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Hot news on the Russian Tsar Nicholas II was released yesterday, coincident to the 14th anniversary of the “9/11” synchronized event. Agence France Presse (AFP) reported Russia had announced on the anniversary of September 11, 2001 that it proposes to bury the remains of pseudo-Alexei and pseudo-Maria alongside the remains of the pseudo-Romanovs in Saint Petersburg next month. Meanwhile the true fate of the Russian royal family, supposedly all “mass murdered” in a tiny cellar packed with people, and with bullets ricocheting hither and yon, remains indefinite. The Russian Orthodox Church doubts that the wax dummies are the true Romanovs, much to the chagrin of the Vladimir Putin government. “The Church says it still has concerns about the remains based on historical records and will not recognise them if there is any doubt. It does not acknowledge the remains of any of the tsar’s family,” reported AFP. [1]

Kibitzers are always butting in at this point about the totem of the “DNA evidence”, which sacred monument is supposed to vanquish utterly ye doubters. “Oh wow, man,” they will say, “what about the DNA evidence?” Such persons are referred to this link:

Another person, who haunts the alt.conspiracy news group, can usually be counted upon to chime in with complaints about the use of the “enter” key. “Oh wow, man,” he will say, “learn to use the ‘enter’ key.” This person is referred to the “point and click” concept, whereby one hovers the “mouse” over the provided link and then “clicks” the left portion of said “mouse.”

What did happen to the Romanovs in the early hours of July 17, 1918? This is relatively uncertain. What is certain though is that it did not happen in a cellar in Ekaterinburg.

“Russia agrees to further testing over ‘remains of Romanov children'”, reported Britain’s Guardian newspaper, also on the September 11th “Day of Infamy.” “Decision follows refusal by Russian Orthodox Church to recognise initial results, delaying process of reburying bodies in St Petersburg.” [2]

With all the mud being thrown at Vladimir Putin by the West, here – here! – at last is something which can stick: Why are President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev condoning lies about the fate of Tsar Nicholas II and his family?

Besides the Russian Orthodox Church, Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna also considers the sanctified burial of pseudo-Alexei and pseudo-Maria “premature.” [2]

However traitors amongst the descendants of the Tsar seem eager to collect stolen money and so have no difficulty with betrayal. These descendants say, “Yes, yes, bury them quick and give us the money.”

Much of the stolen money, Russia’s inheritance from the Tsar, awaits in British vaults. We are talking about gold! A huge pile of swag! This cannot be given to descendants until the wax dummies are officially declared real and the fate of the Russian royal family becomes thereby “case closed.” How much of a cut of this loot will the Putin government be getting? Getting the gold would help boost the ruble or rouble, Russia’s currency, in this time of “currency wars.”

It was long, long ago. In 1694, an artificial creature, the Bank of England, had been born. In 1699, Isaac Newton, known alchemist, became Master of the Mint. “Bring ye the gold!” it was ordered. Back during the reign of King Henry IV (1399 – 1413) the “multiplying of metals” had been forbidden. The law read, in part, “that none from henceforth should use to multiply Gold or Silver or use the craft of multiplication, and if any the same do they shall incur the pain of felony.” Once Isaac Newton had become Master of the Mint, however, King William and Queen Mary ordered that all newly made gold must be brought to their Majesties mint, in the Tower of London, where “full and true value” would be paid. Thereby the gold, contrary to the previous edict of King Henry IV, was allowed to be multiplied by crypto-alchemists, but the Bank of England would take possession and control the amount in circulation, thus preventing any collapse in gold prices. [3]

Around 1968, President Lyndon Johnson allegedly sold gold from Fort Knox to the “Great” Britain. By the 1970s, only 1000 tons out of the original 8,500 tons remained at Fort Knox, in Kentucky. There had been no audit of this gold reserve since 1950 and no concrete explanations for the same. Pressured by Populists, a partial audit of Fort Knox was done. But “[t]here are suggestions that only a single vault was opened as a part of the audit and it did not have the expected amounts. Only some poor quality gold probably melted from the gold coins that were seized in 1934 was found.” (Background: Gold Missing From Fort Knox, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, August 9, 2015.)

Almost half of Germany’s gold resides at 33 Liberty St., the headquarters of the “Federal Reserve” Bank of New York, 80 feet below street level in a vault that sits on Manhattan’s bedrock. In 2013 Germany decided it wanted its gold physically transferred out of the “Fed Fort Knox” in New York City and back to Deutschland. Germany suspected that the German gold was no longer actually still there in the underground “Fed” gold vault in New York City. [4]

During World War II, around 1943, the Vatican made a secret agreement to allow the King Emmanuel gold treasure to go to the United States for 50 years. The purpose was prevention of another world war instigated by Europeans, by reducing their mad money. Pope Pius XII was receptive to the idea but he wanted some agreement that the gold would return within an appropriate period – 50 years. Joseph Andreuccetti, one of the heirs of the House of Savoy, explained all this to me in April 1995. Andreuccetti’s father had had vast knowledge about the 50-year pact, which he had entrusted to his son Joseph. The gold horde was transferred by submarines to New York City, and from there taken by trucks to DuPage County, adjacent to Cook County, Illinois. There it was stored for 50 years. “Within 50 years, start figuring,” Joseph Andreuccetti told me at the River Flame restaurant in Calumet City, Illinois. “The Europeans, the gold was supposed to get back. And if you’ll notice, that just about 50 years afterwards, Russia fell apart, okay?” [5]

That would have been around 1991, when the Soviet Union disintegrated. The European “mad money” was about to be returned, if it had not already begun trickling back. With the new infusion of gold, Europe began to get about its “usual business” of warring clans, disguised this time as a “European Union”. In 1998, though, the magical “DNA evidence” renewed hopes that Russia could get gold treasure back from British vaults. That, in turn, would strengthen the Russian ruble and its economy. But why would Britain go along with the “fate of the Tsar” lie and thereby help Russia? Look at the image at the top of today’s blog entry: There you will see Tsar Nicholas II and King George V appearing to be identical twins. Britain and Russia are joined at the hip over the dirty lie of “mass murder in the cellar.” If Britain does not bow down to the Ekaterinburg falsehood, then Russia has plenty of mud of its own which it can reveal and throw at the British fancy lads, the aristocracy of the “Great” Britain.

——- Sources ——-
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