Reading the Signs

The Seventh Seal: The knight’s first meeting with death

Deus vult!” cried the people, and innumerable thousands of them dropped everything and marched eastwards, to rescue the Holy Land.

The Crusaders marched forth. “The savage countries of Hungary and Bulgaria were whitened with their bones: their vanguard was cut in pieces by the Turkish sultan; and the loss of the first adventure, by the sword, or climate, or fatigue, has already been stated at three hundred thousand men. Yet the myriads that survived, that marched, that pressed forwards on the holy pilgrimage, were a subject of astonishment to themselves and to the Greeks.” Europe “was loosened from its foundations, and hurled against Asia.” Anna Comnena, daughter of Alexius, emperor of Constantinople (now Istanbul), described the phenomenal migration. The original Crusaders “thronged every highway, and with these warriors came a host of civilians, outnumbering the sand of the sea shore or the stars of heaven.” These Crusaders were preceded by a plague of locusts. Strangely, the locusts “abstained from the wheat but made frightful inroads on the vines.” It was thought to be an omen of some sort, that the locusts which heralded the crusaders did not devour the wheat. [1]

This was like something out of Leiningen Versus the Ants. Leiningen and his plantation were faced with a seemingly unstoppable mass of army ants. You might say, “Ants? Just step on them.” But this was an enormous swarm of ants, ten miles long, two miles wide. Each of the ants was approximately the size of a man’s thumb and wanted to consume any form of life that fell in its path. [2]

Some of these Crusaders went from love of glory. Some were restless and curious. Some were rapacious and lustful. “Many left their bodies to the kites of Syria or sea-strewn along the routes; Many left their souls in Syria, living on, sunken in moral corruption…” [3]

He who can read the signs,” wrote William Butler Yeats, “nor sink unmanned into the half-deceit of some intoxicant from shallow wits…” [4] The signs are everywhere to see, for those not sunk into the intoxicants of sports mania, tantalizations of sex and celebrity, and other distractions. It is “A world convulsed by crises”, reports the World Socialist Web Site. “Over the past month, the world has been gripped by a proliferation of crises — economic, geopolitical, social — erupting on a daily basis, interacting with each other, and raising the specter of a global calamity.” [5]

“After years of decline, the murder rates in many major US cities have risen substantially in the past year.” [6]

There have been “strange signs” on Shemitah’s final days, reports Leo Hohmann of WorldNet Daily. The Shemitah Year is the seventh year. It has been nigh on seven years now that the “Federal Reserve” has kept a key interest rate near zero percent, the so-called ZIRP of the “economic recovery.” “The last two Shemitah years, 2000-01 and 2007-08, brought record stock market collapses, similar to the collapses in the Shemitah years of 1973, 1980 and 1987.” [7]

The Shemitah year falls every seventh year. Somehow the year 2015 calculates to being a Shemitah year. “In September, we can expect something really bad,” predicted Israeli mathematician Thomas Pound. [8]


Jonathan Cahn, author of the New York Times-bestseller, The Mystery of the Shemitah, has lately noticed “two signs in the final days of the current Shemitah.” On September 10th, a rare double rainbow appeared over the site where the World Trade Center towers once stood. These had been the twin towers of “9/11”, the synchronized event of September 11, 2001. On September 11, 2015 – two Shemitah cycles after “9/11” – a different sort of “tower” – a huge crane – collapsed onto Islam’s central mosque in Mecca. [7]

Inside that mosque in Mecca is housed the Kaaba, a cuboid structure. It is said that the Kaaba was taken by Adam out of Paradise, and bequeathed to Seth. Noah possessed the Kaaba. So did Abraham and Moses, who carried it out of Egypt. The Kaaba was later discovered by Solomon. It is said that the cuboid Kaaba is the keystone or cornerstone of legend, equated with Solomon’s Temple. Only Muslims are allowed into Mecca to view the Kaaba – with one exception: The Sons of the Old Woman, a.k.a., The Sons of the Widow: The Knights Templar. [9]

So you can see that a huge “tower” (crane) collapsing onto the Kaaba on September 11, 2015 – two Shemitah cycles after “9/11” – might, just might, be a sign. “It was an act of God,” readily admitted an engineer for the Saudi Binladin Group, the developer of the “tower” (crane). [10]

He who can read the signs nor sink unmanned into the half-deceit of some intoxicant from shallow wits… The final of a tetrad of “blood moons” could happen anywhere from September 21 to 28 – with some eyeing a final date of around September 23 or 24. Pope Francis is scheduled to arrive in the United States on September 22nd. That same evening begins Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. On September 24th, the Roman pontiff is scheduled to address a joint session of the U.S. Congress. [8]

“We are now witnessing what appears to be a perfect prophetic storm,” Jonathan Cahn stated. “The harbingers have all manifested…” [7]

A swarm of refugees now washes like a tidal wave into Europe, as a swarm of Crusaders had swept into Syria centuries ago. It is “the return of the Moors. And Europe is a stony land.” Thus was whispered to me by an odd dream from the mid-1980s. The sign of the Seven Lean Antelopes has been seen. It feels like 666. (Background: Feels Like 666, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, September 5, 2015.)

——- Sources ——-
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