Antelopes

More Than 120,000 Saiga Antelope Died This Month

It is thought that between 60,000 and 120,000 antelopes may have been raptured away just before an apocalyptic blood moon is to arrive, roughly coincident with the arrival in the United States of Pope Francis on September 22nd.

Although the term “rapture” is not found in the Bible, the theory is based on Scripture. The “tribulation period” is to last for seven years. Just before this time of woe, however, the innocent are to be “raptured” away, out of their physical and into their spiritual bodies. In this way, those especially beloved by the Almighty shall be spared the pain and sorrow of the “tribulation period.” [1]

What a surprise it is to find that apparently only antelopes in Kazakhstan are found to be innocent and so raptured away. This would explain the mysterious deaths of the Kazakhstan antelopes, known as saigas, which now has scientists scratching their heads.

The apparent rapture of the Kazakhstan antelopes gives credence to the blood moon hypothesis. Four consecutive lunar eclipses began in April 2014 with six full moons in between. There were to be four blood moons in a row: a “tetrad”. The last of these blood moons is predicted to occur sometime between September 21st and 28th, with some giving the  final date as either September 23rd or 24th. [2]

Is it just a “ghost dance” though? Around 1890, Native Americans (“Indians”), experiencing high anxiety, eagerly grasped a belief that a “ghost dance” would cause them to prevail over a new culture which was overwhelming theirs. Is the latest blood moon craze amongst many Christians just a manifestation of high anxiety? We will find out soon enough, when the final blood moon of late September turns out to be either Apocalyptic or otherwise. (Background: Ghost Dance of the Blood Moon, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, September 8, 2015.)

If the doom of blood moon does not appear, and things continue mostly the same as before, then expect mainstream “news” to howl with derision. But they will have completely missed the real point of high anxiety being manifested.

“Antelope Mass Deaths a Sign of Impending Blood Moon Apocalypse, Claim Conspiracy Theorists”. Thus headlines an article by Mohit Priyadarshi, published online by Inquisitr. For details, Mohit Priyadarshi refers readers to a report by Britain’s Sunday Express. [3]

“Mystery as 140,000 antelopes drop dead: Conspiracists claim proof of Blood Moon apocalypse” headlines the Sunday Express. The newspaper claims, without giving specifics, that a “number of conspiracy theory websites” have been “asking if the deaths could be connected to the Blood Moon.” Who exactly are these “number of conspiracy theory websites”? Sunday Express does not say, but refers readers to Christianity Today for further details. [4]

“Apocalyptic sign? 60,000 antelopes in Kazakhstan mysteriously die in 4 days”, reports Christianity Today. That web site merely asks, “Could this be a sign of the coming Apocalypse?”, and then goes on to report facts about the antelope deaths and how “the cause of the mass dying remains a mystery to scientists.” No “conspiracy theorists” are mentioned. [5] So who are these “conspiracy theorists” who are reported by Sunday Express to be so numerous? A preliminary search has found none, unless you want to include the presumed sign of the “seven lean antelopes” mentioned by Ersjdamoo in his blog entry of September 5, 2015: Feels Like 666.

“And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.” (Revelation 16: 16). “Armageddon” is generally explained to be a Greek transliteration of the Hebrew phrase har mĕgiddô (“the mountain of Megiddo”). [6] This is, in other words, Tel Megiddo, now protected as Megiddo National Park. This area forms a rocky plateau in the Anti-Lebanon mountains that overlook southern Syria. Internationally recognized as Syrian territory, the Golan Heights have been occupied and administered by Israel since the 1967 Six-Day War. [7]

One would think that the United States would be especially wary about gathering armies in the vicinity of Tel Megiddo. Paradoxically, however, the U.S. seems eager to do so. It thereby hopes to discredit any Biblical Armageddon predictions by being able to say, “See? We helped gather the world’s armies at Har Megiddo and the world did not end. So it seems the Bible can be wrong.” The “humanists” now running the United States would love for this to happen, hence Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times is reportedly exploiting the refugee crisis in Europe to call for escalation of war in Syria. Instead of blaming “usual suspect” Vladimir Putin for the refugees from Syria, a stand-in, Bashar Assad, has been chosen as scapegoat. “Let us create a ‘safe zone’ in Syria,” urges Kristof. This would be something like the “no fly zone” previously created in Libya, the current results of which are proving disastrous. [8]

It is time to learn the Ghost Dance. Perhaps the Caddo Nation, which still practices the dance, would be willing to teach us. Then, when Pope Francis arrives in the U.S. on September 22nd, in Washington DC he could see from the window of his hotel thousands of Americans doing the Ghost Dance. Why not? Why not add to the fun of blood moons, Shemitah cycles and papal visits another element? See you there in Washington, doing the Ghost Dance!

——- Sources ——-
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