Carizmians, ISIS, Knights Templar, and CIA

Alexander Nevsky – “The Battle of the Ice”

Around 1244 A.D., the Carizmians, a fierce tribe of Tartars, descended from their northern Caspian neighborhood. At the instigation of Saleh Ayoub, sultan of Egypt, the Carizmians waged war on the Holy Land. In a great battle fought near Gaza, the Grand Masters of the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller were slain, along with 312 Knights Templar and 324 serving brethren, as well as numerous mercenaries.

The Vice Master of the Knights Templar described what had happened. The Carizmians had turned their footsteps towards the kingdom of Jerusalem. These Carizmians made the Saracens seem not so bad. There had been “ease and tranquility” between the Muslim tribes and neighboring nations. The Carizmians, on the other hand, exterminated all nations and races, without distinction of religion.

It was at this time that old enemies put aside their differences and allied together against the greater evil. The Masters of the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller called in the assistance of the sultans of Damascus and Carac. These Saracens bore especial hatred to the Carizmians. The followers of Mahomet allied with the followers of Christ, but the alliance came too late: The defense of Jerusalem had to be abandoned.

Around 5300 Christians – men, women, children, priests and nuns – were barbarously slaughtered in Jerusalem by the Carizmians. At length the Carizmians penetrated within the holy gates and into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. There they butchered Christians even in sight of the sepulchre itself, and cut off the heads of priests kneeling with uplifted hands before altars. Said the Carizmians: “Let us here shed the blood of the Christians on the very place where they offer up wine to their God, who they say was hanged here.”

Next, the Carizmians laid their hands upon the very sepulchre itself and battered to pieces a marble shrine built around it. Tombs were violated and the remains of saints were scattered to the wind. The acts of these Carizmians, the Vice Master of the Knights Templar further informed his European readers, far exceeded in their violence even “the iniquity of all the Saracens who, though they frequently occupied the land of the Christians, yet always reverenced and preserved the holy places…”

The alliance of the Christians and Moslems gathered at last and marched, on October 4, 1244, from Acre to Caesarea. In the face of this combination, the Carizmians were forced to beat a hasty retreat to Gaza, where they were succored by the sultan of Egypt. [1]

Moral of the story? Here is a clue: For “Carizmians” read ISIS; for “Damascus and Carac” read Syria and Russia; for “Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller” read NATO and the United States.

A report cited in yesterday’s blog entry about more than 81 percent of Syrians believing the United States and its allies are behind the creation of ISIS is corroborated by a separate report today from the World Socialist Web Site. Bill Van Auken provides further information about an opinion poll commissioned by the BBC and performed by the market research firm ORB across all 14 governates of Syria. The opinion poll “found that 82 percent of those surveyed believe that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), with which the government of President Barack Obama is ostensibly at war, is itself a creation of Washington.” [2] [3]

It is as if the Carizmians had been created by the Knights Templar and the Templar alliance with Damascus and Carac was just a ruse. Except Washington, DC now resists any alliance with “Damascus and Carac” (Syria and Russia) against the Carizmians (ISIS).

Pretty complicated, no? Washington, DC and Qatar want an oil pipeline through Syria, but the Syrian president, Bashar Assad, won’t agree. So CIA stirs up “dissidents” in Syria, but then they evolve into ISIS. Those unruly persons wander off the reservation and Washington must on the one hand curtail them while on the other hand secretly supporting them. Then Russia and Syria take things at face value and suggest an alliance like that of Damascus and Carac with the Knights Templar against the Carizmians, but Russia and Syria do not realize that the United States is secretly in league with ISIS.

Whew! No wonder Americans aren’t much interested in foreign policy: the whole thing can give you a headache. Far easier to just quaff beer and watch football games.

Except reality keeps intruding upon the manly pastime of football voyeurism. The American secret ally ISIS becomes unruly and starts sawing off the heads of everyday Syrians, who just want to live in peace and get on with their lives. Those Syrians are forced to flee their homes and many of them decide upon Europe as a place of refuge. This bothers the Europeans, who just want to watch their version of football: soccer. They are distracted from this pastime though because – Consarnit! – the whole place now is being swarmed with refugees. And Europe, unlike the United States, does not all speak the same language. Their babbling tongues now fail to fashion even the beginnings of a unified solution to the migrant crisis, reports New York Times. This is “breeding animosity among nations extending back to the Middle East.” [4]

“Europe Lacks Strategy to Tackle Crisis, but Migrants March On”, succinctly headlines New York Times. Important committees are being formed to deliberate on the matter, but meanwhile, paying no heed to the importance of the committees, the refugees keep coming. “Can’t we just go watch some soccer games!?” cry the European leaders. “Thank God it’s Friday,” they decide. “We can form another committee, an ’emergency summit’ let us call it, and meet next Wednesday.” [4]

——- Sources ——-
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