"Old School Tie" of U.S. State Department

It is the reactionary character of the anti-materialist tendencies — related to various branches of existentialist irrationalism, the Frankfurt School and postmodernism — that provide the theoretical foundations for a wide array of present-day petty-bourgeois pseudo-left political movements. [1]

The above convolution is talking about, in other words, the “political correctness.” The “PC” (Political Correctness) movement is a dodge, a distraction away from real issues.

My late friend, Sherman H. Skolnick, had a witticism: “America is a plane which flies with only one wing – and it ain’t left.”

At the time Sherman said this to me, I didn’t immediately get what he meant. What he was saying was, there is no real “left” in the United States. Instead, a petty-bourgeois pseudo-left occupies the stage, constantly harping upon “oppressed minorities (especially African-American ‘minorities’)”, “oppressed women”, and “oppressed gays and lesbians.” In this way, a fake “left” turns attention away from our common lot of declining wages, declining employment, increased oppression, and multiplying homelessness.

The money masters do not care either way: either the petty-bourgeois pseudo-left gets the votes, or the paleo-conservatives do: either way the money masters stay on top.

The paleo-conservatives are the fake conservatives, who are gung-ho for foreign wars even though true conservatism is against foreign entanglements. “Just wave the flag and be a ‘True American’ (ask no questions),” is what the paleo-conservatives are about.

This has been our “choice” in the United States, between Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the petty-bourgeois pseudo-left and the “True American” paleo-right.

The petty-bourgeois pseudo-left, the “PC” (Political Correctness) movement, rejects class as the essential social category and emphasizes, instead, personal “identity” and “lifestyle,” and it legitimizes imperialist interventions and wars in the name of “human rights.” [1] And so now, for example, we have an imperialist intervention in Syria, disguised as a humanitarian effort to topple the government of an eye doctor of all things. That makes it harder to convince people that Bashar Assad is a fiend from hell, but the propaganda “news” outlets keep working on it.

“Exactly what is wrong with the whole world,” said Abraham Lincoln. “I have three walnuts and each of them wants two.” (Background: Eye-Doctor Experiments of Bashar Assad, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 5, 2015.)

The “humanitarian intervention” war of the current “PC” State Department is just another flavor of the paleo-conservative Iraq War conducted during the George W. Bush administration. It is always about who gets the walnut, disguised differently depending upon who is in power. But now Russia wants the walnut. The walnut could be an oil pipeline from Qatar/Saudi Arabia through Iraq and into Syria and the Mediterranean Sea, and then on into Europe. Or the walnut could be a gas pipeline from the Baku oil fields of Azerbaijan, formerly part of the USSR and still within the Russian sphere of influence, into Syria and thence to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea.

But what about the Syrian people themselves? Suppose by some happy chance that Russia and the United States stop squabbling over who gets the walnut, they agree to co-operate, and the ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh gang is evicted from Syria. What then? What do the Syrian refugees have to return to? Their homeland is in ruins. Who pays to clean up all the mess?

And what about the “old school tie”? That is a necktie which pupils in Britain are entitled to wear after they leave school. “This symbol can be a discreet passport to the old boy network, and such ties can be an indication of one’s social standing.” [2] We have got the “old school tie” here in the United States: the graduates of the “proper” schools, the ivy-league colleges. They go on to work at the U.S. State Department, and that is why we never, ever hear the State Department being criticized by the “old school tie news” in the United States. Instead the criticism is deflected onto the U.S. military, whose members are usually just plain school people.

How long can the banality of the petty-bourgeois pseudo-left “political correctness” divert real issues from being discussed? Homelessness was not always “the new normal.” Back in the 1980s it had begun to openly appear, and by now we are accustomed to it. It is not constantly harped upon by the “old school tie news”. Instead the violins and the orchestrated sobs drone on about “oppressed” sub-categories, rather than the real category of We the People.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Foreword to The Frankfurt School, Postmodernism and the Politics of the Pseudo-Left: A Marxist Critique”, Part One. By David North. World Socialist Web Site, July 21, 2015. http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2015/07/21/dnbo-j21.html
[2] “School tie”, Wikipedia, October 7, 2015. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_tie


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