Vatican Insider: Pope to Resign in 2016

Vatican Insider: The Pope Will Resign In 2016 Upon Argentina Visit

Some days are slow, with not many developments to cover. Other days are like today.

They are having trouble defining just what “conspiracy theory” means. How can they outlaw something unless they can first define it? Let us say that “conspiracy theory” is a type of mathematics in which new variables keep being introduced. Such is the situation today, with many new developments having arrived.

On April 5, 1997, then-radio host Art Bell had as his guest the late Rev. Malachi Martin, an Irish Catholic priest. Father Martin commented on Bell’s idea of the pace of life accelerating, most especially in the past several years. This exponential speeding up of our lives was all leading somewhere, most probably to an important event, collapse, breakdown, and then a “solution” of some type.

“You know what’s happening really?” stated Rev. Malachi Martin. “The quickening.”

New variables keep being introduced. There lately has been a “quickening” of these new variables. This in turn adds growing complexities to the evolving conspiracy puzzle.

“Do not try to comprehend it all,” I advised in my video, Popcorn News, “Just eat the popcorn.” There is a video-streaming channel called “Popcorn Flix.” The concept is to have movies to accompany your eating of popcorn. The same idea adheres to what we call the “news”: Just think of the “news” as something to accompany your popcorn eating. (Background: Popcorn News, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 19, 2015.)

A sequel to my “Popcorn News” video has been published now on YouTube. Do a search on “popcorn news cow killers” and you should be able to find it. “Russians fishing for cows; an alleged cow killer in India; development of a ‘kneeling plane’ to transport endangered cows” – such is my discussion. This I had hoped to cover more fully in today’s blog entry, but then a “quickening” of new variables appeared. Merely one of these possible new variables is included below.

Father Malachi Martin had written several books. One of them, Keys of This Blood: Pope John Paul II Versus Russia and the West for Control of the New World Order, was published in 1991. Martin claimed that the Pope had allowed the Church to split into politicized factions and willfully ignored rampant decadence and unfaith among churchmen. Part of this rampant decadence, according to Father Martin, was a homosexual faction which had infiltrated the Vatican.

This background above will be helpful in understanding allegations made by one Leo Zagami, reputed Vatican insider and author of the popular book, Pope Francis: The Last Pope?: Money, Masons and Occultism in the Decline of the Catholic Church. Zagami was interviewed by Alex Jones on his Infowars program, on or about October 11, 2015. The video is hopefully viewable at the top of today’s blog entry. In what follows I offer some highlights from the video.

“Pope Warns Against Conspiracy Theories Of Vatican Skullduggery”, reported Agence France Presse (AFP) on or about October 9, 2015. This news prompted Alex Jones to call Leo Zagami and arrange an interview. Jones claims that New York Times and Britain’s Guardian newspaper support the claim that the Vatican was blackmailed into allowing the reign of a Jesuit, Pope Francis. The blackmail pressure is said to have involved the pedophile priests scandal.

Father Lombardi, official spokesman of the Vatican, who is another Jesuit, is said by Zagami to have given “the exact words”, these being, “the hermeneutics of conspiracy.” Pope Francis “is really warning his bishops because he’s afraid that people like me or other people like you who have given people finally the possibility to know the truth about what’s going on behind closed doors in the Vatican are influencing in some way the Synod.” (A Vatican Synod, an assembly of the clergy, was underway around this time.)

There has been the “coming out of Father Charamsa.” (He is a Polish Catholic priest who announced he was gay on the eve of the Vatican Synod.) Zagami says that Father Charamsa actually stated the “gay lobby” was behind his coming out and that this caused a lot of trouble because many news media then began reporting the reality of a gay lobby in the Vatican.

Two separate groups, a gay lobby and a pedophile lobby, exist in the Vatican, asserted Alex Jones at this point. There are also conservative lobbies and the Jesuits. If you do a search on “Vatican blackmailed into new Pope”, says Jones, you will find substantiation for the allegations. I tried this, and sure enough several items appeared, one from New York magazine (online). In a report dated February 22, 2013, Joe Coscarelli cites “a new report” which “points to a juicy-sounding secret dossier (‘two volumes of almost 300 pages — bound in red’) involving a faction in the Vatican ‘united by sexual orientation’…”

A “Rainbow Organization of Catholics” is said by Zagami to be involved. They, in turn, are allegedly controlled by the Jesuits. To be fair, the Catholic Church at this time is struggling with issues of sexuality. Many factions contend. Something reasonable may finally be worked out. On the other hand, the alleged “gay lobby” faction could gain the upper hand.

Most startling of all is Zagami’s prediction that Pope Francis will resign in July 2016. This is predicted to occur coincident with a planned papal visit to Argentina. “I’m giving you a world scoop,” stated Zagami. “You are about to hear a world scoop. The pope will resign next year, after his visit to Argentina.” Zagami claims to have two inside sources upon which he bases the prediction: one from the office of the Vatican Secretary of State, the other one from the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre.

A problem with some of Zagami’s allegations is that they involve the grey area of the “secret sources.” To introduce new variables into the ongoing mathematics of conspiracy puzzle, the variables ought to be definitely known as fact. Otherwise the pure mathematics can be undermined.


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