Syria Explained

If you do a Google News search on “Syria Explained” you will get several results. One result comes from Slate online, where a handy chart uses smiley faces, frowny faces, and question mark faces (image).

The smiley faces are friends (depending on context), the frowny faces are enemies (depending on context), and the question mark faces even Slate can’t figure out. For example, is Jabhat al-Nusra friends with Saudi Arabia? That one gets a question mark face. [1]

“Get your scorecard. You can’t tell the players without a scorecard.” This had come to mind when I had initially laughed at the Slate smiley face/frowny face graphic. However once my laughter had died down, the chart began to seem really helpful. Maybe Slate ought to print the chart and make it available.

There is controversy though about some of the “face” conclusions. Russia and the United States, for example, are given a question mark face, meaning Slate does not know if they are friends or enemies in Syria. Some would dispute this based upon the propaganda war now being waged by the two nations.

“How to explain it all?” sighed Ersjdamoo in the video contained in yesterday’s blog entry. [2] In that video I turned to Pastor John Hagee’s “Blood Moon” explanation as a possibility. An unusual pattern of sun/earth/moon alignments seemed to always herald major events. A tetrad of these Blood Moons, four consecutive lunar eclipses, began in April 2014 with the final one having happened at the end of September 2015. [3] In the segment from yesterday’s video clip, Pastor Hagee is careful to emphasize that the Almighty causes these Blood Moons. This seems to have been emphasized lest anyone accuse Pastor Hagee of astrology: predictions based upon sun/earth/moon alignments might be construed as star gazing. Yet really the good pastor seems to be splitting hairs on the subject: Is it the Almighty, or is it the planets? That all depends upon your individual perspective.

Also splitting hairs are the “doctrinal disputes.” For example Muslims, Christians, and Jews are all monotheists, yet they squabble about specifics of their faiths. This causes atheists to laugh up a storm: “Hah hah! You see where religion gets you!” they chuckle. Others might opt for a “smorgasbord” approach. For instance, Sean Stone (son of Hollywood director Oliver Stone), a convert to Shia Islam, told a news conference, “It’s a mistake to believe that Islam is antagonistic towards Judaism and Christianity. What we need is to understand each other’s beliefs and to establish dialogue.” [4] This is a partial “smorgasbord” but I personally carry it further, into Hinduism and Buddhism. The idea is not to focus on the doctrinal disputes, but rather to focus on the doctrinal commonalities.

So I personally disagree with Pastor Hagee on some doctrinal matters, yet when he mentioned the Book of Joel I could find a commonality: the Bible is sacred, I believe, though its meanings contain arcana: beyond the surface interpretations there are deeper meanings. Thus I turned to the Book of Joel, to see how it might relate to the Blood Moon hypothesis.

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord come.” (Joel 2: 31). The Blood Moon and the day of the Lord connects with “the valley of decision.” (Joel 3: 14) The valley of decision is the valley of Jehoshaphat, where “all nations” are to be gathered. (Joel 3: 2).

The valley of Jehoshaphat is, according to some, Cedron. [5] Cedron, also called the Kidron Valley, is the valley on the eastern side of the Old City of Jerusalem. [6] In Cedron (Kidron Valley) is Kedar, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. [7]

Around the time of the final of the four Blood Moons, a new wave of violence struck the Valley of Decision, the Valley of Jehoshaphat:

  • September 16: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declares “war” on stone throwers.
  • September 18: A “day of rage” sees clashes on the West Bank (Valley of Jehoshaphat) between Palestinians and Israelis.
  • September 22: Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas warns of the risk of a new intifada, or uprising.
  • September 30: Abbas says in his speech to the UN General Assembly that he is no longer bound by previous accords with Israel.
  • October 1: Netanyahu during a UN speech calls on Abbas to “stop spreading lies.”
  • October 4: Clashes erupt in east Jerusalem and the West Bank.
  • October 6: New clashes in the Valley of Jehoshaphat (West Bank).
  • October 7: Netanyahu postpones a visit to Germany and warns Israelis to be on maximum alert. [8]

In the Valley of Decision and roughly coincident to the last of the four Blood Moons, the situation has been deteriorating dramatically during the past month. There has been growing violence on the streets of Jerusalem and in the West Bank, reports Paula Slier. Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is allegedly “acting fast and destroying houses fast.” (Background: Market Death, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 8, 2015.)

To the north, in Syria, “all nations” have begun to gather. “All nations” shall be gathered too in the Valley of Decision.

——- Sources ——-
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