"Obvi-Illuminati" Pulled From YouTube


A video clip by Lori Harfenist has been pulled from Russia Today‘s YouTube channel, reports StopFake. That is a Ukrainian web site which unsurprisingly has resentments against Russia. StopFake reports that “on Tuesday, [RT] aired a segment on Hillary Clinton called ‘Obvi-Illuminati’…” [1]

Although the “Obvi-Illuminati” video indeed seems to have been pulled from YouTube, StopFake included it in their online report. The video had been pulled, says StopFake, partly because it contained “anti-Semitism.” [1]

Yet viewing the “Obvi-Illuminati” video, Ersjdamoo could find nothing anti-Semitic about it, unless you count Lori Harfenist’s use of the word “Hebrew.”

“If you have any doubt at all that Hillary Clinton is the Illuminati’s candidate,” begins Harfenist in the banned video, “then just take a look at this logo.” (Image at top.)

“That is the logo for a company called The Groundwork,” continues Harfenist. “It is a start-up funded in part by none other than Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google’s new parent company, Alphabet. The Groundwork is one of Clinton’s biggest technology vendors for her campaign.”

The Groundwork triangle-with-a-dot logo is intuited by Harfenist to be an obvious Illuminati symbol.

Groundwork’s parent company is called “Timshel”. And here apparently is where the accusation of anti-Semitism comes in: Timshel, says Harfenist, is “a Hebrew word meaning, ‘You may.’ Timshel is devoted to helping humanity solve our most difficult social, civic, and humanitarian challenges.”

And that’s it! That is all it took for accusations of anti-Semitism! Harfenist does have an ironic look on her face when she describes Timshel as being “devoted to helping humanity solve our most difficult social, civic, and humanitarian challenges.” But even so, the accusations of anti-Semitism regarding the Obvi-Illuminati video are rather weak.

And if “Obvi-Illuminati” is so dreadfully anti-Semitic, then why is the Ukrainian web site, StopFake, still carrying it?

We have The Groundwork, whose parent company Timshel is a Hebrew word, as a major technology vendor for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Harfenist does not specifically say that Timshel is connected with Israel. Rather she connects Groundwork/Timshel with the Illuminati.

Some of the backers of Groundwork/Timshel “speak Hebrew” notes Harfenist, and that claim seems to have set off alarm bells, causing the video to be pulled. “The Groundwork is physically tied to Clinton too,” reports Harfenist. “It started just a few blocks away from Clinton’s campaign headquarters.”

Groundwork/Timshel will be gathering huge amounts of data about voters and tailoring it to fit as the perfect pantsuit for Hillary Clinton, theorizes Harfenist.

What we can get from all this is that Israel is a key backer of the Hillary Clinton campaign. She, unlike President Barack Obama, is hawkish and would not be playing footsy under the table with some Muslim nations. Yet my take is that President Obama, like former president Jimmy Carter, merely seeks to include all sides in the Middle East negotiations.

Harfenist has touched a nerve, it seems, and so, succumbing to pressure from shadowy persons, Russia Today pulled the “Obvi-Illuminati” video from its YouTube channel.

And what of the other pre-anointed presidential candidate, Jeb Bush? Ersjdamoo stands by his May 16, 2015 statement, that “we face a ‘choice’ between the pre-anointed candidates, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.” [2] How the prearranged anointment shall be implemented is via staggered primaries. If the Democrat and Republican primaries were all held on one day, and not staggered over months, the nominations could not be controlled. As it is however, if any non-approved contender begins making headway it is easy for the propaganda “news” to quickly discover “shocking blemishes” and evaporate support. Look also for certain mantras, such as the 2012 propaganda “news” mantra of, “Only Mitt Romney has a realistic chance of defeating Barack Obama.” In 2012, exit pollsters from the staggered primaries asked Republicans, “Whom did you vote for, and why?” Like a bunch of parrots, the Republican primary voters all said, “I voted for Mitt Romney because he is the only candidate who has a realistic chance of defeating Barack Obama.”

Is Israel a key backer of Jeb Bush, as it is of Hillary Clinton? Like a lady hiking her skirt and screaming “Mouse!”, Israel keeps screaming “Anti-Semitism!” whenever it is criticized. The Vatican also pulls this neat little trick, being a church on the one hand and a political powerhouse on the other. But expect, my friends, to get mud on your cassock or on your prayer shawl when you wade into the dirty world of politics.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Russia Today Airs Bizarre Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory About Hillary Clinton”. StopFake, October 16, 2015. http://www.stopfake.org/en/russia-today-airs-bizarre-anti-semitic-conspiracy-theory-about-hillary-clinton/
[2] “Are We Having Fun Yet?”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, May 16, 2015. https://ersjdamoo.wordpress.com/2015/05/16/are-we-having-fun-yet/


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