Eye-Doctor Experiments of Bashar Assad

Wild Wild West Eye Doctor

Rumors are circulating about eye-doctor experiments conducted by Bashar Assad, president of Syria. It is known that Assad graduated medical school in 1988 and later attended postgraduate studies at the Western Eye Hospital, in London, specializing in ophthalmology. [1] Afterwards, according to rumors, Dr. Assad was doing ocular experiments in Syria.

One of the rumored experiments involved a “chart” which showed letters of the alphabet. This “vision chart” had random letters, beginning with a giant “E” at the top. Thereafter, in triangular fashion, line by line, the amount of letters expanded and they became smaller.

Test subjects were led into a room and ordered, “Read aloud, from line 4,” while Dr. Assad gloated in a corner. If the trembling subject succeeded in recognizing the letters from line 4, then Dr. Assad would not reward them but rather order them to read aloud from the smaller letters of line 5. The stress levels were kept increasing until the gasping subject, sobbing tears, finally was unable to tell what the letters were at line x+1.

At this point the doctor would turn to a whirlygig device and wheel it over to where the subject was seated. Placing the whirlygig device over the eyes of the test subject, various “lenses” would be rotated. “How is that? How can you see?” Dr. Assad would begin. And then, relentlessly, he would flip through various “lenses” and keep asking, “How is that? Better?”

After the anxiety-inducing whirlygig experiment, Dr. Assad often wrote a special prescription, it is alleged. Underlings of Assad would then read the prescription and fit out special devices which went over the sensitive eyes of the test subject. Thereafter the test subject would seem somehow different to close friends and relatives. “Something is different about you,” they would sometimes say.

Possibly similar eye doctor experiments are depicted in the short video clip hopefully viewable at the top of today’s blog entry. There we see an eye doctor from the “wild west” times of the U.S. who places special eye drops into the eyes and then employs an ocular device on the subject. Thereafter, the subject is given a similar special device to be worn over the eyes, as also is rumored to have been done by Dr. Assad. In the “wild west” video clip we can plainly see that the subject has in fact become “mind controlled.”

“Something is different about you,” close friends and relatives of the Dr. Assad rumored experimental subjects would sometimes say.

Connect the dots: Whirlygig devices placed over the eyes; a special device to be worn over the eyes; the test subject being “somehow different” thereafter – in the “wild west” case definitely mind control, in the Dr. Assad rumored experiments surmised to be the same.

We can now see why Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State, along with President Barack Obama, finally decided around January of 2012 that, “Assad must go.” It must have been that solid reports of the Dr. Bashar Assad eye experiments had been reaching the desks of Hillary and Barack. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton predicted in January 2012, “Within three months Assad will be ‘gone.'” [2]

Ironically, as it turns out, three years later it is not Assad who is “gone” but Hillary Clinton. She is no longer the Secretary of State.

Welcome to Monday morning. The “news” fakers are back. They have clocked in again, after a relaxing weekend. And so it again begins, the relentless churning of dispute between the two sides, like 5-year-olds arguing about who gets the walnuts. Abraham Lincoln knew about such things. He had three walnuts and two young sons carried in his arms. Both youngsters were making a fuss. “What’s wrong, Abe?” asked a passerby. “Exactly what is wrong with the whole world,” Lincoln replied. “I have three walnuts and each of them wants two.” [3]

Three walnuts and each of them wants two. Syria is the walnut. Each side, Russia and Anglo-America, wants it. “You did it!” cries one. “No, it was you!” cries the other. Both children have amplifiers, i.e., their “news” outlets. We are the “parents.” We hear claims and counter-claims, back and forth. “Russia is using the barrel bombs,” insists one child. “Not so,” says the other child. “See, here are photos of my precision-guided missiles.” How are we, the parents, to resolve the conflicting temper tantrums? I say we send each of the children to their rooms, with no supper.

(Portions of the above are satirical, and not meant literally.)

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Bashar al-Assad”, Wikipedia, October 5, 2015.
[2] “Iran-Contra in Syria”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, February 13, 2012. https://ersjdamoo.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/iran-contra-in-syria/
[3] Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years & The War Years (one volume edition), by Carl Sandburg. Harcourt (Harvest Books).


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