Elmer Gantry Leaves Town

Elmer Gantry – Trailer

“Sound churchmen here and there were asking whether there was any peculiar spiritual value in frightening people into groveling maniacs. They were publishing statistics which asserted that not ten per cent of the converts at emotional revival meetings remained church-members.” [1]

When the novel, Elmer Gantry, was first published in 1927, it created a public furor. The Sinclair Lewis novel dealt with the subject of revival meetings. The book was banned in Boston and other cities and denounced from pulpits across the United States. Nonetheless, Elmer Gantry ranked as the number one fiction bestseller of 1927. [2]

Revival meetings were (and are) like traveling carnivals. They would roar into a town, fire up the faithful, then move on to another town. And so now has the traveling carnival of the Pope Francis “Blood Moon” tour of September 2015 “left town.”

How much did it cost? In one city, Philadelphia, there were barricades everywhere. “There were security checkpoints. There were fences making some streets completely inaccessible. And everywhere there were police, and TSA agents, and all other flavors of law enforcement personnel.” [3] Someone has to pay for all the extra security, and that “someone” is the U.S. taxpayer, many of whom are Catholic.

And what did we get in return for our tax dollars? Not a spiritually uplifting message so much, but instead a lecture from a foreign dignitary about how we ought to be running our country.

But “the world doesn’t appreciate evangelists,” sighed Sister Sharon Falconer, in the Sinclair Lewis novel. “Think what we can do for a resident minister! These preachers who talk about conducting their own revivals make me sick! They don’t know the right technique. Conducting revivals is a profession. One must know all the tricks.”

Yet what fancy tricks did we get from Jorge Bergoglio, wearing the carnivalesque mask “Pope Francis”? A young girl amazingly breaks through security and hands Jorge/Francis a touching drawing about immigrants. Jorge/Francis halts the caravan to go and hug a disabled man. All this money and hoopla, and where were “the tricks” mentioned by Sister Sharon Falconer? This is why, in the previous blog entry, I considered that Jorge/Francis might learn some balloon tricks of twisting them into poodles, giraffes, and such. [4]

The Jorge/Francis act can trace its beginnings to 325 A.D. In that year the Council of Nicaea was convened by the Roman Emperor Constantine. One of its main “accomplishments” was “settlement” of the Christological issue of the nature of the Son of God and his relationship to God the Father. What did it mean that Jesus was the Son? Was it the case that the Son had a beginning, and that only the Father has no beginning? If so, the Father’s divinity was greater than the Son’s. But others said that both Father and Son existed always together. This latter position became law, and from this came “Trinity God” when the “Holy Ghost” was added in. [5]

But even though “Trinity God” was the law, people were secretly confused about it. How could a “Son” be the same age as a “Father”? And how did “Holy Ghost” fit in? People were confused but began “dialing up” the “Trinity God” number when they prayed. But the trouble was, when they dialed up “Trinity God”, no one answered the phone! They were, it turns out, dialing the wrong number.

A distinction had been made between the divine and the human of the Lord. A secret meeting had been held in Rome. There, in a dark room, it was concluded that separate natures should be attributed to the Lord, even though He is really one. Otherwise, decided those persons in the dark room, the papal sway could not be maintained. For if they had acknowledged the Lord to be one with the Father, as He Himself says (John 10: 30), no one could have been acknowledged as His “vicar” (“pope”) on earth. The distinction between Father and Son was invented merely for the sake of dominion. And thus was born “Trinity God.” [6]

The Vatican now is having many problems, but the deterioration of the Roman church began in 325 A.D. when it first split the divine Trinity into three persons, each of whom is God and Lord. “As a result, a kind of brain fever spread throughout the whole theology and infected the church that calls itself Christian from the name of the Lord. I call it a brain fever,” wrote Emanuel Swedenborg, “because this development has so deranged human minds that they do not know whether there is one God or three.” [7]

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