Strange Things Are Happening

Strange Things Are Happening

“And he shall be a wild-ass man.” With a New Moon having begun at 00:06 UTC October 13th [1], let us ponder these words.

UTC (Universal Time) for 00:06 translates to 6:06 pm the previous day in Central Standard Time. [2] This New Moon is the “tipping point” says one of the astrology web sites. [3]

The final of four “Blood Moons” happened at the end of last month. Pastor John Hagee, pioneer of the Blood Moon hypothesis, was careful to emphasize that the Almighty causes these Blood Moons. This seems to have been emphasized lest anyone accuse Pastor Hagee of astrology. [4] And Pastor Hagee, with whom I do not entirely agree on doctrinal matters, in my opinion has not strayed from the Bible with his Blood Moon hypothesis. To stray would be to worship the planets themselves, as did the Romans. We still have the Roman pantheism with us today, in the naming of our days of the week: e.g., Monday (Moon Day), Saturday (Saturn’s Day).

The Roman pantheism was evidenced in the United States during the Roman carnival tour here of Pope Francis, coincident to the final of the four Blood Moons. What did the “humble pope” do while here? He told us how we ought to be running the United States, like a house guest criticizing our silverware.

Jesse Walker, author of The United States of Paranoia, has impressive research in his book about conspiracy theories. The book is recommended. However Jesse Walker occupies a middle ground, the ground of “Reason.” After all, Walker is books editor of Reason magazine, so he would seek a “Reason” vantage point. But how can I explain the weakness in this “Reason”? This I had been pondering, off and on, until the answer “arrived.” The answer is the deeper meaning of the wild-ass man.

“And he shall be a wild-ass man.” That is how Emanuel Swedenborg translated the Biblical passage. The King James translation gives, “And he will be a wild man…” (Genesis 16: 12). The Oxford translation gives, “He shall be a wild ass of a man…” Turning to the Latin Vulgate, we have, “hic erit ferus homo“. The word ferus is the key, with its meaning conveying untamed. The Greek translation would be probably closer to the original meaning.

In the Bible, every iota has significance. Too casually are modern versions of the Bible altering words to fit in with changes in current language. There are “New International Version” (He will be a wild donkey of a man), “New Living Translation” (This son of yours will be a wild man), and various others.

It really did happen, that Hagar gave birth to Ishmael, the wild-ass man. (See Genesis, chapter 16.)  “But so what?” (you might say). The deeper meaning of the “so what” is that which makes the Bible sacred. “He shall be a wild-ass [Onager in Latin] man” signifies rational truth. This rational truth (Ishmael) is an early stage of development. Ishmael is rational truth still separated from the divine. This rational “had its nature from the life of affection of memory-knowledges, that is, from Hagar the Egyptian, Sarai’s handmaid…” This life pertained to the external man. When the rational had been vivified with Divine good, it then became “Isaac”. [5]

And that is the weakness of the “reason” vantage point dominant with so many: It has not yet linked up with the divine. Hence there are all sorts of “reasonings” which nonetheless keep leading to escalations of war, something generally irrational. The newspapers are chock-full of such “reasonings”, many quite sophisticated, but all leading inevitably to futility.

Strange things are happening, which I attempted to convey in the short video clip hopefully viewable at top. My video is not “rational” per se, but satirical. (I do not claim divine influence.) But if you ponder upon it, you might begin to have doubts about the deification of the rational.

The New Moon portends a “tipping point” perhaps. Technical (not criminal) results of the Flight MH-17 investigation are scheduled for release today. For the moment, expect that to be the new propaganda battle, with the West pointing to one side and Russia pointing to another side – all with reasonable arguments, of course.

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