Return of Anissa Naouai

Return of Anissa Naouai

Anissa Naouai had disappeared. It was feared she had been sent to the Gulag Archipeligo. Naouai was among los desaparecidos (the disappeared ones), along with Abby Martin. (Background: Where Have You Gone, Abby Martin?, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, August 13, 2015.)

It turns out though that Anissa Naouai had just been taking a break. Her program, In The Now, has returned for its third season to the Russia Today network. A brief clip from Season 3, Episode 1, “Holy Moly”, is included at the end of my video clip, hopefully viewable at top.

It has been determined that angelic entities surround Anissa Naouai. The speech of angels features vowels. A tally of vowels in Anissa Naouai’s last name reckoned at 2 celestial (“u” and “o”) and 1 spiritual (“i”). This is an unusually high incidence. (Background: “Child 44” Banned In Russia, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, April 25, 2015.)

Living up to her angelic credentials, Anissa Naouai interviewed someone from Human Rights Watch in the first 15 minutes of the “Holy Moly” episode. Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, did not paint a pretty picture of the Bashar al-Assad government in Syria. Roth is convinced the Russians, who overtly entered the Syrian civil war on September 30, 2015, are not so much targeting ISIS (also called ISIL, IS, and Daesh, depending upon willy nilly) as they are targeting the “rebels” in Syria. Russia is bombing “a bit of each” (ISIS and the “rebels”) stated Roth, “but it’s justifying the intervention by going after Islamic State or ISIS… If you look at whom Russia is actually bombing, it’s mostly the rebels.”

Holy Moly! Get this: On the Russian “propaganda” network appears someone who says the Russian airstrikes against ISIS are just a fig leaf for what is really going on; that Russia really has decided to directly intervene in Syria in order to prop up the Assad government. And at last here is someone credible saying this, the executive director of Human Rights Watch. The mainstream “news” (MSN) in the West has long since lost credibility on the Syrian situation, but Human Rights Watch still is credible on the subject.

Kenneth Roth also corroborates reports that the Assad government has (or had) been using barrel bombs against the “rebels”. (I use quotes because the “rebels” were stirred up by CIA.) These barrel bombs are indiscriminate about whom they kill, unlike the so-called precision weaponry. If the “rebels” ensconce themselves amidst innocent civilians, then all are killed when the barrel bombs get dropped. Hence we get reports about, “Assad is killing his own people.”

Things are not so simple: Who are the “bad guys” and who are the “good guys”? An acrimonious difference of opinion on what to do extends to Washington, DC. There, President Barack Obama may finally now be earning his Nobel Peace Prize. He is reluctant to ramp up American involvement in Syria, while elsewhere in the nation’s capital “[p]owerful factions are pushing for the deployment of thousands of US troops to take out Assad, regardless the risks of war with Russia and the possibility of a Third World War.” [1]

Risks of World War III are underlined by a “near miss” between two fighter planes from Russia and the U.S. which occurred Saturday, October 10, 2015. [2]

The ratiocinations have been deployed after the near miss between the Russian and U.S. fighter planes. “Air safety talks” are now planned. [2] The “reasoning” is in other words to be brought to the table. Much faith is given to this “reasoning”, yet despite its venerability somehow the casualties keep rising. The “normal men” (and women) engage in this “reasoning.” However Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing (1927 – 1989) was skeptical overall. He pointed out that society highly values its “normal man” and yet “normal men” have killed perhaps 100,000,000 of their fellow “normal men” in the last fifty-or-so years. [3]

The “reasoning” is okay, so far as it goes. However the tendency nowadays has been to deify this “reasoning.” Also deified have been nature, which is a living theater of the Almighty but not the deity, and planets, which influence but are only the instruments of the Almighty. So too with the “reasoning”: it is Ishmael, fooled by illusion into believing it reigns, while superior to it is “the voice within.” Yet “the voice within” is not heeded because “reasoning” has arrogated supremacy to itself. (Background: Strange Things Are Happening, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 13, 2015.)

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Obama’s ’60 Minutes’ interview and the crisis of US policy in Syria, by Barry Grey. World Socialist Web Site, October 13, 2015.
[2] “The U.S. and Russia Are Planning Air Safety Talks After a Near-Miss in Syria”, by Nash Jenkins. Time magazine (online), October 14, 2015.
[3] “Ronald David Laing”, Wikiquote, October 14, 2015.


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