Wall Street Walks on Bridge of Sighs

Sogno di un Carnevale Romano (A Roman Carnival’s Dream) – Trailer

Traditionally, Roman carnival consisted of a large public celebration that lasted 8 days, ending the night of Fat Tuesday, the day marking the beginning of Lent. [1] The Roman pope was in the United States for a “Blood Moon” carnival from September 22 through September 27, 2015. This was six days, not seven, as I had erroneously reported in yesterday’s blog entry. [2]

Cuba is also part of North America. Pope Francis visited Cuba September 19th through 22nd, followed by the United States September 22nd through 27th. [3] So if you include Cuba as part of the American tour, it lasted from September 19th through 27th – approximating the 8 days of Roman carnival, to be followed by “Lent” on Wall Street, perhaps. (Lent is a time of Sādhanā. Sādhanā is a time of withdrawal from the material and into the spiritual. [4])

We go from feast (Roman carnival) to fasting (Sādhanā/Lent). The Lent lasts 40 days, equal to the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the wilderness (Matthew 4: 1-2). The Roman carnival left town on Sunday, September 27th. The Sādhanā/Lent of 40 days began Monday, September 28th. On that day, the Dow-Jones average sank by over 300 points. It rebounded a tad the next day, up by 47 points. The hypothesized 40 days of Wall Street Sādhanā/Lent are expected to occupy chiefly the month of October.

There is growing anxiety that the world’s top central banks have lost control of their mission, reports Reuters early this morning. The “Federal Reserve” appears to be trapped at near zero interest rates concurrent with a “rapid cooling of China and other emerging economies and a commodity price slump.” [5] The “Fed” appears to be “out of ammunition.” What can it do if Wall Street goes into “Lent”? Can “Fed” lower rates below zero, into negative rates, and pay people to borrow money? In a way something like this has begun to happen: Some banks no longer pay you interest for storing your money, but instead charge you a monthly fee if you do not maintain a high minimum balance.

The Doge of Venice was the chief magistrate and leader of the Most Serene Republic of Venice for over a thousand years. Like the Roman Pope, the Doge was elected for life by the city-state’s aristocracy. A doge was referred to variously by the titles “My Lord the Doge” (Monsignor el Doxe), “Most Serene Prince” (Serenissimo Principe), and “His Serenity” (Sua Serenità). The final doge was Ludovico Manin, who abdicated in 1797. [6]

During the time of Doges and Popes, there lived a man named Niccolò Machiavelli. He wrote of how the popes, “first with censures, and afterward with these and arms, mingled with indulgences, became both terrible and venerable.” The ambition of the Roman people caused many wars between them and the pontiffs. While the popes “caused all the west to tremble with their censures, the people of Rome were in open rebellion against them.” [7]

The popes were always being Italians, with much squabbling going on betwixt the various city-state tribes. Then, a non-Italian, Karol Wojtyła, was brought in from Poland. As Pope John Paul II, perhaps he could sit above the Italian feuds. Then came Joseph Ratzinger, also non-Italian, and he too, as Pope Benedict XVI, tried to live outside the secret vendettas. After Pope Benedict came another non-Italian, Jorge Bergoglio, who now reigns as Pope Francis.

It was all carnival. On the surface, everything seemed jolly and fun. But beneath the masks were the true faces. Underneath the festivities in Venice were powerful persons. In his neglected novel, The Bravo, James Fenimore Cooper described how “Those august bodies are secret, that their majesty may not be tarnished by communication with vulgar interests. They rule like the unseen influence of mind over matter, and form, as it were, the soul of the state, whose seat, like that of reason, remains a problem exceeding human penetration.” [8]

Within the arch of the Doge’s palace a path led to the canal of San Marcos and the Bridge of Sighs. The view from the Bridge of Sighs was the last view of Venice that convicts saw before their imprisonment. From the interrogation rooms in the Doge’s palace, the convicts walked across the Bridge of Sighs and into the prison. Prisoners were said to have sighed at their final view of beautiful Venice through the window before being taken down to their cells. [8] [9]

“Doubt it not. A mask is sacred in Venice.” [8] Beneath the masks, the real deals were made. During last week’s Roman carnival, Pope Francis is reported to have secretly met with Kim Davis in Washington, DC. She is the Kentucky clerk who defied a court order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. [10]

“Doubt it not. A mask is sacred in Venice.” [8] On Monday, September 28th, on the heels of the Roman carnival, President Barack Obama met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The mask for the occasion was the 70-year anniversary of the United Nations. Seventy years is equal to 10 Shemitah cycles (10×7=70). “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape” (1 Thessalonians 5:3). The armies of the world shall gather where the borders of Syria, Lebanon, and Israel intersect, for the final battle at a place called Har-Megiddo. Israel is concerned about the build-up of Iranian forces in Syria, near the border with Israel, stated Minister Yuval Steinitz (Likud) in an interview with Army Radio on Tuesday, September 29th. “The Iranian forces must stay in Iran,” declared Steinitz. [11] Persia (Iran), Cush (Somalia), and Put (Libya) shall be with them, with shields and helmets. [12] Gog of Magog (Russia) will come down from the North.

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