Walking Dead Have No Conscience

College of DuPage

The “Doctors Without Borders” (Medecins Sans Frontieres) hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz may have been hit by a U.S. air strike, reports Reuters this morning. “The strike may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility,” stated spokesperson Col. Brian Tribus. [1]

Doctors Without Borders says that 30 of their staff are still missing, consequent to the air strike. They claim some of their staff were killed. [1]

Just imagine if a Russian air strike had hit a hospital and killed doctors. Imagine how this would be reported by the American “news” purveyors: “Russians Are Killing Doctors,” would be a likely headline.

“Bashar Assad is killing his own people,” say the newsfakers of the Anglo-American alliance, toeing the line of their politician partners. But some of the Syrian deaths are really “collateral damage”, just like at the Afghan hospital, though the wordplay differs according to which side is responsible. (Background: Hillary Clinton Causes Armageddon, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 2, 2015.)

Bashar Assad, president of Syria, leads a side of the civil war there. Barrel bombs were dropped against the hobgoblins (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh). The hobgoblins were hiding behind children. So besides hobgoblins, children unfortunately were killed. Because the Bashar Assad side in the civil war is deemed the enemy by the U.S., the dutiful newsfakers report it as, “Assad Kills Own People”, instead of “Collateral Damage Causes Casualties.”

Abraham Lincoln was also “killing his own people” during the years 1861 through 1865. That happens when there is a civil war, like now in Syria.

How can the conscience of newsfakers not bother them? Your conscience bothers you when you tell a lie, doesn’t it? The answer to this question came as a surprise to Ersjdamoo: It turns out that not everyone has a conscience!

A “conscience” comes from the Latin words, con + scio, meaning “to know with.” Something “knows with” you whenever you do a bad thing. The something that “knows with”, the conscience, then almost imperceptibly communicates a whisper of sadness to you.

Before the flood of Noah’s time, people had “perception”: “a certain internal sensation from the Lord alone, as to whether a thing is true and good.” Afterward, people lost the “perception” but still had a conscience. These people were the “spiritual men (and women)”. Alongside these however were the “dead men (and women)” who had not conscience; and very many did not even know what conscience was. [2]

You may be surprised to know there are a lot of people walking around today who have no conscience. You may have supposed, “Well I have a conscience so everyone else does too.” Such is not the case: The walking dead amongst us, those who have no conscience, outwardly present an honorable face and life. But they are withheld from evil only by outward bonds, such as law and society. These walking dead, millions of them, do not act openly. Instead they operate through others by deceitful artifices and would themselves be personal agents in their villainy, without any conscience, if they could escape public notice. [3]

These walking dead amongst us are not the “psychopaths” who are obvious and soon enough discovered. Rather they are the more cunning “psychopaths”, who are subtle and hard to discern.

So this explains the newsfakers and the politicians, if you have been dumbfounded by how they can so blithely lie.

The cunning devices of the walking dead include such things as the “best pedigree” of the ivy league schools and the adroit mannerisms of pseudo-intellectualism. The “little piggies” always have clean shirts, to play around in, sang the Beatles.

“Everywhere there’s lots of piggies, living piggy lives. You can see them out for dinner, with their piggy wives.” (Piggies, by the Beatles.)

You may have noticed how the yuppies especially go in for “fine dining.” The restaurants used to be “Joe’s Slop House” and such. Now they are “Exquisite Arrivedercis” and “Ultrafine Armandos”, where the “sensitive palates” of the oh-so-fine are massaged and the waiters are Europeanish. For instance, at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, a “high-end restaurant” was built. It was “a pet project of President Robert Breuder.” But Chicago Tribune investigators found that senior administrators and trustees of College of DuPage “spent more than $350,000 in taxpayer and donor funds on meals and alcohol at the restaurant…” [4]

How can this have happened? Didn’t the administrators and trustees of College of DuPage have a conscience, something telling them the college funds weren’t meant for their exquisite dining but for the betterment of students? And how can the “news” and the politicians keep lying with nary a care? If you have been puzzled by this, perhaps their lack of a conscience would explain it.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “U.S. military air strike may have hit MSF hospital in Afghan city”, by Andrew MacAskill. Reuters, Oct 3, 2015.
[2] Arcana Coelestia, by Emanuel Swedenborg. Num. 104.
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[4] “Waterleaf restaurant could be shuttered or changed at College of DuPage”, by Jodi S. Cohen and Stacy St. Clair. Chicago Tribune (online), June 22, 2015.


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