Truth About Dan Rather

Cate Blanchett-Robert Redford Rathergate Drama ‘Truth’ Set for Oct. 16 Release

A “recent renaissance of gritty newsroom dramas on the big screen whereby crusading journalists face off against the establishment” is about to attack us. One of these is a movie about Dan Rather, “Truth.” [1]

“Truth” is scheduled for release on October 16th. The heartbreaking story of how Dan Rather got snookered into believing documents about George W. Bush being AWOL for one year from the Texas Air National Guard is related. We weep for poor Danny boy and the cruelties played upon him. [1]

But get the soapsuds out of your eyes, America. Maybe Dan Rather did get a dirty trick played upon him, but Rather and other “news” fakers are a long way from being “heroic crusaders facing off against the establishment.” Rather, they are the establishment! The battle within that establishment is between the “Red Fascists” and the “Black Fascists.” Members of any of the armed squads of Italian Fascists under Benito Mussolini wore black shirts as part of their uniform. [2] Those types were and are the “Black Fascists.” The “Red Fascists” are the communistic version of fascism. So Dan Rather, battling the Black Fascists of the George W. Bush administration, gets outsmarted by them and suffers in the cause of the Red Fascists. Boo hoo.

Dan Rather was there, in Dealey Plaza, on November 22, 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. At that time he aligned with the Black Fascists and thereby advanced his “news” career. Dan Rather positioned himself “on the other side of the railroad tracks, beyond the triple underpass, thirty yards from the grassy knoll.” He was chosen to be the only newsman to narrate the Abraham Zapruder film. On national television, Rather referred to the impact direction of the President’s head as: “His head went forward with considerable violence.” [3] Later, in 1969, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison showed a copy of the film at the trial of Clay Shaw. [4] If you have seen the Oliver Stone movie, JFK, you may recall how Jim Garrison, as portrayed by Kevin Costner, shows the Zapruder film and repeats, “Back, and to the left.” It turns out in fact that Dan Rather’s narration about “”His head went forward with considerable violence” was a lie.

JFK: Back and To The Left

Reported my friend, the late Sherman H. Skolnick: “DAN RATHER in 1963 was a much lesser known electronic journalist. He was standing in the shadows under the Triple Overpass Bridge, in Dealey Plaza, as the death car with Pres. Kennedy passed right under Dan Rather’s nose… Thereafter, as a reward for his silence and complicity, Rather was made CBS White House correspondent and then, network evening news talking head. Paid millions of dollars per year for his assassination complicity.” [5]

“The Camera Never Blinks” is the title of a book published in 1977, by William Morrow & Co. The book was written by Dan Rather, with Mickey Herskowitz. Chapter 5 tells of Dan Rather’s assignment in Dallas on November 22, 1963. [6] “The camera never blinks”, says Dan Rather. But in fact the camera does blink, and quite a lot. It is called “frames per second.” So even the very title, approved by Dan Rather, is a lie.

Quite a lot of these soapsuds, such as the upcoming “Truth” Dan Rather tale of woe, get thrown in our eyes by Hollywood. Unfortunately these soapsud tales are mistaken for true history. Case in point: The Steven Spielberg “Lincoln” movie which premiered in 2012. Therein a revisionist history shows Abraham Lincoln passionate about passage of the 13th Amendment. The normally easygoing Lincoln even slams his hand down on a table in his vehemence! I am still looking for evidence of such Lincoln anti-slavery passion. Instead I keep finding where Old Abe was lukewarm on the subject. I did find though one instance where Lincoln slammed down not just his hand but his fist on a table, but he was extremely angry not about slavery but about Wall Street. It was just after the carnage at Cold Harbor. General Ulysses S. Grant had surprised General Robert E. Lee by disappearing in the night and moving his troops to the Petersburg defenses of Richmond. “In four days of assaults 10,000 Union troops were now lost as against half that number of the enemy… From the Wilderness through Cold Harbor he [Grant] had lost 54,000 men…” Compare that number with 58,000 U.S. soldiers killed during the entire Vietnam War, and you can understand the anguish and grief involved. Governor Andrew Curtin of Pennsylvania was asked by Abraham Lincoln, during this time of enormous Union casualties, “Curtin, what do you think about those fellows in Wall Street, who are gambling in gold at such a time as this?”

“They are a set of sharks,” replied Curtin.

“For my part,” bringing a clenched fist down on a table, “I wish every one of them had his devilish head shot off,” passionately declared President Lincoln. [7]

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