Return of "IT"

Jeff Berwick-Nothing but Black Swans Ahead

“IT” is an eternal entity that is almost as old as time itself. “IT” is the natural enemy of Maturin (The Turtle), who both exist in the Macroverse. After arriving to Earth, “IT” would sleep for approximately 28 to 30 years at a time, then awaken to wreak chaos and feed. [1]

“IT” returned in cycles. “IT” slept for years, then awoke. And so too does a 7-year cycle, called the Shemitah (shem-EE-tuh), sleep then awake.

One Jeff Berwick, guest recently on the Greg Hunter USA Watchdog program, looked back at past 7-year eruptions. 2008: Lehman Brothers collapse; 2001: Dotcom bubble burst; 1994: Bond market massacre; 1987: Stock market crash; 1980: the so-called “Carter inflation” crisis, wrongly blamed on Jimmy Carter; 1973: Severe recession. Furthermore, Berwick claimed our current 2015 return of “IT” is a 7×7 point in the cycle, to be especially severe.

“When will it start?” asked Greg Hunter. “It has already begun“, Berwick replied. It began with the Chinese stock market crash.

“Wall Street drops as anxious investors eye China”, reported Reuters yesterday after the close of the U.S. stock market. The “investors worried about the health of China’s economy…” [2]

“He who can read the signs,” wrote William Butler Yeats, “nor sink unmanned into the half-deceit of some intoxicant from shallow wits…” [3] Janet Yellen, current logo for “Federal Reserve”, received emergency medical attention when, during a speech around September 25th, she appeared to lose concentration. Her “health scare” came at a key time for the “Fed”. Yellen appeared to lose focus, repeating some words and slowing down. [4]

The return of the Moors. And Europe is a stony land. [5] A swarm of refugees now washes like a tidal wave into Europe, as a swarm of Crusaders had swept into Syria centuries ago. Voters in Catalan have chosen to secede from Spain. Opinion polls now show Scotland wanting to secede from the “Great” Britain. Flanders in Belgium and Venice in Italy have “territorial crises”; movements there seek independence. [6]

Venice and Genoa once were great powers, as was Rome. In Venice, the supreme leader was called the Doge. In Rome he was called the Pope. James Fenimore Cooper, in his neglected novel, The Bravo, tells of a dark conspiracy in Venice. The carnival masks are used by different characters. Which is the person, and which is the mask?

“A mask is of little consequence in a bargain provided the money be forthcoming. We are always in the Carnival at Venice; and he who would buy, or he who would sell, has the same right to hide his face as to hide his thoughts.” [7]

The Doge apparently declined, but the Pope still clings to power. Around 325 A.D., in a dark room, it was concluded that separate natures should be attributed to the Lord, even though He is really one. Otherwise, the papal sway could not be maintained. (Background: Elmer Gantry Leaves Town, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, September 28, 2015.)

If you have three “gods” (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost), then why stop there? A dogma at the Council of Ephesus in 431 A.D. declared the Virgin Mary to be “Mother of God” – not just mother of the man Jesus, but mother of the Almighty. This made Mary out to be a “god” herself. In 1854, a “dogma ex cathedra” by Pope Pius IX declared Mary was without “original sin.” In 1950, Pope Pius XII ruled that Mary, at the end of her earthly life, “was assumed into heavenly glory body and soul.” [8]

What does it mean exactly to say that Mary had been assumed into “heaven”, body and soul? Did Mary actually die before this happened? Was her corpse “assumed” up into the sky? Or did she rise from the dead first and then get assumed? And is “heaven” up in the sky somewhere, or does it exist in a sort of alternate dimension?

The more gods the merrier, must have decided the Catholic church. That word, “catholic”, means “all-inclusive”, and they certainly are that when it comes to welcoming new “gods”.

And this is why when an earth god, Gaia, began to be considered, the all-inclusive “Catholic” organization was not automatically averse to a new member of the pantheon. (The Pantheon is a building in Rome whose name means “every god.” [9] A Pantheon religion includes the particular set of all gods of any polytheistic religion, mythology, or tradition. [10])

But surely all this is paganism, is it not? Ah, no, my friend, for you see the Pope has become infallible. That happened in 1870, when the first Vatican council announced it. This announcement of papal infallibility however deeply shocked the Russian novelist, Fyodor Dostoevsky. He saw it as the proclaiming of a “new Christ” who represents earthly power and has thus succumbed to the third temptation of the devil (see Matthew 4:1–11, Luke 4:1–13). [11]

And thus it happened that when the Roman Carnival came to town last week, many people took it in stride. Traditionally, Roman Carnival consisted of a large public celebration that lasted 8 days, ending the night of Fat Tuesday, the day marking the beginning of Lent. [12] The American “Blood Moon” Carnival lasted from September 22 through September 27, 2015 – seven days. But this approximates eight days if you include the stopover in Cuba. Does now come a “Lent” of 40 days for Wall Street?

Pantheism leads to panic. “Panic” means literally “of Pan.” Pan is a god of the fields and forests, represented as having the legs, horns, and ears of a goat. Pan is identified with the Roman Faunus, horned god of the forest, plains and fields. [13] [14] The more the “gods”, the more the panic. All brought to you by the pantheists.

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