Beware the Conspiracy Theorists

“West crying for refugees with one eye, aiming gun with the other” – Assad

Imagine the shock to one Jessy Hegland who, during summer construction in Moorhead, Minnesota, saw a large digital construction sign which did not say, “Slow down, men at work” but instead, “Bush Did 9/11.” [1]

In Britain, there are claims that the new leader of the “Labour” Party (Brits can’t even spell “Labor” correctly), Jeremy Corbyn, has “conspiracy theorists” lurking about in the vicinity. Tom Watson, new deputy leader of the “Labour” Party, reportedly believes that a “shadowy network” has “spun an invisible web of connections” to build a “shadow state” that puppeteers British politics. [2]

As for Corbyn himself, he “represents the ascendancy of conspiratorial thinking,” reports Britain’s Spectator publication. It is all part of an “edgy left” which has become “convinced that weird, dark forces control politics, the economy and even the little people’s brains…” [2]

And, warns Spectator, “this warped worldview is moving from the armpit of the lefty internet” into “Her Majesty’s Opposition” (the “Labour” Party) itself! [2]


The insidious conspiracy thinking perhaps first crept into the mind of Ersjdamoo when, as a lad, he read some stories by the Russian novelist, Fyodor Dostoevsky (image). All who read such Russian tales will find that down seems to be up and up seems to be down. From that unsettling start there followed for me various Rasputin stories which showed the “Mad Monk” to be some sort of “Holy Man”. As you can see, my mind was now ripe for the plucking when the Russia Today news network began broadcasting. And so it was that, when I saw the Russia Today video clip (hopefully viewable at top), Bashar Assad, President of Syria, actually seemed to me to be a calm, reasonable man!

Millions of Americans however have not strayed, like I did, from the True Path. They, unlike me, keep their razor-sharp wits about them by routinely engaging in the manly exercise of eating potato chips and watching football games. When the time comes, they will be ready to jump up off the couch, wave flags, and shout, “USA! USA!”

It is known from yesterday’s blog entry that Bashar Assad, an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) whom fate ushered in to be leader of Syria after his elder brother Bassel was killed in a car crash in 1994, is really The Henchman of Cthulhu. We know this based upon constant reports from our American “news” media. (Background: “Ugly American” Not So Ugly, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, September 16, 2015.)

Just take a gander at these words from The Henchman of Cthulhu, which could not penetrate the razor-sharp minds of American football fans, yet which the “conspiracy theorists” would likely weigh in the balance:

Actually it’s like the West now is crying on the refugees with one eye, and aiming at them the machine gun with the other eye. Because actually those refugees left Syria because of the terrorism. And secondly because of the result of terrorism: When you have terrorism, you have the destruction of the infrastructure and you won’t have the basic needs of living. So many people leave because of the terrorism and because they want to earn their living somewhere in this world.

Assad is here implying that the West is somehow supporting The Blob (ISIS/ISIL/IS)! A recent public opinion poll conducted by research firm ORB International concludes that “More than 81 percent of Syrians believe the United States and its allies are behind the creation of the Islamic State terrorist group…” [3] NBC had reported that the U.S. “Defense” Department confirmed US special forces were on the ground in Syria before the Pentagon later vehemently denied the NBC report. [4]

Russia also denies having her troops now in Syria. [5]

The spirits of devils are to gather for “that great day.” He comes as a thief in the night. The spirits of devils are to gather where the borders of Syria, Lebanon, and Israel meet, at Har-Megiddo. “And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.” (Revelation 16: 14-16)

Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments. (Revelation 16: 15)

It is the Ghost Dance of the Blood Moon. Native Americans (“Indians”), in desperation, had succumbed to a “Ghost Dance” frenzy in 1890. (But perhaps the Ghost Dance has some real power.) The last of a tetrad of “Blood Moons” is loosely fixed as occurring sometime between September 21st and September 28th. Are the apocalyptic “Blood Moon” predictions just the “Ghost Dance” of a despairing Christian culture? We shall see soon enough how true the “Blood Moon” predictions turn out to be. [6]

(Portions of the above are satirical and not meant literally.)

——- Sources ——-
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