Market Death

Market Death

Banks lend to struggling “fracking” companies. Collateral for the loans are oil reserves not yet extracted. When oil prices go down, the collateral held by banks is not sufficient for the loan, and more collateral is required. This causes “market death” for some oil companies because they have no more collateral to offer.

The above concept of “Market Death” is further explained by Edward Harrison of the Boom/Bust financial program in the short video clip hopefully viewable at top. Ersjdamoo narrates this as well as short clips from a G7 protest in Peru, German reaction to Angela Merkel’s refugee welcome, and John Hagee’s “Blood Moon” explanation.

Edward Harrison foresees “Market Death” as occurring between now and the beginning of next year. Historically, stock market crashes happen in October, for instance the 1929 and 1987 crashes. A new global narrative is being introduced, argues political analyst Catherine Shakdam, consequent to Russia’s sudden intervention in Syria. What she calls “growing pains” in the Middle East are leading to a new pluralistic geo-political order, with the United States no longer supreme. [1] This in turn will have an effect, likely negative, on dollar hegemony.

Catherine Shakdam offers an interesting theory on moves by the Obama administration to improve relations with Iran. Washington is covertly backing Iran as a tool against the mud-spattered Saudi Arabian regime, suggests Shakdam. In this theory, Iran is “a proxy sent from heaven.” “America can either stand by its alliances in the Middle East and watch as Al Saud’s billions swallow up Western influences or align itself with those powers which seek to introduce a new balance into the region.” But the U.S. must do this secretly, and so tentative Iran/US rapprochement is just the tip of the iceberg. [1]

Meanwhile the pope is reportedly fuming about “the hermeneutic of conspiracy”. This news comes from America magazine, a Roman Catholic publication. Pope Francis is said to have warned a synod of bishops that “conspiracy theory” is “sociologically weak and spiritually unhelpful.” [2]

“Conspiracy theory” is now being hinted at as heresy, in other words. Heresy is “any provocative belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs.” [3]

It is not apparently “heresy” though for a pope to be worshipped as “walking Jesus.” During the recent Roman carnival blitzkrieg of the United States, one Catholic was quite excited. Suleyma Cuellar reportedly anticipated a “fleeting glimpse” of Pope Francis and stated, “It’s like seeing Jesus walk by.” [4]

“Vatican conspiracies can’t match the real church under Pope Francis”, reports Britain’s Guardian newspaper. Forget for the moment about the theory that the Vatican killed Pope John Paul I (Albino Luciani, reigned 33 days, 1978). What is salient is that Pope Francis seems to be the revivification of the 33-day “smiling pope”, Albino Luciani. Pope Francis, like Pope John Paul I, wants to humble the papacy and clean-up “the shadowy and suspect practices” at the Vatican Bank, suggests the Guardian article. [5]

Some intensification is obviously underway. The Russian intervention in Syria now reveals the Russkies to have missiles of extended range, capable of firing accurately from the Caspian Sea, “a sign of its new military reach”, reports Reuters. [6] Refugees from Syria and other countries afflicted consequent to “Arab Spring” are pouring into Europe, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel apparently offering a warm welcome to them. (But is this just until Merkel sees whether she gets the Nobel Peace Prize?) The West Bank situation in Israel has been deteriorating dramatically during the past month. There has been growing violence on the streets of Jerusalem and in the West Bank, reports Paula Slier. Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is allegedly “acting fast and destroying houses fast.” [7]

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