Waving the Bloody Shirt

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In 1890 Abraham Lincoln’s two main White House secretaries, John G. Nicolay and John Hay, published the ten-volume biography, Abraham Lincoln: A History. Excerpts from the biography had previously been published in the Century Magazine starting in 1886. Despite the title, the Nicolay and Hay “biography” did not focus especially upon Abraham Lincoln. One commentator declared, “The Century for March continues its biographical remarks on the great men of Abraham Lincoln’s time, with a few bits of irrelevancy about Lincoln himself thrown in. The historical narrative that Messrs. Hay and Nicolay are giving us is a great success as a picture of days gone by, and it is a great pity that it should be marred by those personal details of an obscure Illinois lawyer which we notice have crept into the story from time to time.” [1]

The book’s editor, Richard Watson Gilder, called a significant portion of it, “the secret history of the secession conspiracy.” [1] General John A. Logan wrote a lengthy book about the American Civil War, titled The Great Conspiracy: Its Origin and History (1886), in which he sought to demonstrate that secession and the Civil War were the result of a long-contemplated conspiracy. [2] In the old books you see this “c word” (conspiracy) appearing. It has now been outlawed, but in former times its use was prevalent and respectable.

Contemporaries of the Nicolay and Hay book criticized it as “unabashedly partisan” and complained that it “waved the bloody shirt vigorously.” [1] That term, “waving the bloody shirt”, is now antiquated. It means, roughly, to stir up trouble about the American Civil War. After immense carnage and rivers of blood, the Union had at last been preserved. But then along came certain “wavers of the bloody shirt” who contributed to disunion. This is mentioned in regard to the new “wavers of the bloody shirt” who have emerged and are waging war against the old Confederate flag. Let them pause and consider how they are contributing to disunion.

Speaker of the House John Boehner may have been seeking to preserve the Union, in these times of political polarization. But he was getting a lot of heat from certain “Rebs” in the Republican Party. Boehner suddenly and surprisingly announced his resignation yesterday. The real reason for this is anybody’s guess at the moment. But notice how it occurred directly after the address given by Jorge Bergoglio, wearing the carnival mask “Pope Francis”, to a joint session of the U.S. Congress on September 24, 2015. It was John Boehner who had invited Jorge/Francis to give that address to Congress. So there may be some connection in all this. Then again, it may be a coincidence.

On the day before his address to a joint session of the U.S. Congress, Jorge/Francis had avowed the Gaia heresy at the White House. [3] Gaians believe that naming the biosphere Gaia helps encourage practitioners and others to see the living planet as an organism with an intrinsic personality. Practitioners of Gaianism are termed “Gaians”, or sometimes Gaianists. [4] In Greek mythology, Gaia was the personification of the Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities. [5]

Deification of Gaia is a misapprehension. Gaia is “Maya”, a Hindu term meaning illusion. Writing about the mistaken worship of nature itself, Emanuel Swedenborg explained that “the visible universe is nothing else than a theater representative of the Lord’s kingdom”. Subsistence is a perpetual coming forth. All things subsist, that is, continually come forth, from the Divine. “From this it is evident how gross, nay, how earthly and also inverted is that human intelligence which ascribes everything to nature separate or exempt from an influx prior to itself, or from an efficient cause.” [6]

I know a lot of people are turned off by such theological delvings. But in light of the Jorge Bergoglio/Pope Francis “Blood Moon” tour of the northeastern United States, now about to conclude, such issues inevitably come to the fore. Whatever your own religious beliefs, or lack thereof, is okay with me. It’s just that sometimes controversial issues must be talked about.

It is paramount that a lie about Emanuel Swedenborg be mentioned. Doing a search on “Swedenborg Gaia” yields erroneous claims, for example from one author who equates Swedenborg with “New Age or Old Occult” and attempts to connect him with Gaianism [7]. Let us nip this lie in the bud right now. Nature is a theater, says Swedenborg, a living performance brought to us continuously by the Divine. Nature itself is not the Divine. [6]

“[U]niversal nature is a theater representative of the Lord’s kingdom… the Divine is in every particular of nature”, yet it is not nature itself which is the Divine. [8]

“They who attribute all things to nature say that such things were imparted to fruits and seeds at their first creation, and that from the energy thence received they are afterward impelled of themselves to such activities; but they do not consider that subsistence is a perpetual coming into existence, or what is similar, that propagation is perpetual creation…” [8]

The “natural men”, the Gaia worshippers, “are in inverted order relatively to those things which are of the spiritual world or of heaven,” Swedenborg informs us, “and therefore when in the other life such persons are seen in the light of heaven, they appear with the head downward and the feet upward.” [8]

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