High Blood Pressure in Syria

Bashar Al-Assad’s Conspiracy Theory

Facing the truth about Syria can give you high blood pressure. So pardon me if I sometimes inject levity into my blog entries. Were I a younger man, my health could stand it to be hopping mad, with eyes bulging and veins popping.

For most Americans, this seems to be about the same: It can be a real “downer” to look face-to-face into what has been going on with the U.S. foreign policy. And so, as author William Greider defined it in the 1990s, “The American people have abdicated.”

The American people are “the sovereign.” It was to have been “government of the people, by the people, and for the people,” spoke Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address. But then there was a coup d’état on April 14, 1865 and an extremely centralized “French directory” seized control of the United States. We had gone from one extreme – decentralization to the point of secession – to the other: What President Andrew Johnson, who resisted the coup d’état forces behind the Lincoln assassination, called another rebellion, this time from within. (Background: Resistance of Andrew Johnson, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, July 24, 2015.)


At this point it is no wonder if so many Americans have abdicated. It is an uphill battle to resist the barrage of propaganda here regarding, for example, the ongoing situation in Syria. Abby Martin, now mysteriously disappeared from the airwaves, had as the open to her cancelled show, Breaking the Set, a clip of her covering her ears and screaming against the newsfaker propaganda onslaught (image).

“Don’t get the high blood pressure about Syria,” I keep telling myself. It is hard not to, if you really look at what has been going on. The U.S. State Department is never, ever, compelled to testify under oath. Instead the blame for continuous State Department screw-ups keeps being deflected onto the U.S. military and now, onto the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Late yesterday evening, leading newsfaker The Washington Post premiered the new propaganda line: Well, it seems to me, premiered Jeffrey White, a former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst now at the “Washington Institute” (God alone knows what “Washington Institute” really is), that there’s some kind of gap or disconnect between the intelligence side and the policy and operational side. [1]

Ah, you see, there is a “gap” between the always wise State Department policy and the “operational side”, i.e., CIA in the case of the Syria screw-up.

But never fear: The CIA has been “galvanized” by all this, stated a U.S. official who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “Now they [CIA forces] get to fight the Russians,” the official said. “This improves morale.” [1]

“Oh boy, oh boy! Now we get to fight the Russians,” joyfully exclaimed the CIA personnel.

“The Senate and House intelligence committees have begun examining whether U.S. spy agencies missed signals of Russia’s intentions in Syria,” reports premier newsfaker Washington Post. [1] But what about the State Department? When will they be “examined”?

Having cost us $500 million, our FIVE brave resistance fighters in Syria are now being “dismantled” by discontinuance of the “training program”. [1] Instead, it is planned to air-drop advanced weaponry from the sky and into the hands of the “moderate” rebels. “The State Department said the US has dropped the training program and decided to focus on just the equipping part of the plan.” But, asked Gayane Chichakyan, somewhat awed in the presence of the almighty State Department spokesperson, “If the training part failed because they couldn’t identify the right people, then why would the equipping work better?” [2]

Into the hands of the mysterious “moderate” rebels is to be dropped advanced weaponry. That would include probably handheld stinger missiles. They are used to shoot down helicopters and jets. The Russian air base in Syria is now being moved upon by the hodge-podge of proxy forces. If they get close enough, they will be able to shoot down Russian jets during take-off and landing.

Russian jets and helicopters shot down by U.S. proxies. It is “The Missiles of October, 2015 Edition,” reports an article in the Canada Free Press. What eventually happens is foreseen by author Doug Hagmann: “When the farmer in Iowa plowing his field suddenly and unexpectedly hears a noise and feels the ground shake from missiles being fired from a hidden underground silo in retaliation against Russia, perhaps then Americans will wake up to the litany of lies we’ve been fed by our leaders and a complicit media.” [3] If “moderate” U.S. proxies in Syria commit warlike acts against Russia, do you think Russia will just form a committee and issue a scathing report? Or will Russia retaliate and then increasing escalation leads to a farmer in Iowa waking up to a sound from a hidden underground silo?

You don’t think it will get this far? Let’s hope not. But the U.S. State Department is playing with fire, and “stuff happens.”

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Despite signs of Russia’s Syria buildup, U.S. seemed to be caught flat-footed”, by Greg Miller and Karen DeYoung. Washington Post, October 9, 2015 at 9:51 PM.
[2] “Why hasn’t it worked? State Dept. dodges RT’s questions on failed ‘moderate’ rebel training in Syria”, Russia Today, October 10, 2015. http://on.rt.com/6ti9
[3] “The Missiles of October, 2015 Edition”, by Doug Hagmann. Canada Free Press, October 9, 2015. http://canadafreepress.com/article/75905


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