Return To Us, Dan Blocker

Return To Us, Dan Blocker

The geese have been known to attack the humans. We are supposed to be a higher form of creature. Yet we attack and kill each other more than any other species. Things were not as bad though in the time of Dan Blocker.

Sure, the Vietnam War was going on in the Dan Blocker times. But at least then we knew we were at war. Now though there is a war which is not acknowledged as war, a secret war, in Syria. There, U.S. proxies are helped and supplied by the United States. On September 30, 2015, Russia went overt in the hitherto secret war when it launched its first airstrikes in Syria.

A strategic leak appeared in the Washington Post newspaper very late in the weekly “news” cycle, at 9:51 pm Friday, October 9, 2015. An anonymous source was used to test reaction to U.S. escalation in Syria. A U.S. official who spoke on the condition of anonymity spoke from the shadows and suggested, “Now they [CIA forces] get to fight the Russians.” (Background: High Blood Pressure in Syria, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 10, 2015.)

Ersjdamoo’s reaction was apoplectic: “Don’t get the high blood pressure about Syria,” I kept telling myself. Besides the anonymous source speaking from the shadows, a different source speaking from a spooky area also tested the waters of public reaction. One Jeffrey White, an “analyst” now working for “Washington Institute”, broached early propaganda about there being “some kind of gap or disconnect between the intelligence side and the policy and operational side.” This signaled that it would be CIA “taking the fall” for State Department foreign policy screw-ups. “The Senate and House intelligence committees have begun examining whether U.S. spy agencies missed signals of Russia’s intentions in Syria,” reported premier newsfaker Washington Post. [1]

Washington Post refers to the “analyst” Jeffrey White as connected to “Washington Institute”. This is presumed to be The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. That is a foreign policy “think tank.” The Washington Institute is “friendly to Israel” however does not identify as pro-Israel. The organization has been criticized for having strong ties to the pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC and for being founded by a former AIPAC employee. [2]

Also doing a strategic leak recently has been the Vatican. Indirectly, Pope Francis tested the idea of “conspiracy theory” as heresy. The pope’s “important statement” was not mentioned at the regular press briefing but was leaked by Jesuit priest Father Antonio Spadaro. Unidentified sources corroborated the leak to America magazine (online), a Roman Catholic publication. [3]

In the weekly “news” cycle there is typically an information dump on Friday, late in the day. After the weekend, when a new cycle starts, the Friday information dump is pooh-poohed as “old news.” The Washington Post information dump having occurred very late in the day on Friday – 9:51 pm – is indicative of how critical the Syria test balloon is to the foreign policy establishment.

Things are hopping, all of a sudden. Many clues have burst forth. The situation is now intensifying. Actor Randy Quaid (image), “conspiracy theorist”, was arrested in Vermont on Friday, October 9, 2015. [4] In 2010 Randy Quaid and his wife Evi Quaid had sought asylum in Canada. They claimed “star whackers” had murdered actors Heath Ledger and David Carradine and were pursuing Quaid and his wife. [5] The ex-wife of Kung Fu star David Carradine supported Randy and Evi Quaid’s claims of a “star whackers” Hollywood hit squad. [6] At the time of Carradine’s death, his agent, Chuck Binder, said he believed his client had been murdered. [7] Evi Quaid reportedly believes tarnished actor Mel Gibson “was slipped a mickey… to steal his money and ruin him.” She thinks Gibson, star of the movie, “Conspiracy Theory,” was drugged during audiotapes in which he is heard exploding into foul-mouthed rants towards a sultry Russian siren. [6]

Amidst this intensifying time, new X-Files episodes have emerged. Thirteen years after the last episode of Season 9, when the FBI officially shut the X-Files project down for good, a six-episode revival is scheduled. The X-Files have officially been re-opened. To underline the significance, Fox TV is launching 201 days of X-Files. Apparently all past episodes shall be aired, one by one, on each of the 201 days, coincident to the new six episodes. [8]

“Central bank cavalry can no longer save the world” ominously headlines Reuters. Central banks “no longer have the answers” candidly admits the major “news” organization. This is a stunning admission to have come from such an established purveyor of “news”. Reuters goes so far as to say the central banks “may even represent a major risk for the global economy.” [9] This Reuters admission, I fear, may presage a crash. Historically, stock market crashes happen in October, for instance the 1929 and 1987 crashes. Is it the “Market Death”? (Background: Market Death, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 8, 2015.)

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